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Some search keywords stopped working

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Some search keywords stopped working Robotic Earthling 6/30/11 12:56 PM
Google Chrome        14.0.803.0 (Official Build 90483) dev
OS        Mac OS

Some of my search keywords have stopped working recently, specifically the ones for Wikipedia (keyword: wiki) and YouTube (keyword: youtube). If I change the keywords to something else, the new keywords work fine, but when I change them back to the old ones, they still don't work.
Re: Some search keywords stopped working jdkram 7/1/11 2:55 AM
Same issue present on Windows 7 14.0.803.0 keyword 'a' for amazon, works after scrolling down to keyword & pressing tab but no longer with entering 'a' and simply pressing space to then enter search term.
Re: Some search keywords stopped working Jo Liss 7/4/11 2:56 AM
jdkram is right on the mark. If I delete the autocompletion with backspace and then press tab, it recognizes the keyword, but not if I just press spacebar.

For me as well this is only happening with a few keywords, not all of them.

Chrome 13.0.782.41 beta on OS X here -- the funny behavior started one or two weeks ago.

Update: Actually, this just went away after restarting Chrome. I'm still on 13.0.782.41. I'm not sure if it was the restart, or if some update got applied. Let's hope the keyword problems don't come back. :)
Re: Some search keywords stopped working Jo Liss 7/8/11 11:26 AM
... and it has come back, after using Chrome for a while, and restarting it again doesn't help. I wish I knew what was going on there. If anybody finds a workaround, please share it!
Re: Some search keywords stopped working CaptainValor 7/12/11 8:13 AM
I too am getting this issue (Chrome for Mac build 12.0.742.112, OS X 10.6.8). When I type the keyword and press spacebar it doesn't work, but when I backspace and then press Tab it does. Again this is only for some keywords. Very frustrating!
Re: Some search keywords stopped working nicktaylor3 8/14/11 3:23 AM
Same problem. Windows 7, Chrome 13.0.782.112.
Re: Some search keywords stopped working CkCrunch 9/2/11 2:24 PM
Same problem  13.0.782.218
Re: Some search keywords stopped working Mark Dominus 9/9/11 11:44 AM
Same problem 13.0.782.220. Since the most recent update, my "w" keyword for Wikipedia stopped working as described above: "w foo" would produce a menu for which the default was to search Google for "w foo"; the second item was the one I wanted, which was to search Wikipedia for "foo".  Formerly searching wikipedia was the default.  My "cpan" keyword continued to work the way it had before the update, the way I wanted it: "cpan foo" searches CPAN for "foo" by default.

Changing "w" to "p" or "wp" restores the desired behavior.  Changing it back to "w" restores the broken behavior.
Re: Some search keywords stopped working Estesark 9/10/11 7:32 AM
My "i" keyword for Google Images stopped working, but all others seem to be fine.
Re: Some search keywords stopped working hags2k 9/28/11 7:22 AM
I had this same problem on Windows (haven't had it crop up on my mac, thankfully). I was able to solve it by doing the following:
Cleared all browsing history, cookies, etc.
Fully un-installed chrome.
Reinstalled chrome. Reentered my search engines. Seems to be working again.
OS - Windows 7 x64
Re: Some search keywords stopped working littledman 1/2/12 12:20 AM
Potential fix (worked for me):
1) When you type [keyword][space] ("wiki ") Chrome should normally give you the "Search in [x]" option. Instead it gives an option from history, e.g. "wiki deadbeat escapement". Typing further reverts to default search.

2) To fix this, go to chrome://history and delete the history entry that was coming up in step 1 (edit items, select the history entry, remove selected items).

I speculate that for some reason a history entry overrides the search keyword for priority in the omnibox. Hope this helps someone.
Re: Some search keywords stopped working yalooze 2/14/12 12:29 PM
This has happened to me before and has just happened again. Win 7, Chrome 17.0.963.46

The only thing I could find in common with the searches that weren't working was that when I looked in chrome://settings/searchEngines there was more than one instance for that site.

The solution that worked for me was to remove all instances of the site from chrome://settings/searchEngines and then go to that site and manually run a search. Once Chrome picks up the search I went back into chrome://settings/searchEngines and set the keyword back to a single letter.