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Why isn't google chrome working?

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Why isn't google chrome working? maryoomax3 11/18/11 8:12 AM
"This webpage is not available
Google Chrome's connection attempt to was rejected. The website may be down, or your network may not be properly configured.
Here are some suggestions:
Reload this webpage later.
Check your Internet connection. Restart any router, modem, or other network devices you may be using.
Add Google Chrome as a permitted program in your firewall's or antivirus software's settings. If it is already a permitted program, try deleting it from the list of permitted programs and adding it again.
If you use a proxy server, check your proxy settings or contact your network administrator to make sure the proxy server is working. If you don't believe you should be using a proxy server, adjust your proxy settings: Go to the wrench menu > Options > Under the Hood > Change proxy settings... > LAN Settings and deselect the "Use a proxy server for your LAN" checkbox.
Error 102 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED): The server refused the connection."

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. It's not blocked by my firewall or anything, and my internet is working perfectly! Why else would it not be working?? I really don't want to use enternet explorer :/ Helppp pleasee!
Re: Why isn't google chrome working? rwilliams1406 11/27/11 4:24 AM
Mine is doing the same thing...  have had to switch to safari, but i really prefer google chrome...  can't seem to find any answers...
Re: Why isn't google chrome working? akconstant 11/27/11 8:04 AM
I am having the same problem.  Chrome will work for perhaps 3 minutes and then it will quit and I just get "loading" and in the end and unresolved connection.  I can't use Chrome right now.
Re: Why isn't google chrome working? integratedrisk 11/27/11 1:22 PM
I also am having the same problem.  When I boot up the PC, Chrome works fine the first time I use it to access my Time Warner account.  After that, I get a "Web Page Unavailable" message (Error code 118).  Until this morning, I could get Chrome to work if I uninstalled/reinstalled it.  Now eveb that doesn't fix the problem.  My IE works fine.  I've had Chrome for years, and this problem just started occurring in the past week.
Re: Why isn't google chrome working? integratedrisk 11/27/11 1:41 PM
Found an answer (at least for me).  I have McAfee Security Center protection.  When I opened it and looked at the firewall settings for my various internet programs, it showed "outgoing" instead of "full" as the level of protection.  I changed the setting to "full", and now Chrome is working properly..
Re: Why isn't google chrome working? Senior Lady User 11/28/11 11:29 AM
I changed my McAfee Security Center firewall setting as you suggested.  It made no difference.  I still can't use Chrome, but thanks for the suggestion. Guess I'll have to go back to Firefox.
Re: Why isn't google chrome working? ebill321 11/29/11 7:25 AM
same problem here, I'm gettin so frustrated at google chrome, really enjoyed it now it won't load anything
Re: Why isn't google chrome working? sweetie_candykim 5/30/12 9:44 AM
mine just stopped working too in the middle of browsing with several tabs open.  I don't know how to fix it.  Back on internet explorer.
Re: Why isn't google chrome working? Oscar Mahecha 11/11/12 6:29 PM
So is is acting up and wont let me go to any website :c

I tried...

- restarting the computer
- making sure I have internet connection
- deleting chrome and re-downloading

im no computer geek so I wouldnt know what else to do


Re: Why isn't google chrome working? madavidnhsau57 2/7/13 12:24 PM
google chrome is sort of working but when i open it up it doesnt show the apps that had been shown the previous time i used google chrome