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How to turn off Zoom on Chrome

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How to turn off Zoom on Chrome animesh13 10/23/09 11:22 AM
Please describe your question/comment in detail (for example, steps to reproduce the problem): Dragging and clicking on my Touchpad activates the zoom (mouse pointer with Lens and +/-) on Chrome, dragging further makes the zoom go up and down like crazy. Best reproduced while dragging and clicking rapidly. I am absolutely hating this experience, is there a setting to just turn off the zoom feature.
For others to best assist you in troubleshooting scenarios, please also provide the following:
Google Chrome version (type in about:version into the address bar): (Official Build 28507)
Operating System: Windows Vista
URLs (if applicable):
Error Message:
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome QQFarmer 10/23/09 12:31 PM
You can't turn off the zoom feature on Chrome. Does this happen on all the web pages you visit? 
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome animesh13 10/23/09 1:17 PM
On further experiments i think its not Chrome, its gotta do with my Dell Studio. Just that it manifests a lot more on Chrome that any other app. Will need to look somewhere else to fix this.
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome JethroUK 10/24/09 11:51 PM
Where is the zoom feature on chrome - i cant find it?
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome QQFarmer 10/25/09 12:12 PM

Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome kealoha 6/1/10 9:43 PM
I found this answer helpful in the sense that I now know it is not only happening to me! I have an Asus Eee Seashell and I have the same problem described above, I am going to try to verify whether or not it activates when I use a separate mouse and not the built in mouse, as I don't remember having this problem when using the separate mouse.
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome sbrain111 9/15/10 12:10 PM
I had the same problem with my Dell Studio. I just went in to the touchpad settings in control panel and disabled the zoom function with touchpad. Seems to do the trick.
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome TexexJim 12/8/10 12:09 PM
I have a new Toshiba Satellite - same issue as described above.  Is problem Chrome?  or Windows 7?
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome lvirden 2/10/11 1:28 PM
I also am having this problem on my sony vaio . What is happening, for me, is that I am trying to use control left click on a scrolling list of widget entries, and the zoom keeps activating.

Is there perhaps an extension that would change the sequence that causes zoom - or which locks zoom at 100%?
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome lvirden 3/3/11 5:33 AM
What _I_ am seeing is a google Chrome problem. I don't have a Dell, and my version of Chrome has a zoom setting under the tool menu bar.  I really would like a way to stop chrome from zooming automatically.
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome mcmanimom 3/16/11 12:18 PM
I have a new Dell Inspiron, and this is driving me CRAZY. Please let me know if there is a way to remove zoom from the touchpad!
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome lvirden 3/17/11 5:29 AM
I have not found a way to remove it - I still would love to at the very least configure chrome so that only via the menu entry for zoom does it occur. That would satify my need.

I did find that the key sequence <control>-0 (holding down the control and hitting the 0 button) seems, most times, to tell Chrome to reset the zoom factor back to 100%.
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome ccwebguy 4/16/11 4:55 AM
Synaptics added gestures:

Pinch zoom make the zoom effect work.

You can disable gestures in the synaptics menu that runs in the tray icon.
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome JoannaSue 6/11/11 2:58 AM
I have an Acer with the Synaptics touch pad and it also Zooms Chrome as many indicated.  This seems to happen with the touch pad senses two fingers moving apart and is an enhanced feature on the touch pad used on many Windows 7 systems.   The only solution I can see at this point is to be more careful so you do not get more than one finger within range of the touch pad when moving your cursor.
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome lvirden 6/11/11 3:01 AM
I have also found that sometimes the control-0 ends up making things bigger instead of smaller.

PLEASE chrome developers - provide a setting to turn off the zoom gesture. The result would be the ability to intentionally zoom via menu, but that is all
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome zw12065 7/21/11 2:16 PM
My wife has an Acer with the stupid Synaptics touchpad.  There was an option under the settings of the touchpad to disable pinch zooming.  Settings, then the last tab, then options.  It appears in there.  Worked like a charm for her.
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome alsport3 11/15/11 10:42 AM
Do the google people even bother to read these complaints and concerns?
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome lvirden 11/15/11 10:49 AM
I have never found an answer from Google. I have the same situation on Google+ - I keep asking questions, even on the Google+ page, and get no responses.

It is one of the most discouraging things about Google.
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome Aulo 2/28/12 2:26 AM
In Lenovo under ControlPanel>Mouse>UltraNav turn off everything related to AutoGesture, PinchZoom etc.
Did it and no more problems with Chrome page zoom.

Though allowing to turn the feature off in Chrome would be a nice touch from Google.
So Google ,are you listening?
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome JackyH 3/7/12 12:48 PM
Hi Everyone,

In order to bring zoom back to 100%, press Ctrl+0 (Cmd+0 on Mac). Some of you have reported this not working properly; can you please answer the following trouble shoot questions:

1. What version of Chrome are you using?
2. What OS are you using?
3. What type of computer are you using?
4. A few of you have reported turning off features related to AutoGesture, PinchZoom, etc. Have you tried that? +Aulo has a good explanation of steps to follow to do this. What happens when you turn off these features?
5. What happens when you press Ctrl+0.

Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome memoirsofanartist 4/28/12 9:01 AM
Go to the rench toolbar meentioned earlier on the upper right hand corner and go to settings. Then, go to "Extensions" and the click disable on the ZoomPanel Toolbar or uninstall. :)
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome Chr1stopher 12/17/12 12:54 AM
i really would appreciate this feature

i am using fedora 17, chrome Version 23.0.1271.97 and a lenovo thinkpad t500

while surfing i often zoom in without wanting it

it must be a error connected to using ctrl and the mousepad, that it is sometimes interpreted as scrolling.
ofc this is not a chrome problem but more a problem of my touchpad/trackpoint and linux driver mixture.
but i dont want to disable the scrolling function of my touchpad completely, because i need it for scrolling (but not for zooming).

So disabling this function in chrome would be great, or a option to choose if i just want to use the hotkeys to zoom (ctrl with +,-,0) or also want to have the possibilty to use ctrl scrolling

Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome Lekha S 12/19/12 8:51 AM
Hi Thanks to the previous inputs from all. I also was having this nasty problem with my new ASUS laptop. With the comments above I just figured that it is infact the touchpad that is creating the problem than Chrome.

It seems the touchpad is multitouch (like the mobile phones these days) so you can do pinch zooming. May be some times when moving the finger, it is probably seeing it as multitouch. I am having an Elan touchpad and in its settings there is no option to change the sensitivity of it or something like that.

You have the option to disable those multitouch features if you like. But I have just found some nice ways to scroll a page which I was missing and some other cool things I can do with three fingers.  

May be this chrome zoom is a matter of getting used to the new touchpad. Of course it would have been nice if google kept a setting to disable zoom in Chrome. But then may be if google start adding settings like that, it could get really complicated and probably google want to keep it simple :-)..

Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome jpeek345 1/5/13 10:16 PM
I have a 2007 Toshiba Sattelite A205 with a Vista OS and I seam to be getting somewhere with the 'cntrl+0' suggestion.

Thank you.

Will be back if ghost comes back though...

Thank you.



Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome Yuri574325 1/7/13 9:04 PM
Because people don't read the good answer, I'll copy/paste it again:

For laptop using Synaptics touch pad :

Synaptics added gestures:

Pinch zoom make the zoom effect work, not sure how much chrome is responsible for implementing zoom gesture.

Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome Scott Hardy 2/4/13 8:10 PM
This doesn't help as I'm using mouse and not even touching the pc.  I turned of pinch zoom and it made no difference.
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome Yuri574325 2/4/13 8:20 PM
Then you're not on the right page... this is about pinch zoom, pinch zoom is for touchpad only, you cant turn it off without touchpad drivers. You probably mean some mouse wheel shortcut or don't know what you're talking about.
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome Scott Hardy 2/4/13 8:29 PM
Unfortunately it's you that has no idea.  This page is about chrome zooming when it's not supposed to.  Pinch zoom is not the problem as is evident by so many other users.
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome caver_tim 2/5/13 3:38 AM
the original posting does seem to be about zooming while using a touch pad.
the fact that the poster talked about a magnifying glass and +/- would suggest it was not chrome, but something like his touch pad driver.

You're having problems with Zoom when using the mouse and not touching the touch pad or the Ctrl key on your PC?
is this when you're operating the scroll button?
have you got one of those mice with loads of extra buttons? - is one of those a zoom button?
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome Aaron Goss 2/14/13 1:04 AM
I was having the same issue, but with my Logitech mouse. The installed drivers added an 'intellipoint' or something tab in the mouse settings, and the option of 'smooth scroll.' The issue being, that when I stopped turning the scroll wheel, but before the smooth scroll finished moving, it would zoom if I pressed control. Very frustrating as it happened quite a lot.

Going to the extensions and turning OFF the logitech extension which enabled smooth scroll did the trick! I have been freaking out about this for quite a while and I am very happy of the extensions idea because I didn't think of it at all. :P Thanks memoirsofanartist you have made my day! :)

tldr: Chrome > Extensions > turn off mouse extensions

Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome Scott Hardy 2/14/13 1:14 AM
I installed AlwaysMouseWheel and it took care of the problem.
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome Amelia Muth 2/19/13 9:46 AM
I have an ASUS EEE PC & use Windows 7 starter.  I run the Synaptics TouchPad V7.2.  I used something along the lines of Aulo's solution.
1) Go to Start & search "Mouse" (no quotation marks).
2) Click on the first thing that comes up (which should be simply "Mouse").
3) A small window that says "Mouse Properties" should come up.  There are multiple tabs, including "Buttons", "Pointers", etc.
4) Go to Device Settings tab.  It should show the mouse/touchpad you are running and three buttons underneath reading "Enable", "Disable", and "Settings".
5) Select your mouse/touchpad & click on "Settings".
6) Go to "Pinch Zoom" & uncheck "Enable Pinch Zoom".  Voila. :)
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome aikku 2/20/13 9:57 AM
I'm struggling with the same problem but instead of disabling pinch zoom gesture, I'd like to be able to lock the scaling of the webpage to 100% so that Chrome doesn't constantly try to zoom in and out when I try to use zoom in some smaller parts of the website. I can't use Prezi for example without Chrome going nuts everytime. Chrome apparently does not offer that kind of an option, locking the scaling to 100%?
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome Mike Finnegan 3/5/13 4:50 PM
Also, when the cursor accesses any scroll there is a side adjustment. I hate that too and would like to have just a plain Google or I will have no choice but to go elsewhere
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome Mike Finnegan 3/5/13 4:57 PM
Yes, it is definitely Chrome. The zoom function is not on Internet Explorer. I haven't tried Firefox, but if this is the way Google is going they will have to do it without me. I am sure that I am not alone in this. Give us the choice to use these functions or not. Some of us don't have smart phones either and don't have that touch screen ability. Stop thinking that all cattle are the same. in fact, s I write this the screen changed five times, zooming from a regular screen getting  smaller and smaller and smaller until I cannot read what I am writing.
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome Yuri574325 3/5/13 5:04 PM
This is a setting in your laptop touchpad devices that interacts with chrome. I've disabled it. Read the thread..
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome Michael-De 5/17/13 5:09 PM

some of you guys are stubborn, its your Windows mouse settings Not Chrome.  
to prove this in Chrome click on 'Menu' select 'Settings' then click 'show advanced settings' at the bottom of the page. under 'web content' you will see 'page zoom' you can change the zoom level but see how there is no way to "lock" or turn off this setting. as others have posted in Windows go to 'control panel', click on 'mouse' click the 'device settings' tab then click the 'settings' button. on the right side click 'pinch zoom' adjust it or uncheck the 'enable pinch zoom' button.  
it is very easy to accidently 'pinch' with a touchpad mouse or with a multi button gaming mouse when you don't mean too.
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome A. Iain M'Connachie 6/9/13 2:46 PM
This is correct! Been bothering me for months & this is the correct answer.

If you are running Win 7----------
> Find the "Synaptics Pointing Device" icon in the tray at bottom (it might be in a group box, if so click on "Show hidden icons".
>Open "Synaptics Pointing Device" now you get a "Mouse Properties" box.
>Go to the last tab on the right, "Device Settings", click that
>Look below, you will see "Settings"
>Click on that & you will see, "Pinch Zoom" in the list at the left, about 3 down

Hoping this helps

Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome Rayzer2368 6/10/13 9:40 AM
YES!!! Finally!! I thought it was Google Chrome (Sorry Google), but come to find out it was my laptops "pinch zoom" settings. I just disabled and voila! No more annoying zoom problems. However, I still am able to zoom when I want using the CTRL + or - keys and resetting the zoom to 100% with the CTRL 0 (zero) keys. Thanks for the help!!
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome CHROME ZOOM NOT STOP 6/15/13 10:11 AM
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome RonTheTech 6/29/13 5:47 AM
My pinch is not enabled and I still have same problem.  It is so annoying.  I use crtl to switch between pages and use find feature and I have to take extra steps just to restore my browsers display to 100%.  Google can be so stupid some times.
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome RonTheTech 6/29/13 5:52 AM
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome attavar ravi 7/5/13 6:57 AM
how to remove the zoom from my Lap top
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome Rayzer2368 7/5/13 7:12 AM
Go into your mouse settings. Find your touchpad settings. Look for "pinch zoom" and disable it. That cured my problem and had nothing to do with Google at all.
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome Lauren Shaw 7/18/13 7:32 PM
Thank you for that lead.  The gestures on my touchpad are driving me absolutely insane. I'm working in windows 8, so none of the answers above fixed the problem, but everyone's input gave me enough information to figure out what I needed to be looking for.  I'm working on an Acer AspireV5-571 with windows 8.  I went on to Acer's online help and signed up for chat.  They had information to try before signing on, and one of those topics solved the problem.  Here is the information from their online help.  I hope this helps someone who's going through the same hell I've experienced since getting the laptop a couple weeks ago.

Elantech driver touchpad settings:
Q: How do I enable or disable gestures and advanced settings on my Elantech touchpad?

A: You can change the gestures and settings of your Elantech touch pad by following these steps:
1.  Click Start and then Control Panel
2.  In Control Panel, click on the Mouse icon. (Note: if the Control Panel is in Category view, under "View by," click either Large icons or Small icons.)
3.  From the Mouse Properties window, click on the ELAN tab.
4.  Click on the Options button.
5.  From the Elan Smart-Pad window, there will be three tabs you can select from to configure each gesture and setting separately.
6.  Once changes have been made click on Apply to save your changes.
7.  Click on OK once you are finished to close the window.

(unknown) 7/27/13 9:05 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome Jason H. Pang 7/27/13 9:07 PM
Here is a solution for Linux: specifically Ubuntu 12.04 (though the version shouldn't matter). This fixes accidental scrolling while holding down 'Ctrl' and moving the mouse wheel.

1. Download 'easystroke' by typing the following command on the Terminal:

sudo apt-get install easystroke

2. On Ubuntu, run 'easystroke' with the following command on the Terminal:

easystroke -g

3. You'll see a configuration window appear with 4 tabs: 'Actions', 'Preferences', 'Advanced', and 'History'. Click 'Preferences'.

4. Click 'Gesture Button' (first button under 'Behavior').

5. Another window will pop up titled 'Select a Mouse or Pen Button'. You'll see a gray rectangle in the middle of this window, and buttons 'Shift', 'Alt', 'Any Modifier', 'Control', 'Super', AND A COMBOBOX below. Click 'Control' and select 'Button 4' from the ComboBox. Then select 'Instant Gestures' for the radiobutton below. Click OK to close the window.

6. Back to the main configuration window, under 'Additional Buttons', click 'Add'. Repeat the process detailed in Step 5, but select 'Button 5' for the ComboBox this time. Again, you still want to select 'Control' and 'Instant Gestures'.

7. Your main configuration window under 'Preferences' should now read: '(Instantly) Ctrl+Button 4' and '(Instantly) Ctrl+Button 5'. Click on the 'Actions' tab in the same main configuration window.

8. If you are not already running Google Chrome, run Google Chrome (or any browser for that matter, this will work on any browser).

9. Under 'Applications', click 'Add Application'. You'll get a crosshair you can use to select any window to apply these gesture rules to. Select Google Chrome. You should then see 'google-chrome' listed as an entry under 'Applications'.

10. Below 'Applications', you'll see a ListView for strokes. Click 'Add Action'.

11. Select the entry you just created by clicking 'Add Action'. Click 'Record Stroke'.

12. Hold down 'Ctrl' and scroll your mouse up once. The stroke will be recorded. It shows a big red '4' on my window.

13. Click 'Add Action' again, select the new entry, and click 'Record Stroke'. This time, hold down 'Ctrl' and scroll your mouse down once. My window shows a
5 -> 5'. Not sure what that means, but it works.

14. Click back to the 'Preferences' tab.

15. Under 'Appearance', and for 'Method to show gestures', select 'None'.

16. Under that same sentence, uncheck 'Show popups' and 'Show tray icon'.

17. If you prefer, also check 'Autostart easystroke'.

18. Enjoy no more accidental scrolling in Chrome.

Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome Jayden Robins 8/18/13 4:21 PM
I would hate to have to remove the pinch to zoom feature off of my trackpad because it is helpful when navigating through Windows 8. :/ Chrome devs need to make a fix because this is the only browser that I have a zooming problem with.
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome flightning1 9/24/13 9:25 PM
hi, I have pretty new ASUS UBUNTU model 1015E NOTEBOOK and i dont think they Have a ZOOM Feature. I am usng GOOGLE CHROMIUM on it, as LINUX/UBUNTU legally call CHROME.. The Type is TOOO SMALL to comfortably Read, however, and i want to find out How to make the Type LARGER.  gF     flightning1@gmail
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome Luke Morningstar 10/20/13 3:23 PM
Yes, but then you can't zoom in things like Google Maps. I want to stop the browser from stupidly zooming in and shrinking or growing text while I'm trying to read it just because my trackpad is too sensitive, but disable the functionality in places where I want to use it.
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome Tim VanZant 10/20/13 9:23 PM
You are wrong. As a developer, I can tell you that it has everything to do with Google. Users should not be forced to change hardware settings to have the software behave in a user friendly way. This is probably a simple fix in code but is not a priority. The fact that this issue has been complained about for 2+ years without any sort of resolution (in fact Google's response seems to be in line with yours) is sad. I use pinch to zoom on my touchpad for many other applications and Chrome seems to be one of a few that is so problematic. If they aren't willing to fix the sensitivity then adding a setting to disable the feature is a no-brainer. Especially at this point when the issue continues to come up. This feature is not going away for touchpads. It's only going to cause people to choose a different browser. YOU may not care, because you have no reason to care, but Google should if they want the browser to be ubiquitous. I'll say this as well... if people had to pay to use Chrome Google would have fixed this issue 2 years ago.
tl;dr if you require your users to modify hardware settings (for this!) to make your software behave when it would be simple to fix on the code end then you are doing it wrong.


--SOURCE: Software developer for the better part of a decade.
Re: How to turn off Zoom on Chrome Yuri574325 10/20/13 10:06 PM


 Tim, as a developer too I have to disagree when you say it's a no brainer to add a setting in chrome and if chrome was sold to customer it would have been improved.


For one, Google robots have always sucked at listening to their 'customers'. Just look how they constantly screw on YouTube updates despite people saying the features in place were just fine 5 years ago, stop messing with it.


Also, Google developers are backend specialists, they suck at developing software that isn't rear end oriented like os and desktop apps.


I have to agree with you about the stupidly high sensitivity threshold activating pinch zoom in Chrome but the browser works on Chrome books so who cares ;)


Meanwhile IE 10 on a touch screen is really a great improvement from previous Microsoft offerings.



Because people don't read the good answer, I'll copy/paste it again:

For laptop using Synaptics touch pad (the most popular oem touchpad maker)  :

 Synaptics added gestures configuration at the os level:

 Pinch zoom make the zoom effect work, the only way to resolve this zooming problem in chrome is to disable pinch zoom as a global setting.

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