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Import CSV file into calendar

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Import CSV file into calendar beth@ourredeemers 6/13/12 11:33 AM
Hi there:

I tried to find an answer to my question on existing posts and in the provided help areas, but if there's a simple answer, I can't find it!

I am just trying to import a csv file to my calendar, and google calendar simply tells me there's an issue importing it.  The file was created by another website, and it had separate fields, so I even tried changing the headers and merging the fields to one field with commas.  Nothing seems to be working.

Also, google help said to send the file in to see what else might be going on, but doesn't provide any information on specifically WHERE to send it.  I've attached what the website sent (whose file includes 20112012 in the title), as well as my attempt to correct it...