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Some visited links don't change color

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Some visited links don't change color Akira7of9 4/29/12 10:14 PM
Title says it all.  About a quarter of the links that I click on don't change color to show that I have visited them.  Is there some program that could be causing this or something?
Re: Some visited links don't change color Matti nescio 4/30/12 12:55 AM
Mind sharing any links (and the pages they are at) that consistently don't change color after being opened ?
Do they change color in other browsers ?
Are they normal or javascript links ?

Re: Some visited links don't change color Akira7of9 4/30/12 10:00 PM
Umm, I would share links that I have this problem with, but after I posted on here the problem seems to have gone away (I think Chrome just wants me to look like a liar)

Anyway, yes, they would change colors in firefox (have not used any other browsers so I can't comment anymore there) and the links would be normal links, almost always links on reddit, though I feel the only other place I would notice it would be in search results on google, but it never happened there.  Also, it didn't seem to matter what site the link was for.  For instance, I could click on links to 5 different pictures on imgur and sometimes all of them would change color, or only a couple of them would (or none).

Just curious, have there been any other cases of this happening, or am I the only one?

Re: Some visited links don't change color Grega Fajdiga 6/22/12 10:39 PM
I have the same problem, except that _no_ new links change color after I visit, only the link visited up to yesterday are purple. I experimented by deleting t file "Visited Links" file in my Chrome file and that work, but of course I lost the list of visited links (i.e. all the links were blue until I clicked on them, even the recently visited ones). I'd really like to keep my visited links list. Is there anything I can do?
Re: Some visited links don't change color haleyma 7/17/12 6:53 PM
I have the same problem.  On safari, the colors don't change for any of the links (at least all of the links I've clicked so far), but they do change on firefox.  It's very frustrating and I've deleted cookies and cache and looked through preferences to no avail.