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cant connect to

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cant connect to Zilly 5/3/12 10:17 AM
trying to respond to google chat on behalf of war17§.  but all I get is is offline and can't receive messages right now.
Re: cant connect to Zilly 5/3/12 2:20 PM
Well Warren,all I get when I try to contact you is You cannot call because Google Chat on behalf of wár17 § has not yet accepted your invitation. 
Re: cant connect to KeithR 5/3/12 4:42 PM
That's because you are using the email address for this Forum (  The Forum doesn't have chat enabled because it is not human.  This is why the sender is named "Google Chat on behalf of wár17 §".  The Forum is specifically set up to protect the private identity of all posters - when I receive a copy of your post in my email, I see the sender as "Google Chat on behalf of Zilly <>"
Re: cant connect to Zilly 5/3/12 4:52 PM
So, was that you who sent a chat to my gmail ? I got a "Gogle Chat on behalf of war17" that appeared in my list of google talk contacts. I thought It was a reply from you to my invitation tolet you tell me how to fix problems and help others.  If not then can you please explain how it popped up in the contact box ?
Re: cant connect to KeithR 5/3/12 5:14 PM
If you have subscribed to the Forum to receive updates by email, then each post will be copied as an email message to you.
Depending on your Gmail settings, Gmail will automatically add people with whom you correspond regularly to your Chat contacts - see Settings >> Chat
Re: cant connect to Zilly 5/3/12 5:23 PM
 Thank you for the response.  Of all the replys that that I have received from you and Warren. that was the only one that has appeared in mycontact list.  I can understand that post can be sent to my gmail, and have been.  But that one is the only one that has shown up in my Gtalk list.
Re: cant connect to KeithR 5/3/12 5:33 PM
because all the Forum messages come from the same email address, Gmail's choice of a user name is going to be somewhat arbitrary - it will use the user name attached to whichever message comes in at the time that it decides that "you correspond regularly" - it could just have easily been one of your own posts.  You can remove it by deleting the entry from your Contact manager amongst other ways.