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Stereo Mix does not work with Google Chat

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Stereo Mix does not work with Google Chat Verilin 7/5/12 4:25 PM
I have Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit, using Mozilla as my browser. I have downloaded google chat and the voice plugin. I can successfully make a call using this, and hear the other person. I am trying to use stereo mix (in the sound settings, I have this set as my default device and default communications device) to play an mp3 over this call. I do not have a regular microphone, and thus have the line in and microphone disabled in settings (and yes, I have tried it with it disabled and enabled). I have tried every different configuration of this that I can think of, have made sure that my google chat is set to use stereo mix as the microphone, and still nothing. I have tried using both Windows media player and Winamp to play this mp3, I have scoured the settings in both those programs to make sure there isn't any way to select the stereo mix as an output instead of the speakers. I have tried disabling the speakers as well. Restarted windows several times, updated my realtek audio drivers, and I'm sure I am leaving something out that I did, but I have hit a brick wall here. I am at the point of installing VMWare and running XP on a virtual machine to do this because I keep seeing things in forums that say Win7 does not have this capability. Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks!
Re: Stereo Mix does not work with Google Chat Verilin 7/6/12 6:46 AM
OK, so did the virtual machine thing...Still did not work with XP. I feel like I'm missing something here. Anyone who has any Ideas here please help!
Re: Stereo Mix does not work with Google Chat Blastyr 7/7/12 11:06 AM
My suggestion is that you just send the person the MP3. The sound quality is going to be degraded by playing it over a call using a codec designed for speech.

Also, there are some pretty inexpensive headsets out there. You should go buy one.
Re: Stereo Mix does not work with Google Chat Craig Long 7/7/12 9:34 PM
Wait a minute.  Did you click "Save the Changes" at the bottom of the page after you selected your sound settings in Gmail?
Re: Stereo Mix does not work with Google Chat Verilin 7/8/12 7:18 AM
@Craig, I did do that several times and when I was testing it, I was using the verify your settings portion of that to see if the little sound meter would move instead of placing a call each time.

@Blastyr, the end goal here is not to play it for a person, but to record an MP3 as my voicemail greeting for my google voice voicemail, or else I would have already sent the file. I have tried recording it from my phone as played through the speakers on my computer, but the quality is horrible, and I don't see why it is this hard to record a voicemail greeting. I can't believe that with all that google offers between the usefulness of Gmail to Google Voice and Chat that you can't upload an MP3 as a voicemail greeting. I'm sorry I wasn't clearer about my intent, but if anyone has any ideas on how to actually make this work I would be eternally grateful.
Re: Stereo Mix does not work with Google Chat Craig Long 7/8/12 7:08 PM
Click Start > type in search box "sound recorder" > sound recorder and try that.

Try going to   < > and download.  Select "manycam virtual webcam" in the Gmail Chat camera and/or ManyCam virtural microphone in the sound settings.  On ManyCam select Audio and check Stereo Mix.  Use the sound recorder for playback which will go through ManyCam.
Re: Stereo Mix does not work with Google Chat Verilin 7/10/12 6:37 PM
OMG, I don't know how to say thank you enough! I can't believe it finally worked! Lol, the sound recorder thing is what I was forgetting to mention I had tried already in my original post. And I did not need to use it with manycam.

For anyone else trying this, once you download and install manycam and set your google chat microphone to manycam, the way to get it to work is click the audio tab, then in the box labeled audio playlist, click the '+' button in the lower left hand corner. Find your MP3 in the windows explorer box that comes up and open. When you are on the google voice call, click the play button from this audio playlist box with your MP3 highlighted.
Craig Long 7/10/12 10:33 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Stereo Mix does not work with Google Chat Craig Long 7/10/12 10:34 PM
I'm glad you got it to work.  Did you only get it to work using ManyCam?  I see you played a pre-recorded mp3 recorded with the "Sound Recorder". 
Re: Stereo Mix does not work with Google Chat Craig Long 7/10/12 10:40 PM
I think you said you didn't have to use ManyCam.  You didn't have the sound recorder set up properly?  Oh well, now you can play videos with your Chat buddies, etc. using ManyCam.