GTalk-Audio Not Working

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GTalk-Audio Not Working willow8 8/8/12 11:42 AM
I am unable to get audio when placing calls on GTalk. Anything IVR is ok.  Has google discontinued voice? I am in Canada and am unable to make calls to any US or Cdn numbers.  Any replies would be greatly appreciated!
Re: GTalk-Audio Not Working KeithR 8/10/12 5:22 PM
Are you using the Google Talk stand alone, downloadable program from the Gmail icon in the system tray or are you using Chat from the Gmail page? 
Re: GTalk-Audio Not Working willow8 8/11/12 7:16 PM
Keith, thank you for replying.  I am using it from my gmail account.
Re: GTalk-Audio Not Working KeithR 8/12/12 1:57 AM
Thanks, just needed to confirm.
Can you find the Call Phone icon in its new spot?  What point do you get to and what happens to stop your call?  Is it just the lack of audio?
To troubleshoot the audio, try these:
Verify video chat settings - this also covers audio.
You should also check your audio mixer settings. Some users have reported that they needed to turn up the volume on the Record channel
Control Panel >> Sounds and Audio Devices >> Audio >> Sound Recording >> Volume
I can’t see/ hear my friend
Re: GTalk-Audio Not Working willow8 8/13/12 8:20 AM
i just unplugged and reinserted the mic.. same problem. i make the call, i can hear the person answering the phone but they cannot hear me.  i have not made any changes to my configuration. about 1 month ago, suddenly i could not have a 2 way conversation. i can pay bills etc using the keypad.  as a test, i call my cell and i am unable to leave a msg as the audio doesnt register on the other end. however, using keypad commands will work, eg push 1 to leave msg.. or 7 to delete. 
Re: GTalk-Audio Not Working KeithR 8/13/12 5:41 PM
Which of my earlier suggestions did you try? 
Re: GTalk-Audio Not Working willow8 8/16/12 3:17 PM
the volumes are all good. i checked everything in ''sounds + devices".  When i did the mic test, nothing registered,. which makes sense because the person at the end of the receiving call cannot hear me. i did the mic test for both the default and Realtek. options. i've left the setting on default for the mic in the Chat Settings tab.  what else can i try?
Re: GTalk-Audio Not Working KeithR 8/17/12 12:51 AM
On Friday, 17 August 2012 08:17:04 UTC+10, willow8 wrote:
When i did the mic test, nothing registered,...
Was this in the Gmail settings >> Chat or in your Windows Settings?  Did you specifically check the Windows Recording channel?
Re: GTalk-Audio Not Working willow8 8/22/12 10:54 AM
i tested mic in gmail settings, i also checked audio volume in Control panel- sounds +audio devices.  everything was working fine, then 1 day i could not hear the called party.
Re: GTalk-Audio Not Working KeithR 8/24/12 3:01 AM
In Sounds and audio devices, did you check that the microphone level was up in your recording channel?