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Bookmark Icons (Chrome for Android)

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Bookmark Icons (Chrome for Android) grovem 5/7/12 5:05 PM
Is there a way to display the bookmark icons from the desktop version on my Galaxy Nexus?  Only 4 of the bookmark icons on my phone are the same as the desktop version.  The rest just look like a piece of paper with a small icon at the top left hand corner.  
Re: Bookmark Icons (Chrome for Android) Papa Bear 7/10/12 11:00 AM
Get the Chrome to Mobile Extension for your computer, Android and IOS

Here's how to add a website URL to your Chrome bookmark folders from an Android device.

Open a URL in your phone > tap Menu > tap the outlined Star icon > change the file name if desired > tap the IN field with the down right diagonal arrow to the right > select a desired Bookmark Folder > OK > SAVE