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How do I clear search field history?

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How do I clear search field history? Jdeck004 6/4/11 1:22 PM
Google Chrome version: 11.0.696.71 (Official Build 86024)
Operating System: Windows XP Professional 32-Bit
Error Message: N/A
Extensions installed: N/A

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If I have made a previous search in a search field on a website, when I revisit that website and click in the search box the previous searches come up. How can I clear this data? I do not wish to clear all of my history and data I've ever stored, as most of it is useful to me, but I wish to clear search field history specifically.

Thank you!
Re: How do I clear search field history? Hussain C 6/4/11 2:39 PM
In your personal google web history, you can clear your entire web history by selecting "Clear entire Web History" or select checkboxes to remove more selectively:

This answer, to delete specific suggestions from the omnibox, worked for me, although I had to use shift+backspace instead of shift+delete:
Re: How do I clear search field history? Lilymonster 6/4/11 6:57 PM
On the Google Chrome home page, look to the right of the star on the tool bar. You will see a wrench. Left click on that wrench. A list pops up and left click on "history". then click "edit items" on upper rt. of page.Then in the upper middle of next page, click "clear browsing data", then when you get a choice, I recommend that you choose "from the beginning of time" and check all boxes except "clear password" and "autosave data". It sounds complicated but on Chrome, you get a new tab window and you can keep coming back to these directions. After the first or second time, it takes about 5 seconds tops.
Good luck,
Re: How do I clear search field history? littleblackdog 9/17/11 7:38 PM
Clearing the browsing history doesn't clear the search history.  Even after clearing browsing history, if your cursor is in a search box and you click the down arrow, it brings up a list of previous search terms.  Most browsers have an option to specifically clear search history.  I haven't found that in Chrome.
Re: How do I clear search field history? Metal96 11/14/11 3:04 PM
Here's how to clear the search/omnibox/most visited history:

1.  Open Chrome's containing folder, should be C:\Users\<yourname>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\
2.  Find the files Archived History, Archived History-journal, Cookies, Current Session, Current Tabs, History, all History Indexes, History-journal, History Provider Cache, Last Session, Last Tabs, Top Sites, Visited Links, Web Data, and Web Data-journal.  Delete all of these.  It will obliterate all of Chrome's memory, minus saved passwords, preferences, and favorites.  Open Chrome, and punch a letter into the omnibox.  Nothing will come up :-)
Re: How do I clear search field history? 5stars 11/30/11 6:27 AM
Click&Clean extension will help you to 
delete your browsing and download history, 
typed URLs, 
flash cookies (LSO) 

Click&Clean on Chrome web store:
Re: How do I clear search field history? Clark9986 7/1/12 1:07 PM
To delete previous search topics on a webpage, click the search box and hit the down arrow key to highlight a topic. Hit delete.