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Print to PDF indicates bad BBox

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Print to PDF indicates bad BBox sandgorgon 4/8/12 5:34 PM
Google Chrome version - 18.0.1025.151
Mac OS 10.6.8
IMac 2 GHz Intel Core Duo

After the latest version was installed I now encounter problems when I attempt to print web images (e.g. order receipts) to pdf files. Using the Chrome default print program I select "PRINT TO PDF" and the file is printed to the file. Opening the file with Adobe Reader I get an error indicating "Lucida Grande has a bad BBOX". I can dismiss the dialog and the file appears with no apparent problems.

However, if I print by selecting Chrome's system dialog option the file prints to pdf and Adobe Acrobat has no problem opening the file.

Re: Print to PDF indicates bad BBox surferdale 4/17/12 5:45 AM
I am getting the same message on the pages I print to PDF in Chrome and open in Acrobat Pro
Re: Print to PDF indicates bad BBox sandgorgon 4/17/12 6:15 AM
Don't know why google felt the need to develop its own print program for chrome. Many software developers make a call to the system print package and be done with it. I have quit using the chrome default print program and use <option + command + P>.  Works like a champ.
Re: Print to PDF indicates bad BBox Tiến Nguyễn 4/27/12 9:27 AM
I have posted the same problem but now that I tested some more, I think the issue could be the Acrobat reader and the LucidaGrande font on Mac OSX. I send the same PDF file onto other devices and it could be displayed without any warning.
It wouldn't hurt if Chrome dev look into this.
Re: Print to PDF indicates bad BBox celeste.boyd 5/31/12 5:55 AM
I'm having the same problem with PDFs created in Chrome. @sandgordon, I too tried to use the system print dialog instead of Chrome to create PDFs, but I'm running into the problem that the system print process doesn't include a header/footer with the date/URL of a PDF file created from a webpage. Any idea if there's a way to make it do that?
Re: Print to PDF indicates bad BBox sandgorgon 5/31/12 7:24 PM
The only thing I could suggest is to use  Preview from Chrome's initial print page. You will see this at the bottom left of the print box <Open PDF in Preview>. Once Preview launches you will have the capability to print the document with date and URL. Date appears in the header and the URL in the footer. Hope this helps.
Re: Print to PDF indicates bad BBox celeste.boyd 6/1/12 5:10 AM
That's not a bad suggestion, thanks... if I can figure out a way to keyboard shortcut it, it will be even easier, but that's a decent course of action!
Re: Print to PDF indicates bad BBox Cher Tang 10/12/12 9:31 PM
When I print (save as pdf) the whole pages just go blank and the printed result is just one empty page with header/footer with date/document name and URL. I don't know what to do with it...