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White flash?

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White flash? Politig 2/4/10 4:19 PM
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When I go to a new website, the screen will flash white before loading up the new site.  Firefox just goes straight from one site to the next.  Google Chrome is so fast (<3), but it still makes the screen white before loading.  This makes it a little hard on the eyes after prolonged browsing.  Is there a way to make Chrome not flash white?

Re: White flash? CrayRaven 3/23/10 10:10 PM
I have this issue too and its destroying my eyes, literally. Each time I change webpages before loading Chrome flashes bright white. It stings the eyes. There is no other browser that I've used that does this. I really hope the Google Team looks at this post so that they can find what causes the issue.

As much as I love Chrome, I can't keep using it if its destroying my eyes.
Re: White flash? MattiasF 4/18/10 1:01 AM
I'm seeing it too.  Switching back to Firefox for a few months because of this.
Re: White flash? Freiguy 4/23/10 5:14 AM
The white flashing is just one of many annoying aspects of Chrome. I'm also heading back to Firefox.

After all the hype, Chrome is a big disappointment.
Re: White flash? Ranutso 6/2/10 7:26 PM
There is more people finding it annoying on this thread.
Re: White flash? VoidHawkz 7/20/10 3:20 PM
Same problem, considering changing to firefox,
Re: White flash? Ranutso 7/20/10 4:52 PM
Whoever is experiencing this issue and thinks it is annoying, please go to the page below and mark this "issue" as favorite, the yellow star. The more yellow stars the higher this issue will be on their priority list.
Re: White flash? Mitch Buchanan 9/12/10 6:38 AM
Right so I've just started using 6 and there is a continuous white flashing across every single website, pretty sure it's do with Flash. There's big white squares flashing all over the page. Really annoying as I love everything else about Chrome.

Help appreciated.
Re: White flash? vasa1 9/12/10 8:23 PM
Hi! We're suffering this white flash but making cryptic posts stressing that I'm leaving Chrome and going back to XYZ browser doesn't help anyone (unless that's the purpose).

Why don't posters mention 
their Chrome version
their OS
their computer specs or model
when they see the white flash like:
whether it's seen when browsing online and off-line
when opening a new tab page
when opening a link, etc.

And let's not confuse issues about Adobe Flash.
Re: White flash? Ranutso 9/13/10 4:29 PM
People had, here and more importantly here:

But, I don't mind posting again.

I see this issue on all Chrome Versions (stable 6.0.472.55 and dev 7.0.517.5).
Only on Windows Vista and 7. Some people have reported it on XP and Linux. I have tested Chrome on both and I honestly haven't experienced it on either XP or Linux. Only on on Vista/7.
My Windows 7 64-bits computer is a Intel Core i7 920 2.67GHz @ 3.67GHz with 6GB of RAM and a Radeon HD 4890.
I see it on page transitions (such as when you click on a link). When browsing online.
I can see it on web pages with absolutely no Adobe Flash on it (such as my private phpBB forum).
Re: White flash? vasa1 9/13/10 8:26 PM
@Ranutso: I came across this thread first but I did post later in the thread you refer to.
Re: White flash? Ranutso 9/14/10 2:11 PM
Oh, OK. No problem. ;)
Re: White flash? graibradley 10/7/10 10:46 AM
so whats the solution?
Re: White flash? vasa1 10/7/10 11:09 AM
Looks like a tough one since the manifestations seem to vary quite a bit. That may make it more difficult to track down.
Re: White flash? Tenor Dan 10/12/10 10:01 AM
This issue is happening to me also, and it seems it started happening within the last couple of months.  It isn't happening on every box I have Chrome installed on, just the one I use most :-(

Chrome version -- 6.0.472.63
OS -- Windows XP Pro SP3
Intel Pentium 4, 3GHz, 3 GB Ram

The flashing happens mostly when I am loading a new page, although it happens on a much smaller scale when I am doing anything that changes the page at all (like entering this reply, I am finding the text in the current paragraph I'm typing in is flashing with every word typed).

An example of a page that flashes is (;content).  This page flashes full-page 7 times when loading, not counting the number of times the web ads and other screen elements flash individually.  It's to the point now that I intentionally have to look away when loading pages, or go back to a page that is fully loaded, or it starts hurting my eyes.

Some usage statistics:
-- Currently have 64 tabs open, although if I open a new Chrome window (with the 64-tab window in the background), the flashing still occurs.
-- Due to the large numbers of open tabs, Chrome accounts for between 50-75% of my CPU time.  CPU usage runs between 85-95%.
-- Physical memory used is at 67% of total, and total memory used is 27%.

Yes, the immediate solution would likely be "close a bunch of those d__n tabs", and I will attempt this to see if it makes a notable improvement.
Re: White flash? Tenor Dan 10/12/10 10:49 AM

Now with a more manageable 29 tabs open instead of 64, Chrome CPU demand has dropped to barely above 0%, overall CPU to between 15% and 45%, Physical memory at 48% and all signs of "flashing" has disappeared.

I now fully believe that when I encounter flashing within Chrome, that I will start looking for demanding Chrome tabs, and shut them down.  BTW, is there an easy way to see what sort of memory and CPU demands each Chrome tab is making of the host OS?
Re: White flash? vasa1 11/24/10 9:47 AM
For anyone still interested, it appears that the problem has been partially solved:

A remaining issue remains of white flashes when opening a new tab:
If you wish, you can star this new issue.
Re: White flash? anthonyem 2/28/11 10:28 AM
This just started happening to me, literally a few minutes ago. So annoying.
Re: White flash? msephton 6/21/11 4:48 AM
Happening to me, also. Chrome 13.0.782.24 beta
Re: White flash? Asgaard 7/28/11 9:10 PM
hey guys! so... let`s get the problem down. Chrome...has some issues, we all know that, but we can solve about 60-80% of the white flashing screen.
Check this:
Let`s say that we have a dark background website (flash included). For reducing the white flash (when you switch or navigate through the website pages) you must have the background set to black (or other #blabla;) ->this one in Flash CS (any version). Second step: you have to write down in the body section of your HTML code the color of your body, e.g.<body bgcolor="#000000">. But all that isn`t sufficient. And for that you have to put in your <head></head> section some link related to another script e.g. <link rel="stylesheet" href="background.css" type="text/css" />, and the script "background.css" should look like this (simply copy and paste into a notepad new file, renaming it after "background.css" or whatever you want):

body {
background-color: #000000;

All this will not eliminate 100% the white flickering, but will trick chrome while loading, and your web visitors will not see the annoying flicker thing. Hope it will help you.
Re: White flash? Garyrip 8/3/11 11:05 AM
Here is the issue as I see it. When moving from one page to the next, the whole next page goes blank before loading. This is even if there are a number of common elements between the two pages. And building the cache (not really a permissible solution) does not even seem to help. This period between leaving one page and getting to the next causes a "blank" page or creates a 'flash' or a 'flicker' that is so annoying. You can see readily see the problem in this small test album (which has a white background):
Simply use the right arrow icon to navigate through the images. If you try the album using FireFox, the viewing experience is entirely different (and quite satisfactory). If this is a different problem than the one here, I apologize. I just want to make web sites that work well with multiple browsers.
Re: White flash? blub371 8/26/11 10:05 AM
Dear Google,

please google "photogenic epilepsy".

There you have it another reason to get this bug fixed.

And for me a reason to start up IE again...
Re: White flash? fabioxxxx 10/6/11 7:23 PM
it's like getting a flash bang in the face... i hate that.
Re: White flash? giles34 10/12/11 2:49 PM
Dear Larry and Sergey,

This white flash is like having a car stereo that blares a gunshot every ten seconds during a song.  Ever read "Harrison Bergeron" by Vonnegut?  How can you not fix such a fundamental flaw in your program?  This is the kind of user-experience bug Steve Jobs would never let out the door.  Come on, guys, listen to your users!
Re: White flash? F H F 10/19/11 3:07 AM
why do you hate us google ? stop killing my eyes ...
Re: White flash? atiminou3 11/5/11 6:37 AM
Dear Friends, here's the solution.

html, body {
        background-color: #252525;
Re: White flash? eung 11/7/11 1:30 PM
Nerds are talking!! I am hoping to receive an answer for a person like me myself, whom does not know any computer codes.  Here is the thing, isn't Chrome designed for commoners?  Why only computer people speak?  Is there a simple way to solve this problem?  Just click a few icons only??  Or, maybe people shouldn't use Chrome!!
Re: White flash? Asgaard 11/8/11 11:59 AM
@ eung. We`re not nerds. Eventually you could call us programmers. And second, what answer do you wait for? You think that making a program or a website it`s like taking a bath? You must know some programing languages and scripts, so yes the answers are not for you. Chrome is a beta browser. If u don`t like chrome go to Iexplorer, netscape, opera, firefox or whatever you want. You`re off topic. And I repeat the answer was not for you, because you`re not interested in such things. Go back to bed!
Re: White flash? Fibanaci 8/5/12 8:13 PM
Effing fix this already.  What is wrong with you people??
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