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Showing 1-202 of 202 messages carlitov 2/26/13 9:10 AM
There seems to be a javascript redirect affecting a lot of website forums and such on mobile chrome. Is anyone doing anything about this at all? Its sending users to the Playstore to dowload Candy Crush Saga app.
Re: Paul 2/26/13 4:43 PM
I'll move your report over to the Chrome Forum where the experts on that app may be able to help you more.
Re: JL King 2/27/13 1:51 PM
Hi folks, are you seeing this on Chrome for Android or iOS?

From our investigation, we believe you are getting a tracking cookie if you went to

To resolve, please go to the Chrome menu > Settings > Privacy > Clear Browsing Data. On iOS, select Clear All. For Android, make sure history, cache, cookies/site data are checked, then select Clear.
Re: Pierre Melodia 3/3/13 5:52 PM
This is only a temporary solution it seems.. Even without going on Facebook or anything, even after clearing all datas, I keep getting the redirection tracker. On safari as well as chrome by the way. Just out of nowhere, no clicking, no touching, the page go blank, 5 or 6 addresses load and poof, candy crush thing. It's more and more frequent..
Re: Michael Barger 3/4/13 9:12 AM
I to am having the exact same problem I have even gone with an attempt to reset my Google nexus phone back to factory default. However after using chrome for a short while I to am redirected to the play store to purchase candy crush. I have also cleared out browser setting multiple times and uninstalled and re-installed the chrome browser with no success in getting rid of this thing. Are there any other options for us.
Re: JL King 3/4/13 12:10 PM
Did you at any point play the Candy Crush game? If not, do you remember what sites you may have visited before this issue began? We are trying to determine which websites are afflicting this tracking cookie on users across browsers.
Re: Michael Barger 3/4/13 12:30 PM
Never even heard of the game until i was redirected to it. Nor have i ever browsed to it via the play store. The following are apps that i use that do have ads displayed in them.

Words with Friends
4 pics 1 Word
TheChive ( which has this game as an ad)
Twitter ( I list this because it has links like Instagram etc.)

As for websites that I visited today
MediaTakeout (which i did not even get on because of the redirect to candy Crush saga)
Each time i experienced it yesterday I was in the process of opening up a link from twitter inside of Google chrome for Android when it happen.

I reset phone back to factory thinking that would solve the issue otherwise i would provide you with a more detailed web history.

Re: Caleb Del 3/6/13 4:37 PM
I've never went to that page or link and im having the same problem. Is it chrome's fault, or our phones fault?
Re: JL King 3/11/13 8:36 AM
This is being reported on several other browsers, so it is the web's fault. Either an app, site, or site ad.
Re: Kris_S 3/6/13 9:47 PM
I have enabled CPMFun and Lijit Ads on my website and it is getting redirected to the Candy Crush iPhone app as well. I have removed both ad codes and it is still happening. I have contacted CPMFun and am waiting on a reply. Anyone find a solution? Kirill Kolyshkin 3/9/13 1:26 AM
Having the same problem every time I open in Chrome for Android.
Re: kcskedz 3/9/13 1:39 PM
This seems to happen to me when i go to, this seems rather widespread, and definitely a problem...
Re: CaRDiaK 3/11/13 2:43 PM
Same here, galaxy nexus 4.2.2 latest install was Tower Raiders 3 Free.. No probs with previous apps off the publisher. Happens when I browse phpBB forums. hth
Re: John Suszko 3/13/13 9:22 PM
Help everytime i go to read the news on the blaze ad track king sends me to

candy crush if anyone knows how to stop this pls email me at im ready to throw my phone at the wall...

Re: Kris_S 3/14/13 6:25 PM
It is Ads. If you have them, or go to a website that has them then you will get redirected.
Re: kcskedz 3/15/13 8:19 AM
JL king, have you got an update for us on this issue?
Re: JL King 3/15/13 10:01 AM
See my previous post. This is not a Chrome issue, but a malicious tracking cookie affecting multiple browsers. You need to clear your cache and cookies. 

Please also report this issue to the site developers for the websites on which you encounter this issue / tracking cookie.
Re: fervens 3/17/13 6:50 PM
i finally caved and just turned javascript off in dolphin's browser settings, haven't had an issue since, but google's pages tend to be java heavy so there is some loss in browsing pleasure i guess.
Re: Juan Ignacio Torrealday 3/21/13 2:34 PM
me too, i've turned it off. it was difficult for me to find out which was this annoying problem.
Re: Juan Ignacio Torrealday 3/21/13 3:31 PM
(unknown) 3/25/13 6:05 AM <This message has been deleted.> Jonathan McGarity-Shipley 4/3/13 12:33 PM
I've read as much as I can on this and here's what I know:
-This affects more than just Google Chrome users (I've heard of Safari and Dolphin also having the issue and I would expect other apps would too).
-This affects at least users of iPods iPhones and Androids.
-Clearing history/cookies/site data or disabling tracking do not fix the problem. I'm not sure about disabling javascript because I haven't tried it (I can't figure out how to do it in Chrome).
-Restoring or resetting your device doesn't fix the problem (or so I've heard).
-The problem tends to affect people on sites that they visit often and always occurs for me when I switch tabs before my current tab is loaded (though it happens even with fully loaded tabs sometimes).
-It has little to do with specific sites or apps. I've seen people list off all of the sites that they visit and apps that they have and often have literally nothing in common with them (other than default apps, of course).
-The problem may not be limited to Candy Crush Saga. As soon as I limited ad tracking and reset the advertising identifier in Settings > General > About > Advertising, and went back to Chrome, some wierd xxx chat room site came up with pictures of naked women. This has only occured once, though I've heard of at least one other person having this happen. When I went back to the forum site I was on before, the regular thing showed up followed by Candy Crush Saga in the iTunes store.
-This problem is incredibly annoying and I hope someone comes up with a reliable solution soo, because I am stumped. Jonathan McGarity-Shipley 4/3/13 12:36 PM
BTW, If you don't currently have this problem, I wouldn't click that link.
... Also *soon FLPMan1 4/16/13 11:26 AM
I own an iPhone 5 using safari and I'm getting this damn same redirect. It's pissin me off. Here's a simple solution. How about Apples AppStore and Googles AppStore REMOVE this scamming game. PROBLEM SOLVED. I've read the comments on this game and people are stating you have to pay $35 to level up. Wtf? Scam.
Re: Matt Watrous 4/19/13 4:12 AM
Many of us are getting these unwanted redirects to play store. How do we stop this hijacking of our phones. I have never downloaded thr candy crush game nor will I.
Re: Anders Klarström 4/21/13 1:51 PM
This is most likely not related to an app, a browser or even a platform. It is probably not some app that you have recently installed that was malware either.

It looks like one of the bigger ad-networks has been hijacked and now serves injected ads that may be/are malicious.

Have a look over at XDA (dont have the url here at the moment), they reached the same conclusion.

Re: Patrick Douglas 4/21/13 5:07 PM
Why don't they just ban drop candy crush till they get it fixed.
Re: Lorenzo Castoldi 4/23/13 6:24 PM
I've got this too. I keep Cyanide and Happiness open (I'm reading through them, and don't often close the tab) and I'll get this when I launch Chrome sometimes. I'm using iOS, and it opens in the iTunes Store instead of the App Store. I don't have a Facebook, and have never even viewed this app before. It looks like shit.

So here's what's what. This applies to multiple web browsers, not just chrome. It also applies to both Android and iOS. Combined with the tendency of the popup to show up on your most visited sites, it would seem that the advertisers, or at least one of them, had the bright idea to bring pop up windows to the world of smartphones. I haven't checked out the websites people have mentioned, but the companies running their ads might be the same one, which is doing something even worse than having ads that say "download".

I'm no expert, and I haven't exactly done any research, but it can't be an operating system bug, or a mistake in Chrome. It occurs on all types of websites, not just one, and it takes around 30 seconds to get back to what you were doing. Could somebody on a non-smartphone device check this out? It would really help. alas 4/26/13 2:09 AM
I can tell you that, it's not only on google chrome that this is coming up. Even on my stock browser by Sony is coming up everytime I go to It wasn't like that before until recently (2 weeks or so)

everytime I enter a topic, some tabs just start to redirect me to the app, I have to press back a few times to stop it, nonetheless it's really irritating to do so.

I'm using android on my Xperia pro. I checked for malware and nothing come up. Any help?

Re: Jonathan McGarity-Shipley 4/26/13 8:32 PM
I actually usually have it happen on the Cyanide and Happiness website too. The only website that I frequently use that has never had this occurence is YouTube. I find that if I'm on the tab when it happens then I can press back and avoid the pop-up in the iTunes store if I'm really quick. Also, if I close the tab after I'm done it hugely decreases the chance it will happen. Try bookmarking the Cyanide and Happiness page and use cat-like reflexes on the back button to avoid an incident while you're on the website, then exit the page when you finish. It's a pain but it's worth it. I'm definitely going to complain on the page for this app in the App store but I think Apple has to deal with this (I hope they do so soon). chrome it baby 4/26/13 8:36 PM
It is not from Facebook. I only get it from gmail. Don't forget who is being paid for this. As if any one is stupid enough to find or offer a resolve would you cut off your right arm, your own income?
What this also means is that others-strangers-are accessing your computers,phones,information etal. without your consent, against your will, by a priori force.
Re: Rmann 4/27/13 12:23 PM
Ok so after looking at the redirection info, its a malicious javascript ad that a few companies use.  Ad King is one of them.  Anyway there are a few solutions, none of which are that good, 1. Don't go back to the website that you were surfing  because they put the ad provider there and refuse to take it off.  I am sure they got complaints before. 2, Complain to the website you were visiting and hope they will will boot the people who is serving the ad (high doubt it).  3. Turn off your javascript.  This will work, but it will probably break 95% of the web pages you visit.  4, Change your user agent (doable in Dolphin Browser).  Make your android look like a Iphone/Ipad or vice versa.  It will give you the redirection on the browser, but no pop up to the store (thats what we were complaining about the most).  Pick one of the 4, I personally changed my user agent, but sometimes need to revert back to see other websites properly, its a big hassel just to avoid those bad ads.  I'm slowly weening off those websites that have the bad ad.  Good luck to you all.
Re: Rahied Wagid Hosain 4/28/13 8:31 AM
I had this problem as well. What i did is cleared all items in my appiecache and the problem was solved.
Re: Rahied Wagid Hosain 4/28/13 8:31 AM
Re: Toy Faulkner 4/29/13 10:54 PM
Yes I experinced the same problem on media take out. I wonder if media takeout had a virus
Re: Faron Racca 4/30/13 8:23 AM
I'm going to agree with rmann on this one. Since its java there is really only two - three things that can stop it at this point. 1. Developers of the OS's need to update java to block/not use the script or the browser dev's need to introduce ad-blocking for malware like ad king. Only real way to deal with the redirecting at this point is to attempt a stop load before the point of redirecting (which seems to be at load completion) If you time it right, you will have most the web page loaded. Problem is if you miss you will hit refresh or wait to long and the redirect happens.
Re: Faron Racca 4/30/13 9:28 AM
I do apologize I'm a bit tired from awake most the night studing. It looked like java at the time
Re: Matt Watrous 4/30/13 10:47 AM
Reported to google -- [0-2999000000804] "reported to superiors"

Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2013 16:07:56 +0000
Subject: [0-2999000000804]

Hello Matt,

This is a unique problem and I apologize for the inconvenience. One
solution that may work for you is uninstalling the apps as well as the
updates for them that occurred up to the point when this started happening.
Wait 24 hours, then install everything and see if it works properly.

Another possible reason why this may be happening is because you are using
a free app. Sometimes free apps have advertisements in them that can be
removed when a person buys the full version. I have informed my superiors
of these occurrences and they said they would look into it.

I apologize for the inconvenience and I hope you can still continue to
enjoy Google Play.


Google Play Support

Re: Matt Watrous 4/30/13 11:22 AM
I sent a link to this page to google support. Everyone should send them an email at the address above and send them a link to this page.
Re: Ben Busch 5/3/13 10:09 PM
I first saw the ad in the words with friends free app, accidentally clicked it trying for the "x" to close the ad and it took me to the App Store. Since then the ad.track hijacks my browser and takes me to App Store several times per day. Really aggravates me that this is being allowed to happen. It has not done it on safari so maybe I will just use that.
Re: OriginalSpike 5/9/13 8:30 AM
I actually got someone from Google Play on the phone. Spent several minutes describing the issue, and I'm a technician so it was useful info. That guy wasn't able to offer any assistance, but I linked him here and to another useful spot. It will be escalated and hopefully actually handled.
Re: xanda escuyer 5/9/13 12:49 PM
Thanks for your time handling this.

This would have been my next step but I was minded to use a reporting facility first, in the hope it would add to the complaint statistic. Sadly it turns out that it either doesn't exist or is buried under layers of Google blather.

Off topic but relevant: it surprises me that Google don't have a 'report abusive app' button in the Playstore. That way we all could shouted at once.

(unknown) 5/19/13 5:05 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Michael Bachhausen 5/19/13 5:12 AM
Open 2nd tab with any adress, close the aftrack-tab and restart your browser.
Re: OriginalSpike 5/19/13 9:02 AM
So if I tell the mechanic that when I put my car in 3rd gear, it sometimes kicks back into neutral, the solution would be to just put it back in third? Thanks for the help, don't know what I'd do without you. If you'd read, you'd see that it opens the App Store and brings us to an app within it. It doesn't just open a new tab. But seriously, thanks for that. You've helped tremendously and I can now sleep soundly once again having received your advice.
Re: OriginalSpike 5/19/13 9:28 AM
I haven't seen the issue for a couple weeks. I did not make any changes I would expect to affect this. Are any of you still seeing this happening?
Re: xanda escuyer 5/19/13 10:04 AM
Defnitely yes to this - my xoom is still playing up despite purging the cache in both the app & system settings.
It even prevents me from reading my webmail on GMX.
Re: Kristin Biggs 5/19/13 5:17 PM
On my RAZR M, the culprit is definitely an app called "Brightest Flashlight". Hope this helps at least a few of you.
Re: OriginalSpike 5/19/13 6:49 PM
I never had that, or any other flashlight app installed until just the other day. It stopped immediately and permanently after deleting that app? Good find, but it seems likely the problem's scope is wider.
Re: OriginalSpike 5/20/13 2:41 PM
I've expanded my search a bit. It's definitely happening at the forums at on iOS devices.
Re: Patty Ward 5/21/13 9:02 PM
Has anyone found a solution for this website taking over the cell phone. I just got the Samsung 4 and though i downloaded adobe flash media player but it's not. Webpage looks like others are experiencing the same by the comments they posted.
Re: OriginalSpike 5/21/13 9:28 PM
No one will ever be able to hand you a solution for this. This needs to be solved from behind the scenes. Please add any information you have here, but don't expect an answer, honestly ever from Google. When they fix it, it will go away, and no one will be told. Unfortunately that's all there is to it. Google is checking this thread, so adding your details, as many as you can about what site you were at etc, is helpful. And you are right, many users for many months across multiple platforms and web browsers are experiencing this issue. This is why they won't get back to you about it. Too many people to follow up.
Re: Mackenzie Thompson 5/22/13 8:26 AM
It would appear that the person who did this may have rented a server from go2cloud in order to do this.
Re: Mackenzie Thompson 5/22/13 8:29 AM
Re: Mackenzie Thompson 5/22/13 8:29 AM Kevin Duffey 5/24/13 9:18 AM
Please for the love of all that is mighty stop confusing java with JavaScript. Very few sites use java in the client... If they do its called an applet Which went out of flavor years ago. Javascript or emcascript is what runs on just about every web site today and is the culprit in things like popup ads and stopping you from leaving a page. Apple got rid of java just like flash because they didn't want to deal with outside applications that could crash their osx. Java runs solid and plenty fast on every platform out there including android phones and set top TV boxes. So again JavaScript not java.
Re: kshanholtzer 5/24/13 10:46 AM
I dont understand your statment. then how do i stop the java in my chrome?
Re: kshanholtzer 5/24/13 10:52 AM
also what is javascript called javascritp if its not java, then what is the extension of java if its not script, like you have the same first name as me and java and javascript have the same first name, what is the last name of java?
Re: Matt Watrous 5/24/13 11:30 AM
Java Schmava. How do I stop it on my android phone?
Re: xanda escuyer 5/24/13 11:36 AM
The differences between JavaScript and Java (be it the platform or language) is a subject that doesn't really belong here; so please let's not cloud the topic with the unnecessary.

For the benefit of those who are scratching their heads however, let's just clarify that the issue initially stems from a flaw in the web browser technology known as JAVASCRIPT**.

This can be disabled in the settings of the browser itself; each is different so look for help from the relevant source (again please - not from here).

Please be aware that should you proceed to switch it off, then many other sites just will not work properly, if at all; which is why the problem is so big.


** In short JAVASCRIPT is code that runs on certain web pages you visit. It handles such tasks as animation, audio, video, form data as well as redirection (plus others). As a fundamental web technology, this means the issue will be seen on the wide range platforms that use it.

If you want to know more, see:

Hope this helps.

Re: dycle 5/28/13 7:36 PM
Things that do not work on an Android phone: uninstalling Candy Crush saga, clearing browser cookies and cache, turning off cookies, turning off javascript.

This is the URL that is being called over and over.

I have no idea how to stop this malicious behavior on my son's phone, an 11 year old. Shame on the makers of Candy Crush.

Google! This malicious software was downloaded from Google play. Please apply some pressure to the developers to immediately address. secret_rosegard 5/29/13 7:34 PM
Using iPhone 3GS, iOS 6.1.3. Getting the app store popup every time I try to visit my Livejournal inbox. This has been happening with increasing frequency over the past month. I have the candy crush app installed. Tried limiting ad tracking but it didn't change anything.
Re: alas 5/30/13 11:18 PM
Strangely, this happened when my phone is its ICS ROM by Sony. After I re-flashed the stock Gingerbread ROM to my Sony phone, this stopped happening to me whenever I visit my forums and doing my things. Does anyone suffer the same problem in Gingerbread?
Re: OriginalSpike 6/7/13 9:44 PM
Return it if you like. The same thing will happen on an iPad or any other phone or tablet, with the possible exception of Windows mobile devices. Your Nexus is awesome and is not the problem.
Re: CesareBorgia2 6/9/13 2:05 PM
I have the same issue with my razor M. Google should get this fixed. Candy crush should be removed from the app store.
Re: CesareBorgia2 6/9/13 2:06 PM
Removing brightest flashlight did not effect the issue for me.
Re: CesareBorgia2 6/9/13 2:09 PM
Basically, the Chrome app on my phone is toast. I won't be accessing anything with it until the issue is resolved.
Re: OriginalSpike 6/9/13 2:19 PM
Is it only Chrome? If so, did you try clearing the cache and/or removing data the app has stored?
Re: Didi-ji 6/9/13 3:56 PM
Same here, removing brightest flashlight did not resolve the candy crush redirect problem.
Re: Reasonable Expectations 6/10/13 4:43 AM
Maybe it's time to report this hijacking to the national news like Good Morning America or the Today show.  Its the news centers that can put the needed pressure on the right folks to get things  like this fixed. Obviously Google's not going to do anything about it. Seriously this is a much more bigger issue when you look at the big picture. This ad issue is preventing me from obtaining the service thatI purchased.  So I was either sold a defective product since I have a reasonable expectation  functionality or service is being allowed to be tampered with for monetary gain.  We still have thr right to a reasoable expectation and it seems we are not getting it.
Re: chromie10 6/10/13 11:46 AM
You could also report that this is happening with Candy Crush Saga/ adtrack.king to the Better Business Bureau or leave a review on the Play/App Store, too.
Re: OriginalSpike 6/10/13 12:02 PM
The guy who published the app claims not to be involved. If you read above here you'd see him trying to help others figure out the problem. You could always report it, but if he's trying to help, I don't know how legit a complaint would be. Also it might be rude to leave poor reviews in the App/Play Store(s) since it's not the app causing it, and as far as we can tell the author/publisher is also not to blame. Malicious advertisers are the problem here. Ratings in the stores are intended for people to get an idea of how satisfied users are with the app/game. Ratings based on experiences outside the game or market, even if related, are not fair to the developer or other users. ¢2
Re: dycle 6/10/13 12:03 PM
I tried to leave a comment for Candy Crush on its Play Store page. Ironically, you have to have the app installed to comment. Of course, the first thing I did was un-install this malware.
Re: OriginalSpike 6/10/13 12:12 PM
Dude, read. This app is not malware. Uninstalling it won't fix it because the app is not the problem.
Re: dycle 6/10/13 12:35 PM
Dude, your haughty, condescending lectures all over this thread aren't solving the problem, from what I can tell. If you are a technician, go check with your business manager: in the reality of the business world, as well as the software world, it actually doesn't matter whether Google or Candy Crush are to blame. It is from their products that the customers on this thread got exposed to the hijack and when they detect that their customers are pissed off enough to cost them some money or market share, then they will put some resources into resolving it. In Google's case that a quite a bit of resources and this issue exposes a serious problem with the Google Play platform. In Candy Crush's case, there is a majority of people on this thread associating the problem with installing that app, so there is a strong case for that developer to do everything in their power to resolve it.

This thread actually is a place to dump info and outrage in the hopes that someone at google takes notice. I appreciate that you got someone on the phone and that you are doing research. But dude - there are going to be varying levels of technical expertise on the thread, and there will be hyperbole and generalization. I think that's actually good, it ups the pressure.

Re: OriginalSpike 6/10/13 12:55 PM
Fair enough, I suppose. But the developer is not the one to blame or the one responsible. Google is. Blame them, report them, be mad at them. I sincerely doubt the developer has anything to do with this. Didn't mean to be rude, it just happened to be stated clearly above here that the app is not the problem. Not that this successful app really needs any defense, I just feel bad for devs taking the brunt of a lot of problems that aren't their fault. Like yelling at the waiter for burning your steak. Honestly just trying to help. Apologies. :)
Re: dycle 6/10/13 1:23 PM
All, good. I am probably guilty of prematurely tossing everyone I can under the bus, out of fury. Apologies to the devs of Candy Crush if their code has absolutely nothing to do with this.
Re: Bryant Gardner 6/11/13 8:53 AM
I noticed the nightmare after installing the Facebook messenger app. After dealing with it for several weeks I uninstalled only that app. Definitely went away and was definitely tied to that app on my Android!
Re: OriginalSpike 6/11/13 9:05 AM
Wow! Nice to know. I have the Messenger app installed but haven't seen the issue in a few weeks. Do you know what website you were at before you were sent to the Play Store?
Re: xanda escuyer 6/15/13 8:18 AM
Personally I 'would yell at the waiter for burning the steak' - especially if he didn't go deal with it (waitresses may fare better but not by much...) ;-)

The fact is that nobody in the 'supply chain' has yet provided any form of satisfactory response; be it an explanation as to the cause of the issue or an actual solution. Yet there are plenty of responsible parties that could - and should - do so.

As a former developer myself, I find it hard to accept that engineers have no leverage whatsoever. After all, if codewright is of limited means to address a problem of this nature, then it bodes very unwell for the rest of us - yes?

As for pinning it all on Google: well this isn't clear cut either as the troubles experienced on iThings is a testament to.

This might sound rather academic, perhaps even moot. The bottom line is that someone in the chain is not doing their job and fulfilling their responsibilities (and the contractual sort at that).

Given the widespread discontent, it might be a good idea if we targeted media organisations, as suggested earlier, to raise the profile somewhat. Two that have been approached already are the BBC and The Register. Contact pages for both are here:

Happy moaning!

Re: OriginalSpike 6/15/13 9:11 AM
I think that makes pretty good sense, although it's clearly sexist. Reporting this to places like the BBB is a good way to bring attention to it. I'd like to point out that it appears to be a Google advertiser that is causing this issue, but your're right that we can't be sure.

On a different note, I have lately gotten a popup asking if I'd like to go to the Play Store to see this Candy Crush Saga game. There are "Yes" and "No" buttons, and they behave as expected. This is on Android 4.1.2 using Chrome on a less than legitimate video streaming site I came across looking for an episode list for Wilfred season 2. Happened at this site.

Re: Logan Simonsen 6/16/13 5:46 AM
I had the same problem after I downloaded flash player from a website (outside of google play store). not sure if that is related with this problem but after I did it I uninstalled the flash player app (didn't really do anything anyways) then I was also getting ads in my notifications and I clicked on one ad and went to app info and it said it was coming from an app on my phone named 'network'. I uninstalled that network app and now I no longer have a problem with the redirects on chrome as well as no more ads in my notifications menu. Again this problem may not have anything to do with what everyone here is experiencing, but I thought I would share in case it helps
Re: dycle 6/16/13 7:59 AM
Logan, thx, I had a related experience. I installed Mobile Security & Antivirus from AVAST SOFTWARE on the Android device with this issue and going through its settings saw that two apps were running in the background, both called "Network". I removed them through Avast and the redirect issue stopped for about a week. I don't know if it's directly related b/c it hasn't permanently solved it, as the redirect seems to be back now, although, although running with much less frequency (maybe 1x week vs every time the phone was used).

Admittedly, it's a moving target b/c my son has installed games on the phone since. But the fact that there there were two network apps that were not installed by consent, running silently, and doing a lot of data transfer is suspicious.

Re: lost dave 6/17/13 10:09 AM
You may be the victim of AirPush or another such devious tool.  It sounds like some app you have installed is pushing spam notifications to you.

You can try one of these:

AirPush Detector - Android Apps on Google Play

Lookout Ad Network Detector - Android Apps on Google Play

Addons Detector - Android Apps on Google Play


to find out which app has brought this upon you, and then uninstall the rogue app.

Re: Sara Snell 6/17/13 11:23 PM
Having read the threads I realised that I had downloaded flash player from a non Google site just before this started happening. That was part of app called 'Network' Removed it, no redirections so far! :-)
Re: OriginalSpike 6/17/13 11:58 PM
I thought this seemed appropriate. For anyone on Android, ICS or version 4.0.x was the last version officially supported by Adobe. This means you can't install it from the play store on most newer Android devices or on any older devices that have been updated to 4.1 or newer. If you wish to install it, you need to get it from Adobe, not Google. Here is the link to the official Adobe download. Scroll to Android versions, look for the most recent one. No adware, no redirection. But Flash is a resource hog, and can be unstable. It was never available for iPhone for a reason.
Re: OriginalSpike 6/18/13 12:03 AM
Re: TexaninMO 6/18/13 10:49 PM
I played a smoothie game, smoothie master or something like that and after that started being attacked.
Re: Bill Bailey 6/21/13 6:18 PM
I think I may have found the program.  I downloaded a game called Where's My Summer for my son and started getting ads. I went to uninstall and couldn't find it anywhere.  It was removed from gplay app store as well.  I ended up finding an application running titled "Network",  it had a signal bar next to it for an icon.  It said the application that pushed it was the Where's My Summer app.  I deleted it and so far so good.  So maybe try checking your system (at least android)  for the Network app.  It should have an uninstall option if it's the right one.  Good luck.
(unknown) 6/22/13 5:56 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Carl Pollock 6/24/13 5:22 PM
So the same thing started happening to me. I just bought my phone literally days before this started happening. I have downloaded apps from play such as lookout, dish anywhere, and an app that was supposed to be for flash player however it just gave you a link to download flash and claimed that the app would keep flash updated automatically. Also when scanning with lookout nothing was detected. I just today downloaded SeCore Antivirus which also has anti adware built in. When scanning for adware it claimed to have found a high alert for the flash app that i had downloaded (cant remember the exact name but the icon was green and looked like the signal bars on ur phone) and also "uninstalled" while trying to remedy pop ups. So i uninstalled through the security app and so far so good. Hope maybe this helps.
Re: xanda escuyer 6/25/13 5:56 AM
Quote: " ...(cant remember the exact name but the icon was green and looked like the signal bars on ur phone)... "

It would be helpful to know which one it is even if just for elimination purposes.

To find this out, login to the Google Play account (from a PC is favourite) and go to the 'My Apps' section. All the apps ever installed on the device, whether active or not, will be listed.


Re: Bill Bailey 6/25/13 6:21 AM
I had the same icon.  The application was just called 'Network'.  I deleted it and haven't had any pop-ups since.
Re: Frederic Nitz 7/3/13 3:04 PM
Me too. AVG antivirus found "Network" as a viral program. I used AVG to remove it and the problem went away.
Re: Teresa Gibson 7/9/13 4:35 AM
It can't be a Chrome issue exclusively...I don't have Chrome on my phone but I'm still getting the Candy Crush redirect. Here's what happened to me. Today, I opened Music Paradise Pro Free. Immediately the splash screen for CCS came up. I hit the X and got redirected. Here's the weird thing. A few months ago I uninstalled Music Paradise cuz I was tired of the push ads. I recently wanted to hear a song so I downloaded again. But this time I accidentally downloaded "Music Paradise Pro Free". I don't think this one's legit even though the app icon is identical...10k downloads vs +1mil for Music Paradise, different developer listed. In my setting under applications...the Pro version lists access to everything under the sun from my other apps, internet history, bookmarks, user settings, my CONTACTS, phone identity, etc. Version wo Pro in name lists things you'd expect to sleep, internet access, etc.  You can bet I uninstalled Pro Free in a hurry!!
Re: Carol Durdin 7/21/13 7:09 PM
The same thing is happening on my Sony Xperia Z straight out of the box.
Re: OriginalSpike 7/22/13 9:40 AM
Try going into settings on your Xperia Z, then into the Apps section. Go to the All section to the right and scroll down looking for an item called Network with an icon that looks like signal bars. Not Network Settings or anything other than just Network and the signal bar icon. If you find that, and at offers to let you uninstall it when you tap on it, do that. It seems to have fixed the problem for several others.
Re: Jose Olmos Martinez 7/26/13 8:51 AM
Hello there,
I had the same problems as you guys, but in my case it even appeared a pop up when I unlocked my htc in the home screen ,not even yet in the web browser (which also happened, dolphin in my case)
My problem began when I installed a game called plants vs zombies from, after I opened it, the app disappeared and these annoying adds kept bothering. I have a root desire with adblock and that didn't solve it.

I don't know if it will work for you but my SOLUTION was an app called NETWORK (RED en español). I didn't pay attention at it when I scanned with air push detector,as I supposed it was part of android system but I read on some forums it was the solution for android.
I uninstalled it and my phone is free from the annoying addking and the real network(3g...) works perfectly.(stop it before uninstalling it if you want to be sure it has nothing to do with android networking.
 So if you find an app running on your android named network with green bars that should be your solution!!
Re: Jose Olmos Martinez 7/26/13 8:52 AM
Re: pajo 7/26/13 1:33 PM
this is happening to my android as well. i haven't done anything. just cleared data and cleared cache. i don't know if it will work. frustrating. makes me think my next phone will be an iphone instead of galaxy
Re: Carol Durdin 7/26/13 2:25 PM
I saw (for the first time)a unsubscribe website from these ads we are getting.  I went to the website and, with great distrust, downloaded their app to "opt-out" of the ads.  I don't remember what the website was since I did this on my phone but the app is named:  airpush permanent opt-out.  I read somewhere that this ap did not work and then I read that you have to opt-out each time you restart your phone.  Well, so far so good but tomorrow is another day.  No ads since I have opted out.
Re: Teresa Gibson 7/27/13 1:23 AM
Carol (and others)...having the problem right out of the box may indicate its effecting preloaded apps on new phones too or if you got a refurbished phone.

Pajo...don't blame Galaxy, Droid, Chrome etc...iPhones are having problems with this too. IMO...Galaxy 4S is the top phone out right now.  

Try following my solution....I have never had to repeat this process even when I restart my phone.  I did it once and had forgotten about it until I saw your post. I even had to do a factory reset for an unrelated issue, but since my phone's  ID (IMEI or MEID) was removed it won't come back (its kind of like registering with Do Not Call but without the gov screwing it up).

If you start having problems again, don't get discouraged. There are a lot of ad pushers other than just "air push".   Go to the internet (NOT THE APP STORE!) and search for something like "opt out ads" or similar...I can't remember what my actual search wording was. I started with adtrack king and then others will come up in the search. Another one is called "senddroid".    Here's the link for it...follow the directions for manual opt out:
Most of these sites you can opt out of without even having to download anything, follow manual instructions and enter your phone's IMEI or MEID info (I copied down mine before hand so I didn't have to look for it every time). You can find this info under Settings -> About Phone -> Phone Identity.  

The key is finding all of them.  I opted out of 4-5 of the ones I found and haven't had a problem since. And no more Candy Crush Saga redirect bulls**t or changing my internet homepage from my setting.  If you get new ads, pay close attention to see what ad pusher is being for that particular one and opt out.

The problem with the opt out finders u install from the app store is that they jus want to uninstall the app pushing the ads, but sometimes its a really good app I want to keep.  

****If u saw my previous post on Jul 9th, I'm still convinced that  Music Paradise 'Pro Free' is a fake/copy app that was causing the redirect (see above for more info on that....I like the real Music Paradise app).  Who knows how many fake or copycat apps mimicking legit apps are out there making phones do crazy things.  

They have this problem under Google Chrome which I disagree with because I've had the same issues as others here yet Chrome isn't even available for my phone (HTC Droid Incredible 2).  
I hope this helps you and others fix it like it did mine.  And if not, please reply w the details and I'll look into it....I've taken this on as a pet project cuz it irritates me so much.  LOL

Re: Carol Durdin 7/27/13 3:19 PM
The app I downloaded to fix the problem has worked for 24 hours.  Not one ad.
Re: OriginalSpike 7/27/13 11:32 PM
Carol, what you did was a great thing to do, but is not likely to be the fix for this problem. Airpush ads are shown in your notification shade. This issue is a redirection, very different on the back end. The fix listed before you with the app called Network with an icon with green signal bars appears to be the culprit for several people. I do suggest anyone who doesn't like ads do the Airpush Opt out, and as mentioned, there are other similar ads you can opt out of. However, if you are getting sent to the App Store or Play Store for Candy Crush Saga, the first thing to try is looking in Settings --> Apps --> All and look for "Network" with green signal bars.
Re: Monique Lay 7/28/13 1:48 PM
Had the same problem. I downloaded AVG antivirus free for my Thrive tablet after reading this thread. It found Intrusive Adware from an app I downloaded called Speakers Booster HD.
Re: dougnsher 7/30/13 12:29 PM
"If u saw my previous post on Jul 9th, I'm still convinced that  Music Paradise 'Pro Free' is a fake/copy app that was causing the redirect (see above for more info on that....I like the real Music Paradise app).  Who knows how many fake or copycat apps mimicking legit apps are out there making phones do crazy things."

Have a Samsung Galaxy 4 and same issue and did the following, mind you this is all I tried and it worked immediately. Thanks for the answer.

Re: phuksi 7/31/13 1:33 PM
I also found Network application running twice on my Android 4.1.2. Uninstalled both and so far candy crush is gone. For me there was also always a full screen free app of the day ad after unlocking the screen. And no matter what you clicked it opened Play store with candy crusher game and also a browser to adtrack.

Also AVG Antivirus found both of these. Maybe it is worth having the scanner installed...

Thanks for all who helped this figured out. These just are so annoying.

Re: Teresa Gibson 7/31/13 1:58 PM
I've had these problems too but I've never found the "Network" app installed, running or any other reference on my phone, so uninstalling something I couldn't find wasn't an option to fix my problem. The steps I took (listed above) worked for me and may he an option for others who also can't find the "network" app on their phone. I wish it would've been ad simple as removing the "network" app.
Re: Teresa Gibson 7/31/13 2:09 PM
I also have AVG virus/adware protection running on my phone and it has found some problems but has also missed some too. Once found, AVG will only uninstall the program that is causing the ads to pop up. Like I said in my earlier post, if its an application that you like (except for the ads and Candy Crush Saga redirects) and want to keep, the steps I took will allow you to keep using the app without ads popping up. Since I took the steps I mentioned earlier, I am still able to keep these applications installed and have had absolutely no ads, strange icons, unwanted bookmarks, redirects or any other "hokey" activity on my phone.   I have HTC Droid Incredible 2.  The same solution has also been effective on other family phones...Samsung Galaxy S3, Motorola Razor and HTC Droid DNA.
Re: timothy tharp 8/3/13 4:41 PM
This dose not work almost every time I touch my phone the add king crap pops up and driving me nuts
Re: Carol Durdin 8/3/13 5:00 PM
I installed the airpush app on my phone.  I didn't want to and I was concerned that it was just another way to put crap on my phone but it worked and it has worked since July 26.  I also have Lookout app on my phone.  Something worked or I would have thrown this phone in the Mississippi by now.
Re: Meme P. 8/3/13 8:53 PM
this is happening to my phone now for over a month. I'm glad I didn't waste my time deleting my phone Data seeing as to some people have done that with no results. There is no particular page, it does it on any page randomly. So as far as not going to certain sites, that does not help. My phone makes weird alert notification sounds all day throughout the day. I am tired of this screwing up my phone, and bugging me in the middle of important things. Has anyone found any help, because I haven't found any here, and Google and whoever else is involved in this does not seem to care so much.
Re: OriginalSpike 8/5/13 11:06 AM
There are a couple solutions that seem to have helped people here, though they are Android specific. Many people have reported the same issue on iOS and I don't know how to suggest fixing that. Read just a few posts above for advice on AirPush Opt Out and finding an app running in your Settings called Network and removing it. Good luck.
Re: OriginalSpike 8/5/13 11:15 AM
Carol, I think the Lookout app is the one that fixed this for you, but the Airpush app you installed is awesome. It will stop a lot of those nagging notification ads. Lookout would be the kind of app to find and remove the Network app several others have described removing manually. You're absolutely right, one of those things you did fixed it. Cheers.
Re: Charlie Kuehn 8/7/13 6:50 AM
My android started the adking / candy crush garbage after I installed Flash from google play store. This Flash spam app spawned the "Network" background app.
I uninstalled the "Network" app and I have not had any more candy crap pop ups.  Thank you forum!
Re: SUZANNE BYRNE 8/10/13 1:52 PM
Hi... I have the Candy Crush Gremlin all the time too. I DO NOT USE A CELL PHONE ....  I use an iPad ..  I played candy crush for 5 minutes and absolutely hated it.   I'm scared to tap into and do any scary things to the settings of my iPad, because everyone knows Gremlins and any kind of mechanical device..... I noticed though that pretty much everyone else is using a smart phone. So it's more wide spread than that my fellow saga-haters....
Re: Eric Hardman 8/12/13 8:07 PM
You are correct at least for my issue, I noticed when I blocked the app, I have not received this anymore
Re: Christina Scanlon 8/15/13 8:42 AM
Re: Johnnyx1 8/16/13 10:42 AM
this should fix it. sfeldner 8/23/13 11:56 AM
To add to your line of thought... I can't imagine that ANYONE would download this app after all of this. So... Google ought to figure that they will never make money this way and put an end to this kind of crap advertising.
Re: sfeldner 8/23/13 12:04 PM
You can go to the page and "Flag as inapproiate" then pick "Damage device or data"... Maybe a hundred-thousand such complaints will get Google to act.
Re: Dustin Brice 8/27/13 12:02 PM
Everyone needs to leave a negative review on candy crush in the play store or app store until they figure out why their software is the target of this crap and make it stop.
Re: marissa shiller 8/28/13 3:06 PM
Wrong.I'm using the regular browser and it is doing it to me too. marissa shiller 8/28/13 3:12 PM
Ihave a sony fx plus, and no apps downloaded.ijust use the browser. And it is doing this to me too.
So for one someone redirected this to the wrong forum.
And for two, there is no reason this should be happening ionly use mobile facebook on the browser on this phone and that is all. At first a random pop up kept coming up asking me to download candy crush now it just keeps taking me to the playstore to download it and ITS NOT EVEN COMPATIBLE WITH MY PHONE. This is so annoying someone please help. Maybe google playstore or candy crush got hacked? Maybe we all have a virus?
Re: OriginalSpike 8/28/13 5:18 PM
Marissa, have you gone to your Settings app, then into the Apps section, then to the "All" tab to look for an item called "Network" with an icon showing green signal bars like you'd see at the top of your phone? It seems to be nearly unanimous that this is found when someone with this issue goes looking for it. From what I can gather, the other solutions like antivirus programs are just doing that step for some people. Look over some previous posts. There are a few apps recommended to download that can help. But I have a strong suspicion that you'll find that "Network" app is running if you look for it in the right place. Good luck!
Re: Teresa Gibson 8/30/13 10:05 AM
OrignalSpike.... I have never had the app "Network" but have had the same problems as everyone on here. And I'm not running Chrome.
Re: OriginalSpike 8/30/13 10:28 AM
Well that must be annoying. You're right, it certainly isn't a Chrome specific issue, even iPads and iPhones are sometimes affected. I never installed a "Network" app, but did find it in the list of apps in Settings at one point. Unfortunately, I don't know what to recommend for you. If you've already tried clearing your browser's data and cache (from the same place in Settings where you would go looking for the "Network" app), I wouldn't know where to suggest next. Good luck.
Re: Johnnyx1 8/30/13 11:53 AM
This should help fix it
Re: DrAFB33 9/1/13 8:22 AM
I downloaded OI File Manager and saw a folder named .adc and it had all of the jpg's and videos from the pop ups so I just deleted it from the person's GS3 that had the problem. I need more time to see if it is a long term solution but for now it looks as if it works.
Re: Kristin Drysdale 9/2/13 11:49 AM
I can tell you exactly where my issue seemed to start. I started to get Go Simple White keyboard. The developer was very clear that the app was free in thanks to using the adware. The developer even apologized, but explained it was the only way to keep it free and continue working on more great keyboards. Before I hit install I paused too long (I guess?!?)... I had finally made up my mind to just be content with my emoji-less Slide-it- which I dearly love the functionality, btw... ... and BOOM! I touched neither agree or disagree and CANDY CRUSH SAGA- yuck. I don't play games; I use my Android for school and staying in touch with Family/friends. ~I might not even mind so much being re-directed to a site if it would be catered to my interests. But I guess I can't expect everything to be as awesome as Google Now. <3, K.D.
Re: Kristin Drysdale 9/2/13 11:52 AM
Hahaha! I want to +1 this so bad!
Re: Storm Saylor 9/2/13 10:28 PM
Ok I have tried out a lot of suggested advice on here. None of it worked either. Whatever it is only used to mess with me on and now its messing with my deviantart inbox which it never did before. As annoying as it was to be redirected to download candy crush... I really don't want to be redirected to download a free sex cam or to best buys homepage.... going to my provider tomorrow for help...
Re: DrAFB33 9/2/13 11:15 PM
Downloading OI File Manager from the Google Play Store worked for the person I helped. Once you download the app you have to open the app and make sure you can see the folders on the phone storage and just delete the one that says .adc that is what launches the spam. The person has not had the problem in 2 days so far. Your provider will not be able to help you unfortunately outside of replacing your phone.
Re: Cece Leon 9/3/13 1:14 AM
This issue happens to me while I'm on However, I don't just get redirected to the play store for candy crush, although that's how it started. It sometimes sends me to other sites that try to get me to download things.
Re: NexusFurian 9/3/13 5:27 AM
JL I am having this same exact problem on my Iphone and i have cleared my cash and restarted my phone and yet it will still redirect ... there is more then a generic cookie involved Alexmrb1 9/9/13 5:22 AM
If it's a malicious cookie, your is to install De Web and scan your device. David Bailey0313 9/9/13 7:04 PM
As soon as i del 4 pics 1 song it stopped NexusFurian 9/9/13 10:36 PM
Ok guys here is what I have found after about 20 hours of searching (no one is willing to admit this is a real problem)

1: this problem affects iPhone as well as other mobile devices ... It doesn't mater what web browser you are using

2: what's happening: legitament websites are getting paid to allow advertising on their site and (this is my rudimentary understanding of it) These destructive adds are attaching themselves to other apps in your phone ... All it does is say "when they go to website A they said they wanted to be redirected to B website" (which is why this will often happen only when your browsing your favorite website, meemebase for me)

3: what to do to fix it(on iPhone): delete all apps on your phone (From >>>ITUNES<<<< on your computer) you have to do it from your computer to remove this type of cache else it will still be there

4: how to stop this from happening again: go into settings>general>about>advertising> turn on "limit add tracking" and reset your advertising identifier ....

This is not the fault of the poor website you are accessing this is the adds on that website causing this ... Clearing your cache will probably not fix this (but always try it first since its so easy)

This is a hole in almost all mobile devices right now ... If you are having this problem on something other then a iPhone there are apps that allow you to fix this (I don't remember them off the top of my head how but keep searching around there are fixes) Teresa Gibson 9/10/13 1:37 AM
Nexus...I have a Droid Incredible2 so maybe its different than the iPhone but I didn't have to go to the extreme you discussed above. My problem was fixed by following the steps in my previous post. I have not had any redirects, home page changes, icons popping up on my home screen or unwanted push ads since I fixed it. With that said, I am very cautious when downloading apps because lots of them will say something in the description about having ads and placing icons on your home screen for apps they support. I don't download these apps because I think that's where some problems arise.  Even though I hate slick maneuvering like that, I applaud those developers for being upfront and disclosing that ads are embedded in their app.

If your solution is what it takes to stop the insanity on an iPhone than I pity iPhone users. I personally would have to uninstall and reinstall nearly 100 apps if I had to follow your solution. NexusFurian 9/10/13 2:46 AM
You seem to have a different issue then some of us ... Please refrain from making subversive snotty comments about my tecnology choices ... Just so you know the issue is not just for iPhones all mobile phones can have this same problem I described ... And they all need to fixed the same way EXCEPT that android also needs to have a app installe because android also downloads a "app" that is hidden inside your phone that you can't see Teresa Gibson 9/10/13 3:50 AM
I apologize if my post came off ad snooty...that was not my intent. I think the iPhone is a great piece of technology and was the leader in the touch screen devices. I have nothing against the iPhone or its users. I was only trying to say that it would really suck to have to uninstall/reinstall all apps to fix this stupid problem. You obviously did dimes research and provide great information and insight in your post which I'm sure users are grateful for if that fixes their phone. Others have found another fix that works is to uninstall an app named "network" and that seems to fix some phones. I didn't have that app anywhere so that wasn't going to work for me. If this problem surfaces on my phone again, I will no doubt be re-reading your post for an alternate solutuon.  

Again, I apologize for any misunderstanding caused by my previous reply.  ;-) Matt Watrous 9/12/13 7:05 AM
So what will stop this madness on my Samsung S4? I am getting more and more popups and redirects. I have posted on this forum, filed a report with google (above) and followed each new post to no avail. I do not have a network app running. Will the iphone solution just above work for android using kies? Delete all apps and reinstall? Teresa Gibson 9/12/13 7:18 AM seems that deleting the Network app has worked for many people. As this is a much simplier solution than deleting and reinstalling all your apps, in my opinion, I would try it first.  Repost if this works or not. Matt Watrous 9/12/13 7:37 AM
I do not have an app called network
Re: OriginalSpike 9/12/13 9:55 AM
In your previous post you mentioned you had no Network app running. I think I remember having to switch to the "All" view instead of "Running" when I got into the Apps section of Settings. If you don't find it in there, try one of the cleaning apps recommended earlier in the thread.

Good luck

Re: Cman Jones 9/12/13 4:21 PM
Re: Cman Jones 9/12/13 4:23 PM
Re: Cman Jones 9/12/13 4:24 PM
Re: Teresa Gibson 9/12/13 4:46 PM
That will work if u actually have an app called Network. I was getting the ads and Candy Crush redirect but I never had an app called Network.
Re: Matt Watrous 9/13/13 1:55 AM
I do not have the network app.
Re: Packet Storm 9/13/13 11:43 PM
This is adware or grayware on your  phone that affects the android and iPhone iOS platforms.  Download AVG Antivirus free and update it then scan your device.  

Mine was found in an app I downloaded from Google Play, called "Bloons TD Battle". Can also occur on rooted or jail broken phones.  AVG should remove this one or at least identify the app you may have opted into. Clint King 9/15/13 3:10 PM
Clearly Google doesn't care how we feel. is part of this.
Ios and Android are both subject.
It is exactly the same as someone walking into my house, picking up my remote, and changing the channel while I'm watching something.
Re: EMxxxxxx 9/17/13 10:29 AM
To delete this, I downloaded AVG virus app from playstore, installed, ran.

It found and app called "Network" which was then ID's as the culprit, and removed it.

I hope android doesn't descend into the nightmare that is my parent's PC: constantly needing a hose to get the endless malware/java scumware. I will switch phone my phone and it's OS in a heartbeat if the malware gets out of control!!!!!!

Re: Janice Foreman 9/19/13 9:05 PM
This happened to me too!!!!!!!!!  So very annoying.  So disappointing.  
Re: ipacrazy 9/21/13 7:58 AM
I'm using a Toshiba tablet running Android 4 and have had the candy crush/play store redirect while visiting OKcupid with the stock Toshiba browser. This has intermittently gone on for months.  I've never downloaded candy crush.  I factory reset once and reinstalled  very few apps after...bare min. Avast scan just detected "security.update.apk" as a I removed it.  We'll see if that does anything.

Given the widespread occurance of this issue over both platforms and multiple browsers it seems the issue is Web/java script related as previously mentioned here. Also,  I visit the same site on my HTC phone also running Android 4 and Chrome....never seen the redirect....ever.

Re: 4scottsforums 9/21/13 7:13 PM
Seems like the Candy Crush redirect is back. I don't use Chrome on my phone, but I found that Dolphin Browser has a setting under User Agent called desktop. That setting causes the browser to go to the full desktop site and NOT the mobile site. That has completely stopped the redirect. Don't know if the other browsers have a similar setting. The problem seems to be specific to the mobile formatted pages ( for example).
Re: David le Quesne 9/25/13 12:15 AM
This is also a problem in Safari on IOS 7, it redirects to the App store and tries to download this game and several others.
Re: josh.nichols978 9/25/13 4:54 AM
I have four pics 1 song, and it started happening after I installed it... its gotta be that
Re: Paula Miraldi 9/26/13 10:42 AM
same here
Re: Bram22 9/26/13 12:21 PM
Same for me, safari, iOS 7 on ipad. Certain sites the adtrack.king redirects from a forum thread to app store, extremely annoying and i hope a solutipn is found soon!!!
Re: Cameron Galbraith 9/29/13 4:33 PM
Having same problem on Samsung Galaxy Note 2.  I do not have a "Network" app.  I purchased AVG antivirus Pro for $15 and ran the scan, it found nothing.  Very disappointed.
(unknown) 10/2/13 10:58 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: PfredP 10/4/13 10:31 AM
Google has recently come up with a fix, regardless of which browser you are using.  Visit Here:
Re: OriginalSpike 10/4/13 6:46 PM
That is a cool thing Google did, but it's not the issue here. Completely unrelated. No one in here is having trouble with searches. Instead, pages are hijacked and people doing normal browsing (not searching) are redirected to a site the never intended to visit, namely a link to the App or Play Store. Thanks for sharing, but to anyone just getting here or recapping, the above suggestion will not fix the Candy Crush Saga redirect that this thread is about. 
Re: Catherine Saulter 10/6/13 2:21 PM
I had this show up when trying to download Adobe Flash 12 (android), and there were instructions on how to opt out but I can't seem to find that information again to get it to stop. And I didn't do it when I first saw the information & didn't know how difficult & annoying it would be!!
Re: Tatterdemalian 10/10/13 3:25 PM
Clearing tracking cookies doesn't affect this at all, and on Android smart phones, it seems to attach itself permanently to the system process and continue to try to forcibly redirect the browser to and open the Google Play store even when the phone is in airplane mode (tested by browsing a series of javascript-free and mostly content-free web pages made with a text editor and stored on the internal memory card until the redirect activates). Turning off Javascript completely in the browser does interfere with the redirect enough that it prevents it from redirecting, but apparently it detects this and instead locks up the phone and runs something that rapidly drains the battery and generates a lot of CPU heat (presumably this only affects AndroidOS). I've had to unplug the battery five times to successfully restart my phone, and was forced to replace a damaged battery that could no longer hold a charge once. Incidentally, my phone isn't rooted, and isn't even set to allow third-party programs that aren't downloaded through the Play store.

Someone has found a zero-day exploit for Google Chrome that can install and execute code in AndroidOS, released it into the wild, and it's now running rampant, and Google apparently can only provide PR spin and damage control.
Re: OriginalSpike 10/10/13 5:57 PM
Please read a page or two back and look for instructions on removing an app called "Network" from within your Settings app. If that doesn't work, there are other recommendations in this thread for a cleaner type app that will take care of this for you. Seems most people have been able to fix this on Android with one or the other of those options. Best of luck. 
Re: Cameron Galbraith 10/11/13 6:00 AM
OriginalSpike, if you read our earlier messages, you will note that many have reported that they do not have an app called "Network" and paying $15 for AVG virus protection/cleaner has not accomplished anything.  

Additionally, if you really have discovered a solution that works, it would be much more helpful to say what it is than to tell people to read 8 pages to hopefully discover what you are pointing to.

The only one who seems to be benefitting from this fiasco seem to be AVG!   Hmmmmm!

Re: OriginalSpike 10/11/13 11:22 AM
It doesn't need to be a paid security app. And I did see that some of you couldn't find the Network app. 

I certainly wasn't trying to be snide or even anything besides helpful. 

If the security app fixes it, that means it can be fixed without the security app. It's pretty much impossible to tell from here, but I suspect that if you don't see the Network app within the All section under Apps in Settings (open Settings, select Apps, switch to All view), it's probably using a different name. I would look through the list for any app with the green signal bars for an icon, like on the status bar of a phone, and try getting rid of it. It won't let you uninstall system applications. So, basically, if you can uninstall it, it's not absolutely essential. 

I noticed in some other forums that some users who have international phones, are using custom ROMs, or use a different language on their phones have found the same Network app under a different name. Unfortunately, I can't recall the name(s) they saw. 

Lookout Security & Antivirus is highly rated, free, and reported to be successful at leas once in this thread for this specific issue. 
Re: Tatterdemalian 10/11/13 12:27 PM
I installed AVG Mobile Antivirus and paid for a subscription two years ago when I first bought the Droid X. Whatever this adtrack.king malware is, it's managed to infect my phone straight through its protection, with no detections at all. And I also do not have an app called "Network."
Re: OriginalSpike 10/11/13 12:33 PM
To be clear, the app called Network would not be one you could choose and open like any game or other app. The only way to find it is in the list of All apps in Settings. 
Re: Dylan Clear 10/11/13 1:57 PM
I originally did have the Network app but removed it and briefly it seemed to be solved. But it  came back, and there is no Network app any longer. Clearing browser cache from within settings seems to calm it down but only for the short term. The antivirus software was good for detecting games that were greyware and removing them but never permanently solved the issue.

I've installed no games on my own Android and haven't had the problem but it's this is my son's phone - he's a sixth grader, and I think he installed a game that was malicious. Pure speculation but it started after he'd installed some games.

The only workaround I've been able to come up with is a parental control app that blocks the redirects from loading.

Google appears to fine with giving user data and perhaps backdoors to the NSA. I guess it's not too surprising they are silent on this? Hello? Google? What happened to not being evil...

Re: OriginalSpike 10/11/13 2:22 PM
There seem to be a few players in this. Turning off JavaScript will make it stop, but will impede your browsing. It seems to be a combination of malicious ads on certain websites along with malicious apps from the Play/App store. Stopping any one of the points seems to fix the issue, at least temporarily. People report this is happening on brand new iOS devices. In that case, I suspect the victim has used a backup from a previous iOS device, carrying over whatever malicious tracking/redirecting offender was causing the problem. In any case, there is definitely something causing it, and if we find it, we can make it stop. 

Dylan Clear, can you post the name of the parental control app you had success with?

I have not had this issue on my own Android devices (several of them) for months. For me, chances are nearly 100% it came when I installed some free app, trying to save 99¢. Keep in mind that if the app is free, YOU are the product. They are free so they can show you ads and make money from that instead of directly from you. Paying for things is a good way to help ensure quality. However, having a price tag is not a surefire sign that the app is NOT malicious. Pay attention to the publisher. If you're unsure, Google the name of the publisher and see what you find. 
Re: Catherine Saulter 10/12/13 4:57 AM
After reading many posts about this problem, which I was also experiencing, I downloaded the AVG FREE Antivirus app (there is also an upgraded version you can pay for). Once downloaded, I ran the scan & it found the Network app that I had never seen anywhere in my phone. I let the Antivirus uninstall that app and so far I haven't had any problems. HTC EVO 4G LTE. This is not about ads associated with free apps, but the redirecting to another webpage and then sending to Google Playstore to install Candy Crush or some game etc... 
Re: OriginalSpike 10/12/13 9:50 AM
That's fantastic! Glad AVG found the app. I highly advise anyone who can't find the Network app to follow that advice. Download AVG free and let it do it's thing. Also, be sure you're looking in the right place for.the Network app. It will not show up in the list of apps you downloaded and can run daily. You must open Settings, go to Apps, and choose the All view.

Thanks.for posting your success! Good luck all.

Re: Storm Saylor 10/20/13 1:18 AM
AVG didn't help me at all. I am having the adtrack.king issue again only this time it is redirecting to the puppy play saga game instead of candy crush. Advanced Mobile care seems to have taken care of the issue for now.. it only started up again since I have run mobile care in a while.
Re: Storm Saylor 10/20/13 1:23 AM
Also is it normal to have three apps dedicated to wifi?

I have Wifi Direct, Wifi Direct Share, and Wi-Fi Now..

Re: OriginalSpike 10/20/13 10:16 AM
Storm, that's awesome that Advanced Mobile Care fixed it for you, and thanks for posting.

Kinda off topic, but I might have something to offer for your question. Wi-Fi Direct is an advertised feature many Android phones, and Wi-Fi Direct Share would presumably be how it transfers from one phone to another. Wi-Fi Now looks like it was put there by U.S. Cellular. 
Re: Tony Gemoll 10/29/13 4:09 AM
I have a similar issue on my nexus 7. Except it happens while playing a game with ads in it.

There is an ad that says "you are today's lucky visitor, chance to get a free game!" right after this ad is shown, google play opens to candy crush.

Happens a lot while playing Bubble shooter:

I have no app called "network". I will keep looking and if I find anything I will post back. Thank you for any help.

Re: Timothy Catlett 11/25/13 2:26 AM
I've read the whole forum and have tried I believe all of the ideas/suggestions at one time or another. Long story short I believe I may have realized a possible culprit hiding in plain site. I'm going to try it out and update the community on it. - Keep ur fingers crossed.
Re: Tatterdemalian 11/25/13 6:53 AM
I've had AVG Pro installed since I first activated my phone. No detections, no cleanups, and now I'm getting redirected to some donate-to-support-legal-marijuana app. Phone is still not rooted and no non-Store apps are installed. Will try the solution posted above, and see if that works.
Re: OriginalSpike 11/25/13 10:08 AM
Plenty of apps in the Play Store are less then legit. Watch out for free versions of apps. If it's a popular app, it should show lots of downloads and reviews. An app in the store with FREE in all caps in the title worries me more than one I downloaded from a forum for hacking and modifying the phone. The only malicious thing I ever installed was an app from the Play Store that was a fake Flash installer shortly after Adobe no longer supported it. 
Re: Steve Calamia 12/17/13 10:39 AM
I am a web developer that was testing a site on my development server when I clicked the home button on the site I was developing and I was redirected to Candy Crush Saga in the iPhone App Store.

There is no code on my site that would allow this.

I am just trying to figure out how a tracking cookie can redirect an otherwise innocent request. Ryan Rester 12/20/13 5:29 PM
Log into your internet gateway/router and (if you have the option) restrict access to Boom...done!
Re: dunfordorama 12/30/13 1:42 PM
I am also getting adtracker.king when I open Gmail Calendar app on Kindle Fire HD.  I had downloaded Candy Crush about a week ago.  
Re: Steve Yovish 12/30/13 11:57 PM
I found the only way to not be redirected is to keep your device on safe mode. Will be a pain, but I haven't had the problem since I switched. I was told a factory reset might help. But,  if you install free apps you will get into the same mess. Hope this helps.
Re: Mikearv69 12/31/13 11:13 PM
Re: JordanJay 1/1/14 11:37 AM
I have this happening to me as well on iphone 5, iOS 7. Incredibly annoying
Re: Tim Gurske 1/3/14 6:27 PM
I have fixed this issue on my iPhone.

I changed the DNS settings on my wireless connection to use DNS servers that block the offending servers. I end up with ad blocking and no more app store opening bs.

To do it, use this article to change your DNS:

and enter these DNS addresses:

as found on this website:

This should help android users:

I do not think it'll work on 3G or LTE on iPhones because you cannot set the DNS for those networks. But it works for wireless.

If you ever want to switch back to how it was, just delete the addresses that you entered and your device will use the network defaults as they originally did.

Please test and let me know if it works for you too. Tony Lester 1/4/14 6:32 PM
Have this on my HTC one using the stock browser...   All tips on this page didn't help :-(
Re: J. Blake Harris 1/7/14 8:31 PM
I am seeing this issue on iOS, and it doesn't matter if you are in a browser or a web view within another app. Some ad networks have cleverly started activating the link within banner ads with a simple javascript hidden in the banners. No amount of cache and cookie cleaning will prevent a script from loading when you visit a site. Turning javascript off will work, but it is not a practical solution for most.

I don't know where to put the blame exactly, but someone has crossed a line. Remember how bad pop-ups were before browsers added 'block pop-up' functionality? That's basically where we are. Someone figured out a javascript trick and I would imagine browsers will be updated to prevent it if it gets bad enough.

In the meantime, if you notice this on sites you visit regularly, contact the site editor (if it is a news site) or anyone else you can contact and complain loudly. This obviously isn't in the best interest of the people running the sites - if you can't view their content without being redirected, you aren't going to bother visiting their site anymore.

A lot of sites where this is happening aren't even aware this is going on - slots for banners are created, and their ad networks determine which ads to display. So a complaint might actually help (I complained to the editor of The Daily Beast, Newsweek's web site, and the problem seems to have vanished).

Best of luck.

Re: Klaus1 1/30/14 3:15 AM
There is a related thread on ""¹. Personally I didn't know the page before searching for information about redirects, but the discussion gives some good insights into just how much of a headache these ads are for website owners.

It seems to be very hard for site owners to do anything about these malignant ads. "Mark" who seems to be an aministrator of the site posted¹ about the issues in tracking down the culprit.

1. He can't just temporarily disable all ads (financial and breach-of-contract reasons).

2. Tracking down the source of ads proved difficult if possible at all.

I can only reaffirm someones previous statement, that page-redirects are becoming what popups were 10 years ago. Malignant ad networks won't go away except temporarily, so I assume that only blocking of redirects to third-party sites will help in the long run.

Re: Mark Alker 2/7/14 2:46 AM
Well what do you know.. I go googling to try and find more suspect ad domains to add to our block lists to try and fight this issue and I stumble across references to our own site and my own quotes :-)

I'd be flattered if it's not actually worrying that I find our site to be a source of information on the problem.
We use several ad network providers.. Google Adsense, OpenX, Criteo, Aol, Microsoft to fill our remnant ad inventory. I'm adding suspect domains on a daily basis to the block lists of each of them. The problem is we are chasing a moving target as the ads responsible are hopping domains as fast as we can add them. This is an Ad industry issue and it needs to be solved by them. It's publishers like us who will suffer first as we start to reduce the ads we serve and lose the revenue. That will in turn hit the ad networks and should force them into doing something permanently to fix this issue. At the moment I'm getting 'blank looks' and 'It's not us mate..' type responses from everyone in the Ad delivery industry. In short the ad delivery industry is not yet taking responsibility for this as they are currently happy to leave the chasing around to us publishers. 
Google should be massively punishing the companies at the end of the chain - Candy Crush et al by knocking the crap out of their Google search rankings - what they are doing is essentially equivalent to SEO crimes.
They should also knock the apps out of the Play store as Apple should to apps in the App store that are at the receiving end of this crap. Currently no one is, visibly at least, doing anything about this at all.

It's time for the bigger players than us publishers to step up and take some responsibility here before some of us go out of business.
Re: عمرو محمد 2/7/14 12:11 PM
انتي فيرس للتحميل
Re: AaronX 2/9/14 8:26 PM
I made a video of it happening in Chrome, iOS (iOS 7, iPhone 5) in case people don't understand what's happening:
Re: Shari Conrad 2/11/14 4:40 PM

You are the first person to seem to understand the application that has taken over my phone.  I figured out how to clear the cache.   Do you know how to clear cookies on an Android O.S.?
Re: Kristy Joy Menzies 2/11/14 9:02 PM Karl Rosenqvist 2/16/14 5:48 PM
Yeah, I've had about enough of this. Installing AdBlockerPlus which Google incidentally banned from Play years ago.
If the ad-companies want us they have to become selfregulating and keep crap like this away.
Re: Klaus1 2/17/14 1:42 AM
Maybe related: On some of the pages I see the redirecting behaviour on I am also getting popups on the iPad in Chrome. 

The ad is for the same app I'm being redirected to and the popup claims to be from; I cannot tell though if the URL line is a legitimate content of all popups or fake. On infested pages the popup comes up right after loading the page.

Incidentially, are also the main source of spam I'm receiving and the sole source of account fishing I'm receiving. 

(unknown) 2/17/14 1:45 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Problems 3/19/14 4:59 AM
Hi all, I have a new iPhone 5s, only had it a couple of weeks and noticed this redirection problem almost immediately. I have deleted all downloaded apps, changed settings for ad tracking, pop ups etc to no avail. I am only getting the issue when viewing websites through Facebook which have banner ads and have noticed I am redirected I am redirected to the App Store for whatever the banner is advertising (predominantly a war game but there have been others). I have notified the website providers it may be malicious cookie tracking or whatever and I am awaiting a response. As for JavaScript I can't seem to find anything to do with it on my iPhone! Any further solutions would be much appreciated. Thank you
Re: Negeen E. 9/3/15 10:33 AM
Hey Internet People!

So your browsing Chrome and you get redirected a bunch, what gives?

This isn't really anything that a browser can stop. As many users on this thread are reporting, this doesn't just happen in Chrome, it also occurs in Firefox and IE.

*Mobile Devices*

Currently extensions don't work on the mobile version of Chrome so these fixes won't work for those redirect scripts. For an explanation of why, checkout this article.

If you're here because of redirects on your PC or Mac, we have some extensions that can be a big help with this (PC/Macs only, this won't work for mobile devices).

There are two extensions you can add on to your Chrome browser that with at least weed out most, if not all, of these redirects and adds.

Adblock stops pop-up adds from showing up on your computer.

1. Go to the Chrome web store (type in Chrome web store in your omnibox/address bar).
2. In the search box in the top left type in Adblock
3. Click Add to Chrome

ScriptSafe will allow you to choose which scripts you want to trust and which you don't. This will ensure only the script of the site you're looking at will run.

1. Go to the Chrome web store (type in Chrome web store in your omnibox/address bar).
2. In the search box in the top left of the Chrome web store type in ScriptSafe.
3. Click Add to Chrome

Happy interneting :)
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