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White Exclamation Mark on Videos

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White Exclamation Mark on Videos sethmorganromero 5/31/12 12:52 PM
Every time I'm on either YouTube or Hulu Plus, my videos stop and all I see is a white exclamation mark. Anybody else have this issue? I'm running Chrome on Vista.
Re: White Exclamation Mark on Videos Craig Long 5/31/12 5:10 PM
If it works for a while then perhaps the player has crashed.
Re: White Exclamation Mark on Videos rma1971 5/31/12 5:44 PM
i had the same problem a number of weeks ago,took it to a shop,they showed me how to get rid of it,its a conflict,you must have downloaded a player or programme that is in conflict with your video player and the player that google chrome uses,conflict of programme versions,what you need to do is uninstall google chrome,so then you will be using internet explorer,then you reinstall google chrome again and it should work,transfer your bookmarks across once you have reinstalled chrome,best of luck,hope this helped you.