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Cannot remove names from Gmail Chat

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Cannot remove names from Gmail Chat corepuncher1 8/11/12 9:09 PM
I have names "stuck" in my gmail chat list.   Yes, I have already deleted these names from my contact list. 

For example, I have one called "".  However, it DOES NOT EXIST in my contacts list, yet, it remains in my chat list.  I tried blocking, never show, etc.  We all know those never seem to work right. 

How do I get rid of these?
Re: Cannot remove names from Gmail Chat KeithR 8/12/12 6:29 PM
Blocking and never show work fine for me.  What browser are you using (name and version please)?
Have you checked in Other Contacts as well as My Contacts?
Do you have Google Plus enabled on that account?
Did you actually remove them from your Contact manager list?  "Remove" in Google Talk only means "Never show" in the chat list.