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Site-specific browsing in Chrome for Mac

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Site-specific browsing in Chrome for Mac stevenroose 5/26/12 1:48 PM

About a year ago, Chrome launched the possibility to "Create [an] Application Shortcut"" for a web-page. The feature wasn't available for Mac at that time.

But now still, I cannot find this functionality in Chrome for Mac.
I read instructions here:
But that option isn't here. I'm running the beta channel of Chrome (19.0.1084.46 beta).

A quick look in Chrome Canary tells me it isn't there either.

Can you give a time span in which this feature will be available for Mac? For today I use Fluid for SSB, but it uses the same rendering and Javascript engines as Safari does, and I prefer Chrome above that. Also Fluid doesn't support the desktop notifications Chrome does.

More than one year ago for Windows (and I read Linux as well somewhere), so why is Mac left behind??