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Not a Bug but I need to Tell

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Not a Bug but I need to Tell delabs 5/22/12 3:27 AM
The Google chat i have on windows xp is fine. Then i find there may a minor Security Risk.

Suppose i am Logged off the browser and i use the Google Talk in the tray to Fireup the default browser, or attempt to read the mail, or go to Inbox. The Google account get auto-logged in from the Google Chat.

 Then some other Google Services can be used from the Logged on Browser. This is ok if the User or System has a Login, else it is a risk. Suppose it is given for repair or left on in a semi-public place. The Google Talk can be used by anyone who can get to the PC and Log In.

This happens even in the Two Step Sign in. The Google Talk can give Access to my account on the browser without the SMS.

Re: Not a Bug but I need to Tell KeithR 5/22/12 3:51 AM
That's right.  To protect your account, you need to sign out of Google Talk as well.