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Printer Destination Options

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Printer Destination Options ncompass 8/8/12 8:55 AM
Hi - I noticed you have updated the Printer Destinations options from being a convenient drop down menu to select the desired to Printer.

The new update requires a user to click 'Change' and then select desired printer from an unclear page and then click OK and then print.

To my mind this is a serious backward step - I am constantly swapping between my Inkjet and PDf printer options, what was a select option and go has become a three click process.

Can we revert? are there other with the same compliant? is there a reason for this update?

Re: Printer Destination Options trkkoa 8/12/12 9:55 AM
I too am finding this extremely inconvenient. I don't see any good reason for a UI change like this that makes it several more clicks to do a common action that used to be so simple.

I print two pages for every order in our shopping cart. The packing slip gets printed in color and the shipping label in BW. So I constantly switch back and forth between two printers.

Did anyone at Google think of UI testing before a "simple" change like this? How can I get it back the way it was?

Re: Printer Destination Options byronhauck 8/14/12 4:13 PM
Yes, this is terrible. They came up with ways to make their print function inconvenient that I never would have even thought to worry about. I love the after you've already clicked one button you shouldn't have to, you're presented with a heading of "Recent Destinations" that has one item under it: the printer you're already using. So it's not plural, and it's completely useless.
Re: Printer Destination Options dpvan 8/21/12 1:17 PM
I agree. Printing has become completely screwed up.

Whenever I try to print, instead of defaulting to my attached printer, I get a recent destination which is a 15-18 digit number. It's a huge mess.

Until Chrome gets finished, I've taken to switching to IE to print.

Really dumb move.

Re: Printer Destination Options fpmori 8/23/12 7:41 AM
Try printing using the system dialog once, and see if the Printer you select there sticks as your default Destination from this point on.

This seems to have worked for me.