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Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts

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Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts comradechu 8/2/09 11:51 PM
I'd love the ability to change or disable a few of the keyboard shortcuts in Chrome.  I'm finding that a few of them, (ctrl+B being the most egregious example) interfere with existing keyboard shortcuts for websites such as Blogger and wikis [pbwiki].
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts vhromero 4/5/11 4:42 PM
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts CTrexob 4/5/11 8:17 PM
Try Chrome toolbox. It allows you to add/ remove some shortcuts.
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts mr.eckardt 4/24/11 12:48 PM
I am working on a neat text editor based on JavaScript. However ALT + LEFT must not go back to last previous page as its expected functionality is to find the previous word boundary...
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts Tmantom 5/28/11 3:58 PM
Yeah, I'd like to be able to not go back a page every time my cursor moves out of a text box and I hit backspace.
Well, there goes 5 minutes worth of typing.
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts graou_hyoga 6/4/11 11:52 PM
This is still not adressed? It's a freaking pain in the butt. Using Toolbox doesn't help, but it shows that these morons sometimes put two different shortcuts for the same function, which conveniently prevent me from using either of these shortcuts for another applications (in my case, input toggling).
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts Gandhi4564 7/4/11 11:12 PM
It just sucks
if goole don't change it, im going to sue them for keyboard trouble
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts gtoast 7/5/11 8:10 PM
Delete to go back....worst keyboard shortcut ever. The email killer.
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts drewgg1234 7/29/11 6:34 AM

The only shortcuts that Chrome Toolbox allows you to change are the ones created by Chrome Toolbox, not any of the default Chrome shortcuts. It simply lets you look at the defauly shortcuts and add them to a quick launch menu.
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts R.e.s.h.m.a 9/29/11 10:27 AM
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts lrh2130 10/11/11 11:24 AM
the shortcut for adding a comment to a google doc:   ⌘⌥M
the shortcut for minimizing a window in google chrome: ⌘⌥M

Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts borouhin 12/14/11 9:36 AM
There is an extension called Keyconfig, which can assign some extra shortcuts, but its capabilities are extremely limited, esp. the choice of actions to assign new shortcuts for is very poor.
For me, the most annoying is the absence of shortcut for "View page source" (I'm used to Ctrl+U in Firefox) and the presence of Ctrl+Shift shortcut which changes text direction to RTL or back to LTR in Omnibox (this very shortcut changes keyboard layouts in my system and Chrome does not honor this system setting!)
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts borouhin 12/16/11 1:01 AM
Wow, both problems with shortcuts described in my previous reply are solved with Chrome 16!

P.S. In the meantime, I've found Vimium extension, which allows to use extremely convenient customizable keyboard shortcuts. Anyone preferring keyboard to mouse should definitely give it a try.
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts CasusU 12/22/11 8:56 AM
For the backspace problem, the only solution I've found is the google extension
Note: I had to restart my browser before it worked, but as soon as I did I could mash backspace to my heart's content and my browser did NOTHING just as it should! Hopefully Google will soon add an about:config option similar to firefox's so I can stop relying on third party solutions to what is effectively a bug.
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts Keith2468 1/2/12 8:40 PM
For gosh sakes please please let us disable the shortcuts !!!

At least let us disable the shortcuts that take us off the current page and costs us 10 minutes of creative writing.

And not just the backspace key, but any mousewheel/meta key setting that can take us off the current page.

Smart webmasters are now even capturing what developers think are shortcut requests and asking if we really want to leave the page -- that is how monumental this problem is.
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts quiquec 1/16/12 9:07 AM
This would be so cool and helpful.

I hate the new shortcut ⌘M on Chrome 16 .  This is used to minimize the Window .  When I have a new tab (blank page) and I press ⌘M . It doesn't minimize the windows and instead, it shows a 'balloon tooltip" showing profiles and the option to login
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts jakemckee 1/17/12 1:55 PM
Just another vote for having an about:config option. I recently hit something (ctrl+shift+w??) and closed a BUNCH of research tabs I had open and couldn't seem to get them back open through the history functions. I NEVER use it and it's just a hassle to avoid.
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts avail9988 2/16/12 4:06 AM
I wish mainstream browsers were not so set in their ways, I would love to drag that "New Incognito Window" out of wrench-> and drop it on my favorites bar, Or at worst change the hotkey from Ctr+Shift+N to something easier like Ctr+P, P of course reminding me to use it when critiquing porn
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts morrisii 2/23/12 9:44 AM
A way to disable it is to get the extension "shortcut manager" and disable the hotkey: "CTRL+=" which is the scrolling hotkey. After I did that I haven't been troubled.
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts GuiHarrison 2/24/12 6:15 AM
Would love to see this happen. I would add a shortcut for "paste and Go".
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts skippdot 8/28/12 10:55 AM
I can't use ctrl+shift+n shortcut in phpstorm which I use constantly, do I have any chance to use it without closing chrome?
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts Chris_Pepper 2/7/13 4:04 AM
+1 for shortcut manger, i set the keys to blank java script, however it seems to disable by backspace entirely :(  (as i literally just found out)
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts Kyle Cummings 2/9/13 1:14 AM
Really? You can't. Well, I really hope Google has all reading software, Because I fucking love them but will be leaving now.

I have a Samsung chronos with extended track pad, so my cursor clicks off the typing screen constantly as I move my palms. A web dev. can already sense how ugly this is. But yeah, 97 different keys equal losing everything you type.

All together I'd say the backspace = back a page shortcut, + me having to reach for the key meaning palming the pad has equaled a total of at least 1000 words lost. This is in less then two weeks of ownership.

Literally, 100% browser breaking. I honestly cannot describe how much I love google either. To a scary level. To a really scary level, like Heil Google level. But I HAVE to uninstall.

So yes, google please for the love of shit take note.

Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts Chris_Pepper 2/11/13 4:00 AM
Does anyone know a bit of javascript?

I feel like i nearly have a hack for this but its not there yet:

Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts stretch41 2/24/13 11:06 AM
The inability to customize shortcuts is such primitive programming I am shocked at google. That the programmers and the code checkers think that they know everything that you want sounds like they learned from Microsoft. NO SHORTCUTS unless you want them guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts Nathan Hawks 5/16/13 3:56 PM
The only reason I care about this issue, personally, is the undocumented Alt-` keystroke which hides all Chrome windows and removes them from the taskbar. Why is "make Chrome vanish without any clue as to what happened" the default action when users fat-finger Alt-Tab? Ffffffffffffffffffaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaail. Emphasis on the "f."
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts Techabyte 5/29/13 6:48 AM
Using koding webpage everytime I try to use nano in VM's ctrl W to find something it closes lol seriously need to allow to change or to disable ....
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts rockneverdies 5/31/13 1:48 PM
Same thing here... In Bash and Vim, I got used to use Ctrl+W to delete the word behind the cursor so much.
I hate seeing Chrome closes the page immediately when I press Ctrl+W mistakenly...

There should be way to override Ctrl+W (or any other shortcut predefined by Google engineers) ...

(unknown) 7/3/13 2:25 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts Eric Allione 7/3/13 2:27 PM
Anything with alt+14 in it will make the browser go back. I just lost an hour-long forum post I was working on and almost punched clean through my door. This has happened to me so many times. Also trying to use German characters on my forum: IT'S IMPOSSIBLE IN CHROME because alt+148 is ö.

Very annoying wtf. Please allow us to disable these hotkeys!!
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts M. Lily Celestino 7/6/13 9:43 PM
I know this is now 2013, but did you ever resolve the tab keyboard shortcut problem?  Depending on the site, every time I type a "t" I get a new tab. It can be very annoying.  Do you know where I can get help with this?  Thanks.
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts caver_tim 7/7/13 12:02 PM
try hitting the Ctrl keys (both of them) to see if that convinces chrome you're not holiding it down
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts oliverbaum 7/17/13 8:10 AM
If you're using a mac, use BetterTouchTool (I can't vouch for other shortcut managers) to control your shortcuts. You can specifically override the shortcut in Chrome and redirect it to its function in another application using the "Send Keyboard Shortcut to Specific application" action, or otherwise, if you are using a web app with shortcuts simply select "No action" to inhibit Chrome's default. Hope this helps.
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Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts Eric Orton 8/9/13 9:52 AM
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts Chris_Pepper 8/9/13 10:12 AM
sorry eric, I tried that myself

I found on certain websites (not all for some reason, presumable ones that were more javascript powered) was literally disabled and would not work at all.

I found it worked fine in forums still but the search bar in BBC news and things like that, backspace did nothing, which got quite annoying after a while. Sadly there is simply no real solution to this, I did try posting to find out how to not  swallow the back space entirely but no one ever gave me an answer

Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts Eric Orton 8/9/13 10:21 AM
No man it does work, just re-assign it to something more useful like "refresh" then it is all good!
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts Chris_Pepper 8/9/13 10:30 AM
I don't want it to refresh :p

Does your back space key still actually work as a backspace key in forums / search bars etc?

because I did the exact same change you did and found that it disabled backspace on certain websites, like it was swallowing the key.

Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts Eric Orton 8/9/13 11:28 AM
Yeah backspace still works, Instead of deleting text though in certain areas using delete you are going to have to highlight and then hit spacebar, but atleast you wont loose any work cause it will ask you if you really want to refresh, I'm happy with the fix, but if you find something better let me know!
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts Chris_Pepper 8/12/13 1:11 AM
I'm happy that your happy with the fix, I couldn't stand it so my fix was to switch back to firefox as my main browser
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts Lee Olayvar 8/12/13 2:01 PM
Why is this still an issue :(. 4 years later, and Chrome still insists on gimping Webapps, not letting them use a whole pile of useful keys.
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts xXxMoNkEyMaNxXx 8/18/13 4:41 PM
I've found Backspace incredibly annoying.  Losing all your work in one swift keypress.
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts Ted Carlsson 9/5/13 6:15 AM
Backspace shortkey is horrible. Chat windows clear and videos need to re-buffer.
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts caver_tim 9/5/13 6:32 AM
I've not found a webapp yet where i'm typing in a text box, press backspace and suddenly my browser goes back a page.
ie this text box allows me to backspace to delete words. 
Same for google docs, Office 365, hotmail, the "comments" box on a random blog etc.

The only way i can make it go wrong is to not have the text entry box selected and then press Backspace

Are there any browsers where backspace is not a shortcut for "go back a page" ?
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts Chris_Pepper 9/6/13 12:27 AM
yes usually its only a problem when you accidentally click away from the form and then hit backspace, or like me, you hit tab expecting it to give a tab space, instead it switches focus and I hit back...however I have noticed a few chrome apps that suffer from other keyboard short cuts e.g. space

Firefox, it may have changed its default set up, but most importantly firefox lets you CHANGE your keyboard short cuts, so if the backspace does go back a page, you just hop into settings and change it.

I don't understand why google can not add this feature

Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts dwight.stegall 8/3/09 1:30 AM
Good idea.
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts Venara 11/18/09 2:56 AM
That would be a great feature. Currently pressing ctrl+enter adds "www." and ".com" but I'd like to set this to add "www." and ".de".
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts kevmoo 12/16/09 8:34 AM
+1 - I like being able to tab into the address bar drop-down. Arrow keys are no fun.
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts Aliza 12/18/09 2:37 PM
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts Ile 5/27/10 7:48 PM
This is the only reason I cannot use Chrome exclusively. I, too, want to be able to tab into the address bar drop-down and override Chrome shortcuts that intervene with essential shortcuts for certain webpages.
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Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts koreth 6/8/10 11:47 PM
+1 from me too. I have never intended to navigate away from the current page when I've hit backspace and would love to disable that shortcut -- I've lost a bunch of writing to it more than once.
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts DanDragomir 6/16/10 12:49 PM
That's great, i hit somethig and I wake up sending mails? I hit something by mistake and it does select all and delete? What about when i type, the browser does some ALT+tab and I'm not writing in the right place? These shortcurts are all trouble!
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts Lyflovr 6/18/10 10:07 AM
Since I cannot find any answer to disabling these shortcuts, I simply pop off the button on my CTL key, that way it feels different if I touch it by accident, but I can still use it if need be. Hope this helps.
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts advs89 9/28/10 8:51 PM
CTRL-W closes my entire browser even if I'm in the middle of submitting a form.  Often I'll be typing, and want to hit CTRL-A, and I'll miss and hit CTRL-W and instantly the entire browser closes without warning and gone is my text.  All I want is the ability to disable.  Even IE has that.
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts nottinhill 10/18/10 2:06 AM
cmd-q closes all and it is hit and miss if you want to just close a tab with cmd-w. +1 from me for this feature request.
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts msurapan 10/19/10 7:20 PM
I guess there should be something similar to what firefox has with "about:config" with which you can also edit the short-cuts! I prefer command+enter to control+enter on mac..
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts lethys 11/14/10 3:34 PM
please make this possible, after it's finally possible to disable MB4 correctly I just found another way to accidentially go back in history that I don't care to have.
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts SimonHunter 11/28/10 5:45 AM
ctrl shift w is the most annoying and pointless
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts silvatek 12/31/10 4:18 PM
Please provide flag to disable all keyboard shortcuts in Chrome
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts QVprof 2/8/11 8:02 PM
Please not sure if Chrome has any, but TURN OFF GLOBAL HOTKEYS


Pops open Chrome for no reason when I'm trying to use hot-keys in other Apps!
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts scottsancho 2/24/11 4:14 AM
Has this been fixed yet?

Typing ALT + 1 7 3 returns the current page to the home page.  Or any ALT + 7 key, really.  This is VERY frustrating as it makes typing punctuation in Spanish impossible!
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts spandexalii 2/28/11 7:36 PM
Yeah, I've been getting pretty annoyed with the backspace shortcut in particular - I never ever use it to intentionally go back, only to accidentally leave the page I was on. I most commonly run into this when I'm playing trivia games on and backspace right as the timer runs out, which closes up the text box, and I end up going back multiple pages and not being able to see the right answers....
Re: Change/Disable Keyboard shortcuts wallerich 3/24/11 8:55 AM
So, no one has an answer to this question of how to change keyboard shortcuts other than to globally disable them?  Really?  Lots of chatter, but no answers.

Ctl-T drives me insane .. every time I type a T, a new tab opens.  How do I disable this?  I'm sure someone at Google anticipated this.  In typing this, I opened up 6 new tabs.  Are we having fun yet?  "Good idea"?  That's the best answer out here?  Yikes ...
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