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ESPN videos in chrome

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ESPN videos in chrome gman1111 10/9/12 1:07 PM
ESPN videos do not play in chrome. It just shows a black box where the video should be.
Re: ESPN videos in chrome ERGent 10/16/12 12:20 PM
Re: ESPN videos in chrome ERGent 10/20/12 11:53 AM
And here's the worse part of this for Google. When I open Internet Explorer the ESPN website and its videos work fine. What is wrong with Chrome?!
(unknown) 11/18/12 12:21 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Wen-Chi Chou 11/18/12 12:23 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: ESPN videos in chrome Travis Smith 12/9/12 5:21 PM
Thanks, the fix from this link worked like a charm
Re: ESPN videos in chrome ERGent 12/21/12 10:08 AM
Thank you for the help Wen-Chi. Unfortunately it did not work. After following the instructions I opened ESPN and there was only a dark screen where the video should  be, and the message, "You need to have the Adobe Flash Player to view this content".

Is there anybody from Google that can help fix this problem?

Re: ESPN videos in chrome Jason Google-Ninja Withers 1/2/13 3:27 AM
i just fixed that very problem by enabling an exception under cookies
Re: ESPN videos in chrome matt.edmundson 1/2/13 4:21 AM
After you disable the PPAPI version of Flash, leave the plugin tab open and go to the Adobe website and install Flash as if it wasn't installed (running the install file that is downloaded), and you should see the NPAPI version installed there. Once I did that, the videos on started working for me.
Re: ESPN videos in chrome ERGent 1/8/13 5:02 PM
Many thanks Jason. This fix worked for my system.
Re: ESPN videos in chrome robxb 1/28/13 11:23 AM
Thank you!! No idea why this isn't enabled by default.
Re: ESPN videos in chrome ocl jr 2/19/13 4:28 PM
If none of the answers work make sure you dont have an Ad blocker program running. Since ESPN videos always seem to start with an advertisement, my guess is your ad blocker stops the ads from playing thus rendering the ESPN videos followed by the ad, unplayable.