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Re: Reilly Bodycomb 2/3/13 8:39 PM
im getting this too!
Re: Charlie Pham 2/3/13 8:39 PM
I'm getting this too, just started a few minutes ago and got it twice.
Re: Sawyer Kalmbach 2/3/13 8:40 PM
I as well. It is strange, I will be able to go to some pages, but I try to progress in a website, and I will get this warning, then I will go back to a page I just visited, and get another warning.
Re: meldroc 2/3/13 8:40 PM
Me too - I think we're getting false alarms - it's throwing malware warnings on lots of mainstream sites.
Re: Annah Kim 2/3/13 8:41 PM
Same here.  Chrome on a MacBook.
Re: Khamal Iwuanyanwu 2/3/13 8:41 PM
Im getting the same thing
Re: Khamal Iwuanyanwu 2/3/13 8:41 PM
Maybe its just chrome.
Re: Jose Velasquez 2/3/13 8:42 PM
Same here, wtf
Re: Eric Mallon 2/3/13 8:43 PM
Likewise, just started getting hit by this. Malwarebytes found one object and deleted it, but didn't fix anything. I'm running spybot/MSE and a few more in sequence now.

Given that multiple people started getting this at the same time, and there doesn't seem to be much on the web about it, I'm guessing something happened to chrome, possibly flagging an ad provider as malware?

Re: edwardjiang7 2/3/13 8:46 PM
Yeah i'm getting this too, i just started getting it
Re: Eric Schultz 2/3/13 8:46 PM
Me too,, never happend before
Re: Peta Flux 2/3/13 8:51 PM
Någon som vet vad det är för fel?
Re: bibliophage 2/3/13 8:53 PM
I'm getting this as well. Just started a few minutes ago.

Chromium: 23.0.1271.97 (Developer Build 23.0.1271.97-0ubuntu0.12.04.1) Ubuntu 12.04
OS: Linux

Re: Peta Flux 2/3/13 8:53 PM
I am getting this to, only on chrome.

Guess I will have to stop using chrome and go back to IE :(

Re: Tom Watts 2/3/13 8:54 PM
Chrome on macbook also, lots of mainstream sites,
Re: Ryan Erwin 2/3/13 8:56 PM
MacBook pro here and have been getting it for the last couple hours.  Scanned for malware and eventually uninstalled Chrome, just to be safe.  
Re: bibliophage 2/3/13 8:56 PM
Oddly enough it doesn't seem to be happening on Chrome, though.
Re: Koston Morin 2/3/13 9:00 PM
OMG this is FUCKING rediculus! I cant even go on Tumblr or DeviantART!
Re: Carmen Cano 2/3/13 9:02 PM
Im getting this too. On io9, kotaku, neopets (of all places..), and kickstarter. Refreshing reloads the page and then its fine..otherwise, this is getting annoying!
Re: Gary Gygax 2/3/13 9:08 PM
"This site is not currently listed as suspicious."


Re: Yonggang Luo 2/3/13 9:10 PM
So is me, a lot boring...
Re: Jon Jaramillo 2/3/13 9:11 PM
I am also getting it.  Latest Chrome, Windows 7 x64.  Seems to be Chrome.  Ran MWB and SB, nothing found.
Re: Pam Harris 2/3/13 9:12 PM
(unknown) 2/3/13 9:12 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: informalnarwhals 2/3/13 9:14 PM
Im getting this on several pages too. Temporary fix; I blocked the domain on adblock in Options>Customize. Hope someone can fix this soon.
Re: Orlacc 2/3/13 9:14 PM
I too am getting the warning. Seems to be a false positive.
Re: Gonzalo Pérez 2/3/13 9:18 PM
Me too with pinterest :(
Re: JonnyD88 2/3/13 9:20 PM
I'm thinking it's an advertising service that's used on all these sites and it may be linked to questionable activity. /Might be best to just keep using Chrome until that issue is resolved, unless it's proven to be a false positive.
Re: Difan Zhang 2/3/13 9:23 PM
I'm a Googler. I've ping'ed one of my colleagues in Chrome team.
Re: SANDIP SANGANI 2/3/13 9:23 PM
now its just showing on almost every pages like every website.
Re: silvermoonstar3 2/3/13 9:23 PM
That seems to be the issue.  The question is whether it's real (malware in some ads they are running) or a mistake.  I'm not sure I want to risk that while buying things online :/
Re: S34N 2/3/13 9:25 PM
i am also getting this problem..
anyfix for it..?
appears "the textbox(searchbox) for some secounds... then auto disappear.."
i just want to know somethin..
cuz my mouse moves sometimes alone ..
altho.. it is not a mouse problem and..
i have scanned my pc with almost all the popular AV's..
P.S: this is the 16TH MOUSE! XD
i wont buy anew one.
Re: silvermoonstar3 2/3/13 9:28 PM
that didn't work for me :(
Re: Jamie Dugan 2/3/13 9:33 PM
i switched to firefox and it no longer happens
Re: Andrei12 2/3/13 9:35 PM
Looks like someone probably reported a common ad service that is on many websites as having malware. I remember this happened before and its usually fixed in a day or so.
(unknown) 2/3/13 9:35 PM <This message has been deleted.>
(unknown) 2/3/13 9:36 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: John Thantranon 2/3/13 9:38 PM
did anyone just update java?
Re: L Ray 2/3/13 9:39 PM
is it a vrius?
Re: Argel Cruz 2/3/13 9:40 PM
I did update
Re: MrsAngelD 2/3/13 9:41 PM
I undated Java, and it was after that, when this began for me.
Re: Hemant121 2/3/13 9:41 PM
same with me.. n guyz you wil find that this problem is only with chrome itself. if you try the same page in other browser you are not going to see that warning. .. someone help me
Re: Julian Otero 2/3/13 9:42 PM
started happening about 10 minutes ago here in Mexico in trusted sites....
Re: Michael Junker 2/3/13 9:43 PM
I suspect it's an extension we have in common. Right now I've got AdBlock, One-Click Extensions Manager, Checker Plus for Gmail, Clock, Ponify, PriceBlink, Google Ponies, and Boomerang running.

If you have any of these in common, post which ones. I bet we'll quickly figure it out if this is the case.

Re: Emmaline Westlund 2/3/13 9:44 PM
It's been happening to me for about an hour and a half.
I too have adblock running, but that's the only common extension we share...
Re: Gonzalo Pérez 2/3/13 9:45 PM
No Michael, it,s not the problem i don,t have any extensions of your list and have the same warning
Re: Pam Harris 2/3/13 9:47 PM
Well, I can tell you that I run Do Not Track Me, AdBlock Plus, and AVG's Do Not Track and that is it. I'm getting the malware warning still
Re: S34N 2/3/13 9:49 PM
i have adblock and clock..
but i dont think that the problem is with them.. :/
Re: Michael Junker 2/3/13 9:49 PM
There goes my idea.

At least I know it's not one of the extensions I'm running.

Re: Michael Pomputius 2/3/13 9:51 PM
I am getting the same thing too for certain sites, going to for example
I am glad it's not just me.
Fortunately I have IE tab add on added, so for now I can just click on the icon and it renders it in IE
Re: Argel Cruz 2/3/13 9:51 PM
I have updated Java and I have Adblock too.
Re: Uttachai N. 2/3/13 9:54 PM
I got this in
Hope this issue can be fixed soon
Re: Michael Junker 2/3/13 9:58 PM
I suspect it's just a fluke. I was able to get to my website, take a look to see if I had added something in there (like a Facebook button) that would have an element from this site. Nothing did.
Re: mikyfromlol 2/3/13 10:00 PM
i got it in thinkgeek and amazon

Version 24.0.1312.57 m

Re: Павел Рыскаленко 2/3/13 10:02 PM
I disabled AdBlock and all at once earned. sort of ...
Re: CaPtaiN eYeSaNo 2/3/13 10:02 PM
been wrecking my brain wondering what virus my computer got. glad to see that it is probably not on my end.
Re: informalnarwhals 2/3/13 10:07 PM
I really think the problem is on

I have occasional ads for supporting one of my extensions, while I also have Adblock and Ghostery. I only get the warning when the ads try to appear on a page and Ghostery lists qcksrv as an ad source.

Re: goodseller 2/3/13 10:08 PM
Me 2, I got the same problem since today.
Re: goodseller 2/3/13 10:09 PM
This is really suspicious -.-...
Re: cypherone 2/3/13 10:10 PM
I and my friend both updated Java and got the same problem.
Re: goodseller 2/3/13 10:10 PM
I scanned my computer with MS Safety Scanner and found no problems.
Re: Ortega1364 2/3/13 10:12 PM
Glad I'm not the only one getting this error I thought my computer was infected for a second but nothing showed up and I scanned the entire machine. Something is going on with Chrome and I think it may have been breached.

I don't know about the rest of you but I suggest you stop using Chrome until we get an official response from Google.

Re: goodseller 2/3/13 10:13 PM
Is it the problem from java ...
Re: MrsAngelD 2/3/13 10:15 PM
I don't think that's it, as I was getting the same warning on firefox, which obviously doesn't use that extension.
Re: Near chan 2/3/13 10:17 PM
I have AdBlock too.
Re: Ada Lajara 2/3/13 10:21 PM
I dont have adblock or anything but I am receiving this MALWARE Issues too.
Re: Andrew Schaeffer 2/3/13 10:22 PM
Just started 15 minutes ago for me. Currently only the messages page of DeviantArt and my college's site for course materials, but I wouldn't be surprised if it spread further. I'm guessing it's sorta the same thing that happened/is happening with GirlsWithSlingshots; it got flagged, and now it's been blacklisted.
Re: informalnarwhals 2/3/13 10:22 PM
I beg to differ. If you're using a program *blocking* an infection, you should continue to use it, right? As opposed to using one that might not block it.
Re: MrsAngelD 2/3/13 10:22 PM
I wouldn't advise this,as you could get hit with actual phishing or malware attacks
Re: Arianna Chiriff 2/3/13 10:23 PM
Same here! I use deviantart and I click proceed at my own risk, I'm ignoring it, I really hope this just is a momentary thing.... btw add me "RAMENmanga-ka" on dA!
Re: Павел Рыскаленко 2/3/13 10:25 PM
"I turned off AdBlock and all at once earned. kind of like ..." Oh, no! still gives a warning about the dangers% (perhaps Google mistakenly added to the exceptions. need time, that fix it.
Re: Ben S_ 2/3/13 10:38 PM
Same here on sports sites.
(unknown) 2/3/13 10:39 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: SimplyZippyBling 2/3/13 10:43 PM
Just Happened To Me. I Guess I Will Switch To Firefox For Now
Re: Jesse Aranda 2/3/13 10:44 PM
So glad I'm not the only one. I just reformatted my laptop last night. Didn't want to have to do the same thing all over again because I might have gotten infected.
Re: AidenH 2/3/13 10:46 PM
Yep, happening to me too...
Re: oneofmetwo 2/3/13 10:50 PM
Same problem, I'm on Mac OSX Snow Leopard Chrome Version 25.0.1364.58 beta
Re: User Guest 2/3/13 10:50 PM
happening in Iron too
Re: Steinar Vasshus 2/3/13 10:50 PM
Check if your Chrome is updated to Version 24.0.1312.57 m
The update fixed it for me :)
Re: gau1017 2/3/13 10:54 PM
Same here, chrome on Windows 7. Happen randomly, some pages on some sites, not neccessary all site.
Re: FrozenSlurpee 2/3/13 10:57 PM
Same here, Chrome on a Mac.
Re: FrozenSlurpee 2/3/13 10:58 PM
Perhaps Look of Disapproval. It's "ad-supported". Maybe you can opt-out?
Re: pbradek 2/3/13 11:02 PM
I traced mine to the "ruul. Screen ruler" extension I had loaded in to chrome.
Re: ni0101 nieo 2/3/13 11:03 PM
yes, I have the same problem.
Re: giantslor 2/3/13 11:04 PM
I disabled that along with "Send using Gmail™ (no button)", by the same author. Problem solved.
Re: timmmy_42 2/3/13 11:17 PM
Hi everyone, it appears as though an extension or multiple extensions are causing this issue, so can you please list your installed extensions and whether or not disabling them stops the malware warning appearing. This will help us narrow down to which extensions are causing this or whether its another issue.

Re: Paál Gyula 2/3/13 11:10 PM
It's an addon. I have disabled some: AutoRefresh, and one Json Ajax Request builder, and this message disappeared. Check out our addon's!
Re: Nathan Tenney 2/3/13 11:11 PM
I have an extension installed called Auto-Reload that is ad supported.  They have an option to turn off ads, and when I do the problem appears to go away.
Re: AidenH 2/3/13 11:13 PM
I just tried disabling 'ruul' and it fixed the problem.
(unknown) 2/3/13 11:16 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Benjamin Shapiro 2/3/13 11:21 PM
Re: kayzon 2/3/13 11:22 PM
I disabled "bookmark sentry" and am now able to access the sites I could not. Although this could just be coincidence and it's now fixed.
Re: Nora Watts 2/3/13 11:22 PM
That is World of Warcraft related? That is not on my computer so that is not what is causing it here.
Re: Stefan Neuweger 2/3/13 11:25 PM
for me it seems deactivation the extension "Send using Gmail" is helping.
Re: Brian Long 2/3/13 11:26 PM
I disabled "send using Gmail (no button)" and it appears to have taken care of the situation. I also tried to disable Google Translate extension and IE Tab Multi but that did not seem to work.
Re: Brian Long 2/3/13 11:32 PM
It is for sure "Send using Gmail (no button)". Its the only extension I have disabled and it clears the problem right up!
Re: Miguel Navarro 2/3/13 11:33 PM
me 2. same site on mai mac pro
Re: Paopu Summer 2/3/13 11:40 PM
Disabling the Look of Disapproval extension let me view a page that had been previously blocked by a malware warning.
Re: Locut0s 2/3/13 11:48 PM
I'm using the following extensions:

Adblock Plus 1.3.4
Bookmark Sentry 1.7.11
Google Translate 1.2.4
Mailto: for Gmail™ 2.3
Screen Capture (by Google) 5.0.5

All are enabled right now. I'm seeing it a lot through StumbleUpon!
Re: MHook 2/3/13 11:49 PM
Here are the enabled extensions I have:

Adblock Plus 1.3.4
Bookmark Sentry 1.7.11
Disconnect 4.2.0
Facebook Disconnect 1.3.0
G Disconnect 1.6.6
Keep My Opt-Outs 1.0.14
Personal Blocklist (by Google) 2.4.1
Twitter Disconnect 1.1.0

Re: Webyx 2/4/13 12:01 AM
It's chrome related. You can use firefox until the problem is fixed. It seems it is all over the place.
Re: OpenGG 2/4/13 12:57 AM
Uninstall Sexy Undo Close Tab

Re: Danny Warbler 2/4/13 1:16 AM
It looks as if there was a system wide issue with Google blocking a ton of websites.  They even blocked Chuck Liddell ( - its blocked whether you are on Safari, Firefox or Chrome.  Can't be extensions if its happening on Safari & Firefox.

Re: Deebo Hone 2/4/13 1:43 AM
Looks like it is a Google issue.  Check this out:

"We are aware of Google Chrome is throwing up malware warnings to lot of users. This error is actually a google's mistake and is happening on many sites in the past hour. They have noted to be fixing the issue shortly."

Re: Deebo Hone 2/4/13 1:47 AM
Looks like its a Google issue:

Via Share Beast's FB Page:

"We are aware of Google Chrome is throwing up malware warnings to lot of users. This error is actually a google's mistake and is happening on many sites in the past hour. They have noted to be fixing the issue shortly."

Re: Stefan vd 2/4/13 5:58 AM
Hi everyone,

Users have reported this extensions caused the problem, so please uninstall/disable this Chrome extensions:
  • "Allow Right Click 1.2.13" extension
  • "send using Gmail (no button)" extension
  • "Ruul" extension
  • "Yontoo" extension

(unknown) 2/4/13 5:43 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Jude Barwig 2/4/13 5:52 AM
Deleted Yontoo extension - problem disappeared.
Re: Glenn Aquilina 2/4/13 6:30 AM
yeah i have none of those extensions and im getting malware alerts from something called whenever i visit a multitude of sites including ebay.
Re: Saules 2/4/13 9:21 AM
I had the qcksrv error lastnight and today (after uninstalling all extensions) I'm getting the netseer one.
Re: Tom Byrne 2/4/13 9:37 AM
Me also....

Only extensions I'm running...

Google Docs 0.5
LastPass 2.0.14

Could it be LastPass as that's a popular one.

Re: Div V. 2/4/13 10:42 PM
UPDATE: Hi all: when you have a moment, please try updating your extensions (visit chrome://extensions/ and choose to Update Extensions Now). Once you've done so, go ahead and check to see if you are still seeing the malware warnings. If you are, please respond to the thread and let us know.
Hi folks,

Thanks for your reports and thanks, timmy_42 and Stefan vd, for jumping in.

It sounds like this issue may be caused by an extension. Some extensions that have been identified so far are:

  • "Allow Right Click 1.2.13" extension
  • "send using Gmail (no button)" extension
  • "Ruul" extension
  • "Yontoo" extension

To help us investigate this further, we’d appreciate your help to find out more about these extensions. If you still have the extensions installed (if you’d previously only disabled it), please follow the steps below to locate the extension ID that is associated with these extensions:

1.  Visit your Extension Setting page (chrome://extensions) and locate the extension that you’ve disabled. (For those who are new to this thread, please try disabling all extensions to identify the one that may be causing the issue).

2.  Check the "Developer mode" checkbox on the top right of your Extension Settings page (chrome://extensions). You'll see that each extension gets a unique ID; please let us know both the extension ID and name, so that we can look into this further.

Thanks for your help with this, all!

Re: Christina Mason 2/4/13 10:30 AM

I am having this problem with a website I visit daily,

I do not have any of the extensions you listed.  The only extensions I have are Chrome Sniffer 0.2.13 and Webpage & WebCam Screenshot 7.3

I'm running Chrome on Windows XP (I know, I know...)

Any suggestions?

Re: Div V. 2/4/13 10:40 AM
Thanks Tom Byrne. Please let us know the extension IDs of the two extensions that you mentioned so that we can look into this further. 

You can find the extension ID's by following these steps: Check the "Developer mode" checkbox on the top right of your Extension Settings page (chrome://extensions). You'll see that each extension gets a unique ID; please let us know of the extension ID and name. Much appreciated!
Re: pbradek 2/4/13 10:41 AM
The offending RUUL extension id is  ID: mlbnpnlmfngmlcmkhjpbfokdphfehhjj
Re: Nathan Tenney 2/4/13 11:12 AM
Auto Reload Extension:

ID: ofojbjgaaddibdfpmmjeonahgbacejid

I see the issue when I turn on their ad support, which places an ad at the bottom of pages loaded in the browser.

(unknown) 2/4/13 11:32 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: iJacob 2/4/13 12:50 PM
IT staff at my college got an email stating an advertising company had been infected with malware and Chrome was flagging any site with said companies tracking cookies as unsafe. (I think.) Here is an excerpt.

"I've noticed that when I attempt to go to quite a few news websites today Chrome warns me that the page may have malware by  Chrome even gives me that warning when I try to go to  Here's an article on the subject."

(unknown) 2/4/13 3:16 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Malware warnings on common sites? (related to Anto Antony 2/4/13 5:39 PM
(unknown) 2/4/13 5:40 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Bromista 2/4/13 9:26 PM
Sexy Undo Close Tab seemed to be causing this for me. App ID is bcennaiejdjpomgmmohhpgnjlmpcjmbg
Re: Div V. 2/4/13 10:25 PM
Hi iJacob,

It looks like you may be referring to an issue related to that's being investigated in this thread. Please refer to this thread for the most relevant information on the issue that you're facing.

Re: Malware warnings on common sites? (related to Div V. 2/4/13 10:47 PM
(Also added to post tagged above)
Re: Malware warnings on common sites? (related to Aura Huru 2/5/13 12:15 PM
Yea since last week i keep getting this warning on every site. whats going on?
(unknown) 2/6/13 7:58 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Jenna Van Dyk 2/6/13 8:53 AM
I am consistently having a pop up message telling me I need to update my Google Chrome Extension for FreeTwitWit by Yontoo. I went into my Chrome Extensions and selected Developer Mode. This is the ID for Yontoo: ID: niapdbllcanepiiimjjndipklodoedlc

I am not sure if I should be updating this or not...the way it prompts me to update is "virus-like". I see a lot of people have had this issue over the last few days as well. It's been asking me for this specific update for maybe 3 or 4 days now too.

Just curious what others have been doing. It's quite distracting and so persistent, I am really starting to get annoyed. Should I update or not?


Re: iJacob 2/6/13 8:59 AM
Ah, it appears you are correct! Thanks for the redirect!
Re: qvole 2/8/13 3:28 PM
Only extension I have is Ad Block -- I disabled it & updated it & this is the ID shown:
ID: gighmmpiobklfepjocnamgkkbiglidom

Still getting malware warnings for Television Without Pity.

Re: Malware warnings on common sites? (related to pat sw 2/8/13 5:53 PM
yeah, something similar just started for me a second ago.
Re: rolypolyone 2/9/13 2:47 PM
I've updated my extensions and still keep getting Mal-Ware warnings on familiar sites that I sign into frequently including my Amazon account and Pandora
Re: myreahz 2/9/13 7:27 PM
I also discovered the "Yontoo" extension was causing major issues and was extremely surprised to find it in "programs and features" on my control panel !! It wasn't the only surprise installation discovered either "delta toolbar" had magically appeared out of know where too - I disappeared them with a    non-magic mouse!!
Hopefully that will solve the issues i've had something changed my browser settings, "new tab" would load only a "blank" page, im just hoping that all is now as was (doubt that will be the case though!!)
Re: myreahz 2/9/13 7:32 PM
YEY Yup it solved all the problems for me
Re: rolypolyone 2/9/13 7:40 PM
I don't have the problem now, found 2 3rd party extensions that I deleted.  Neither extension were on there by my choice one was a download extension and the other was a security extension.
Re: Herp Derp86 2/10/13 1:43 AM
Removed one of te extensions (the gmail one), and still doesn't work. Unable to fix your bullahit; switching to Firefox.
Re: Malware warnings on common sites? (related to Duke Gibo 2/26/13 7:41 PM
its weird! with my windows explorer browser it works fine and with Bing search but anything Google or my fb the same thing happens? I want my chrome/Google/fb back?
Re: Piper Rainey 3/25/13 5:59 AM
This did not work, especially as I did not have those extensions. What's the fix, this is really really not what I would expect from google.
Re: silvermoonstar3 3/25/13 6:08 AM
If you are still having a problem, it is unrelated to this thread.  Any talk of extensions is also off topic.  Google fixed this.  It was on their end.  It was a whole big thing.  Basically, some company that does ad stuff was reported for having malware, and they did, but not on the part of their stuff that does the ads.  This meant the ads WERE safe, but any site using them went "oh my god it's malware" since the report was in.
Re: Piper Rainey 3/25/13 6:18 AM
problem just popped up today, sounds like the same problem as others have posted ....and if it's NOT fixed. I have started a different thread anyway just in case.
Re: Malware warnings on common sites? (related to Nicholas Kriho 3/26/13 5:04 PM
Re: Malware warnings on common sites? (related to chimpu kampu 3/28/13 2:59 AM
I have no extensions like that
But it says Malware ahed even for government site :
Re: Shiva Studio 4/2/13 8:20 AM
Ican´t accesss my own site problems of maware!!?? What's going on?
Re: SpikeSputnik 4/27/13 3:26 AM
Re: Malware warnings on common sites? (related to Savon C 5/19/13 9:50 AM
Is either your computer got malware inside, this happened to me and when I got the malware out it stopped. I didn't knew that I had so much malware inside my computer until I had to wipe my drive.
Re: Geralynn Gillogly 5/29/13 3:46 PM
Its a control issue. Now we can't trust our Macafee or whaever we use. What is the product they want us to buy?  Take this comment with a grain of salt. Hopfully there is more too it then that.
Re: ChrisMindflow 5/29/13 8:41 PM
@div Can you tell us what the issue was and how serious it was?
I cannot find the actual reason for this bug/issue. :-o

Reason for asking: If I am going to ask clients to install this, I cannot be responsible for all their computers, the risks and malware issues they receive.

Are there many Chrome Extensions with Malware in them?

Re: Malware warnings on common sites? (related to TreyarchMW2 5/31/13 12:40 PM is not loading.
Re: Buzz Hickok 5/31/13 12:50 PM
As far as the extensions are concerned here are the ID for three I have showing:

ID: mikhcaiakabeeokmenglcdebplfdjicn
This is for Dragon Naturally Speaking

ID: idhngdhcfkoamngbedgpaokgjbnpdiji
This for the REAL Downloader

ID: lifbcibllhkdhoafpjfnlhfpfgnpldfl
This is for Skype

Also I updated the Extensions and nothing else shows up.

Re: Malware warnings on common sites? (related to Cheryle Bacon 6/12/13 3:47 PM
I don't know what Stefan is talking about...I am not computer savy.
Re: Malware warnings on common sites? (related to Div V. 6/12/13 6:05 PM
Hi Cheryle Bacon: 

Stefan's post (and mine below) suggest disabling extensions to determine which may be causing a malware warning. Is it disabling an extension that you don't quite know how to do? 

Basically, all you'll want to do is go to your Extensions Settings page (Chrome Menu Button (those three lines in the top right corner) > Settings > click Extensions on the lefhand side). From there, you can see extensions you have enabled. You can uncheck boxes to disable each extension. We recommend disabling all the extensions and re-enabling them one-at-a-time, testing each time to see if the issue is reoccurring. 

Once you know which extension is causing you the issue, you should be set. You can feel free to follow my instructions in the post above to grab the name and ID and post those if you'd like. 

Hope that helps,
Re: Malware warnings on common sites? (related to matatapetes 6/13/13 6:22 PM
yes i dont know why that happens special cause we have virus protector  
Re: Malware warnings on common sites? (related to ruth clough 6/14/13 2:15 PM
Re: Malware warnings on common sites? (related to eiw 6/14/13 8:58 PM
Re: Malware warnings on common sites? (related to Terri Brines 6/15/13 10:30 AM
I have disabled all my extensions, ran ccleaner and malwarebytes and still get the warning.  Do you have other suggestions?
Re: Terri Brines 6/15/13 10:32 AM
Malware warnings on common sites? (related to Savon C 6/16/13 9:12 AM
Uninstall google chrome, install AVG>scan computer for virus......... Getting this malware warning means that the website got malware or your computer is infected, usually if you computer does not load that means google has detected virus in your computer or malware inside your computer, if you had once used Firefox your computer will be definitely infected, Firefox does not protect your computer from malware as of Google Chrome does. I had to wipe my entire computer drive to get out a virus.
Re: Malware warnings on common sites? (related to casey pons 7/2/13 12:23 PM
Me Too!
I noticed this just yesterday (07.01.13)I ran my usual super-anti spyware scan, and the problem still persists.
Can anyone enlighten/assist with this mass distribution issue.

Your assistance would be most appreciated.

Re: Malware warnings on common sites? (related to Truvak 7/22/13 1:57 PM
what the hell?! I do not have any of those extensions and the warning appeared on youTube!! WTF?!
Re: Malware warnings on common sites? (related to sharon k Clayton 7/23/13 11:20 AM
Whats going on?
Malware warnings on common sites? (related to Savon C 7/23/13 4:57 PM
Please clean your computer, it got malware, I had this error too after I remove all the malware from my computer the error disappears. I would recommend storing your data to a local storage and scan your computer out. My computer was infected so bad because I used Firefox, I had to wipe my entire computer drives to get  the malware out.
Re: Malware warnings on common sites? (related to ОВИК Хачатрян 7/24/13 7:24 AM
У меня все не так работает,
Я хочу полностью переустановит, новую версию программ как это сделать .  
Re: Malware warnings on common sites? (related to Marieta Laddaran 7/28/13 8:54 PM
I've been editing everything that you told me to do...but still I can't log in on my Facebook thru google chrome...and I already add the malware protection just like what you advice but still not working and I've been wasting my time....reading and searching and scanning everything...I get pissed of already...please do something..thank you!Crazy!!!!really!!!!