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chrome crash

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chrome crash Trader55 7/17/12 7:13 AM
I am getting a lot of shut downs lately. According to the wrench, I am up to date.  Was there an update recently that has a bug?
Re: chrome crash Trader55 7/17/12 7:57 PM
Looks like it's back to Firefox.  crashing every 10 minutes just doesn't work for me.
Re: chrome crash Gouty - Top Contributor (Gmail & Chrome) 7/17/12 8:23 PM
Do you have the latest one? Check your version by clicking on the wrench icon and then About Chrome and see if there is an update available.
Re: chrome crash Trader55 7/17/12 9:27 PM
checked earlier, says i am up to date.  I haven't changed anything, chrome just started doing this on it's own.
Re: chrome crash Shahed Faisal 7/17/12 9:51 PM
Hi Trader55,

Could you please check if any extension or third party plugin causing the problem? If you have extensions installed go to Wrench menu > Tools > Extensions and disable them all. Then enable one by one and keep monitoring if any one of them is responsible for the crashes. Also type chrome://plugins in the address bar and look for any third party plugin that you have installed recently. Try disabling that and check back.
Re: chrome crash Trader55 7/18/12 6:37 AM
Disabled all extensions, haven't added any lately, and still crashes after about 5 min.  Disabled plugins, now nothing will load.
Re: chrome crash Shahed Faisal 7/18/12 6:49 AM

Have you tried a fresh install of Chrome? If you haven't, uninstall Chrome completely (including profile data and settings). After that run CCleaner and clean out the garbage on your PC. Then restart and install Chrome again.
Re: chrome crash Trader55 7/18/12 8:27 AM
done all that - still crashes after about 2 min open.  too much hassle.  I like the program, but lately it has bee slow to load and is too unstable.  I am going back to firefox.  epic fail on the part of google.
Re: chrome crash Shahed Faisal 7/18/12 8:16 PM
Well, that seems to be the only option right now - using another browser. I hope a Googler looks into this issue to help you out more.