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remove fun dail?

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remove fun dail? harke 6/6/12 3:11 AM
how to remove fun dail??????????
(unknown) 6/6/12 3:19 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: remove fun dail? timmmy_42 6/6/12 4:03 AM
Go to about:extensions and remove any extensions with the word fun in it.
Re: remove fun dail? Hira G 6/12/12 3:48 PM
The same thing happened to me so this is what i did:
1. open google chrome and click the wrench
2. go all the way down to view background pages, click it
3. a small windows opens and then you click on funmoods or fun dial extension
4. at the bottom, a new button will appear that says end process, click it!
5. you would then get a sign saying the the extension crashed, that means you have removed it from google chrome and the normal background pages you used to have will appear again!
-hope it helps!