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Video Chat Issues

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Video Chat Issues Londee 5/14/12 12:10 PM
everytime I try to video chat with my Fiance I get this error message on my wnd and he gets the same error message on his end with my email address. we where able to get the Video Chat to work twice but now everytime we try to use it we get these? Any Ideas or suggestions. we have both uninstalled reinstalled plugns, cleare cache and temp files, did updates and etc Same issue I have used IE and Google Chrome same issue. not sure what else to try? and I have also reported the issue to google three times with different code numbers

Sorry! The video chat with whoever failed because of a problem with our servers at 2:31 PM. Please wait a bit and try again.

 Click here to report this to Google.

Re: Video Chat Issues KeithR 5/14/12 3:41 PM
Have each of you tried connecting to others?
Re: Video Chat Issues Jsetwil 6/24/12 7:52 PM
I have the same issue----it has been an issue for weeks. At least son and I CAN get a video connection successfully (between my laptop running Win7 and his iphone) but within two mins MAXimum time the video chat fails and I get the exact same 'problem with server' error msg. And I too have clicked the msg 'report this to Google' each time. Evidently it is a major problem or there wouldn't be the server error msg. I can find no acknowledgement in 'known issues'---how can there not be?  'Wait a bit and try again'. Bad PR.