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How do I get a google number?

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How do I get a google number? Tswamithreads 7/5/12 5:09 PM
How do I get a google number I already have google voice
Re: How do I get a google number? LMcKin51-Top Contributor 7/5/12 5:47 PM
If you already have Google voice then you have a Google form of your local phone number.
Re: How do I get a google number? Papa Bear 7/5/12 11:50 PM
Get a Google Number at

You must sign up for a Google number at www, to use the app.

Make sure you, your phone and your computer ISP are in the 48 states in order to get a Google Number via your PC or MAC, not via Mobile!

If you receive an error about phone number availability, go to where a Google Employee has replied.

If you get a Google number that is NOT local to your personal numbers your local callers may incur a long distance charge to reach you. Confirm number is local to yours, even in the same area code at

In the meantime, make outbound calls using

Or consider porting your U.S. mobile number to Google Voice per

You must have a Google Number in order to use the Google Voice app on your data-enabled mobile device