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hope Gtalk can auto link contacts in phone.

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hope Gtalk can auto link contacts in phone. Derek.Guo 5/3/12 3:54 AM
From what i have seen, many of my friends are holding an android phone, and asking the question where is the video call in android phone?

just wondering why not google auto link the phone no. of android phone user to their gmail and added in to gtalk? then we android phone user can enjoy video call more easier.

i think people are lazy to add every mail address into their contacts, properly they dont know gmail address of their friends because not everyone use gmail as main email client.

many of my friends only have gmail address on phone, but never use this account in other place, even i do so.

i hope gtalk can do below for me,

access phone contacts book ---> indentify gmail address of android user by their phone no. in contacts ----> add these contacts to Gtalks.

Re: hope Gtalk can auto link contacts in phone. wár17 § 5/3/12 9:53 AM
There is not Google call in a phone. It is already a phone.  Google call is only via a browser on a computer.