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Gtalk voice crashing

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Gtalk voice crashing Drkkgt 5/21/12 10:30 AM
Today when using the call function, it will connect, give use about 10 seconds then crash. The crash seems to affect the one called, not the caller. 


Google Talk Plugin encountered an internal error, and must now close. Report this error to Google? 

Actual details: 

Wife called me at roughly 10:15am. 10 seconds later I got the error. I closed gtalk (yes completely, made sure via task manager that is was off) and reopened. Signed in and called her - 10 seconds, she got the same error. She logged off then called me, I got the error.

both of us using windows xp sp3. stand alone gtalk. updated it with the last fiasco a few weeks ago and it worked last week, 

Scanned for rlls.dll as per one google article but it is not present. Windows update is off on my machine so not an update issue.
Re: Gtalk voice crashing KeithR 5/21/12 5:53 PM
Not a good idea to turn off Windows update.  Manually run Windows Update repeatedly on both machines until there are no more updates outstanding then try again. 
Re: Gtalk voice crashing Drkkgt 5/21/12 7:28 PM
Thanks as a network admin - I'm not going to do that and considering how many issues Windows updates cause - telling me to run updates without confirmation isn't a good idea either.
Re: Gtalk voice crashing KeithR 5/22/12 6:46 PM
I've been where you are and IMHO the few issues created by Windows updates are worth the hassle compared to the risk of leaving your system insecure, but that's your choice of course.  However, I'm not prepared to help diagnose faults on an out-of-date system.  Someone else might happen by.
Re: Gtalk voice crashing SKcorp. 5/23/12 1:51 AM
It's Google voice protocol bug. Not fixed. Gtalk - suxx!