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Pin Tab Links should open new window

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Pin Tab Links should open new window Tismark 9/9/10 12:54 PM
Google Chrome version 6.0.472.55 (Official Build 58392)
Operating System:Mac OSX - Snow Leopard
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There's been some change in the pinned tabs in Chrome that is annoying.  If I click a link on my bookmark bar and I was on a pinned tab, it used to open in that window.  Now it forces a new window to open.  I could almost live with that except it's not entirely consistent.  

For instance, if I'm on Facebook (one of my pinned tabs) and click a link on the page, it may open in the same tab.  To get back to Facebook, I have to navigate back with the back button because I cannot just click on the link in my bookmark bar because it will open a new window instead.  

Either Chrome needs to allow us to open a new page in the pinned tab or it needs to force offsite links to open a new tab.
Re: Pin Tab Links should open new window Suggestion2010 9/9/10 6:19 PM
I've noticed this too and I also find it undesirable.  Until you get a real answer, my workaround has been to drag and drop the bookmark icon onto the pinned tab where you want the item to display.
Re: Pin Tab Links should open new window †Tommy G.† 9/9/10 6:52 PM
I use the below extension, and have been for months.  Opens 99% of links in new tab when clicked.  Works from pinned tabs too....
Re: Pin Tab Links should open new window _Colin 9/13/10 4:51 AM
I think it is a good feature it allows a pinned new tab page to replace a bookmarks menu as seen on other browsers - and it is much better than a bookmarks menu. It does have one inconsistency though, entering text in the address bar should also open the result in a new tab so that the pinned tab page isn't changed
Re: Pin Tab Links should open new window Tismark 9/13/10 9:56 AM
If I'm reading the info. about the tab link deal correctly, it opens all links in new tabs, that sounds like another annoyance to me..

I'd really just rather that pinned tabs go back to being able to to have links opened in them, because I can (and have) navigated off the site I originally tabbed multiple times.  The only way back is clicking back however many times it takes or unpinning the tab, clicking on a link on my bookmark bar, and then re-pinning the tab.  Neither is ideal...  

If I drag a bookmark onto my pinned tab, it stil opens a new tab, every time.  And in answer to the last comment, if I type text in the address bar and click enter, it does in fact open a new tab.  I find it equally annoying.  I may just have to sacrifice pinning some tabs.  Gmail is the only one that works for me now as it consistently opens external links as a new tab.
Re: Pin Tab Links should open new window _Colin 9/13/10 10:36 AM
I find that if I type an address in the address bar then I get the page in a new tab, as you found, but if I type something like the word test which does a google search when pressing return then the search page appears in the same tab - which I think is inconsistent with how the pinned tab page seems to be designed ie you shouldn't be able to alter a pinned tab page.
Re: Pin Tab Links should open new window Tismark 9/13/10 10:44 AM
I hadn't tried a search - yes, you're right it's inconsistent.  

It's also inconsistent that I can leave the page I pinned just by following links on the page that are external to the page I originally tabbed.  I'd either like to go back to being able to open new pages in the pinned tab or for the pinned tab to be able to tell when a link is external to the site and force a new tab.  As i said, gmail consistently (by its own design) forces all external links to be new tabs.  Unfortunately all sites aren't built that way and with the new design makes pinning them not worth it to me.

I don't really care which route they go as the only reason I pin tabs is so that the few pages I tend to keep open don't take up half the real estate on my tab bar.
Re: Pin Tab Links should open new window JstnRyan 9/23/10 12:54 AM
I believe I have just discovered this behavior myself, and I disagree that links or bookmarks should be treated any differently than a normal tab.

One extremely frustrating example is JavaScript bookmarks (960 Gridder, for example - JavaScript bookmarks usually append the HTML document with additional elements and/or script tags to modify the behavior or appearance of the page currently being viewed. If these bookmarks open in a new window, the functionality of the bookmark is defeated.
Re: Pin Tab Links should open new window Techguy9 10/5/10 8:19 PM
6.0.472.63  Win7

When I perform a search in the addressbar while in a pinned tab, my search takes place within that tab instead of opening a new tab. In my opinion, this goes against the whole point of pinned tabs.
Re: Pin Tab Links should open new window Tismark 10/5/10 8:27 PM
I may well be the exception, but the only reason I pinned tabs was that there were a handful of sites I keep open and pinning them meant more room on my bar.  Ultimately, the change has now meant the only tab I pin is gmail.  The rest are too inconsistent in how they treat external links.  I follow a link that doesn't force a new tab to open and I have to click back x number of times to get the tab back to what I pinned in the first place.  Or unpin the tab, click my bookmark and re-pin.  Waste of time, so instead a barely useful feature for me now.  I wouldn't notice if it were removed altogether tomorrow.
Re: Pin Tab Links should open new window Jeff May 5/19/11 1:56 PM
I also agree that pinned tabs should open any links to a different page in a new window. Otherwise, what's the point of pinning it?
I often forget what tab I am in and will click on a link and then realize I screwed up my pinned tab, which then I have to click back a bunch of times or unpin it.
Re: Pin Tab Links should open new window TheSqueegee 8/8/11 1:26 PM
Agree. Please fix, Google!