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Gcalendar doesn't import facebook events url

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Gcalendar doesn't import facebook events url felipiwi 3/29/12 6:26 AM
I import my url i've copied from facebook and gcalendar doesn't load the calendar, I tried opening it with outlook and works fine, I tried opening the friend's birthdays url and it works on gcal, any suggestions?

Thanks in advance
Re: Gcalendar doesn't import facebook events url toolmania1 6/27/12 9:30 AM
 I have the same problem.  I clicked on export in Facebook.  I copied the url which had a link for webcal.  In google, under other calendars, add by url, I pasted that webcal link from the Facebook calendar export.  I made the calendar public in Google.  I created new, public events in Facebook.  They don't show up in the Google Calendar.  If I export from Facebook and save it was an ical in Outlook 2007, I can import this ical into the Google calendar and all of the events will show up.  As I have read many, many times already, this is not an AUTOMATIC sync.  I want to enter events into Facebook and have them instantly show up in the Google calendar ( or at least the next time Google syncs to Facebook ).  There is no point in exporting to an ical if you have a busy calendar.  You would have to go in every time and export the ical and then import it into Google every time you created / edited / deleted an event in Facebook in order to keep both of them in sync with each other all the time.  The import by url is supposed to sync the Facebook calendar to Google calendar automatically.

A lot of the other posts say that they just did what I listed above and it works.  Well, that tells me that there must be some key somewhere then about a certain setting in either Facebook or Google that noone is mentioning that either allows this to work or causes this to fail.  If anyone has any idea, please post here so you can help every out.  Also, anyone posting from here on out, if you care to keep these posts consistent, please don't post about other ideas.  Make a new post for those.  A lot of these posts get cluttered with other stuff.  This post is about the failure in being able to import a Facebook calendar through the url option in Google.
Re: Gcalendar doesn't import facebook events url Small Business Helper Ltd 7/11/12 5:03 PM
I've followed this off & on for years now.  As I've wanted to find a way to get FB Events stream into a Chairty Website that I help out with.

@toolmania1: I 'think' the posts you refer to which state they've managed to get FB events into Google Cal, are actually not FB Page Events, but FB Personal Events.  That's been my finding anyway.

Whenever I've tried to get the FB Events Webcal of an FB 'Page' I administer, into Google Cal, it fails, stating: invalid webcal format (or something to that effect).

However, if I use exactly the same technique for my FB Personal Events - it all works fine and as expected.

Anyone any idea?  I spoke with some local FB Developers and they reckon it's a time consuming job and one which would need exploring via FB's Developer Platform and getting your FB Page App/API on FB's Graph.

Do let me know if anyone has a solution!
Re: Gcalendar doesn't import facebook events url toolmania1 7/12/12 7:01 AM

I have been following this for a little while also.


Luckily, my client only updates the calendar usually once a month.  So, I made them a pdf with detailed instructions and screen shots so they can do this on their own once I am done with the site.  Once they do it a few times, they will have no problems.  But, the thing about it is that not everyone is computer savvy.  The automatic syncing should be easy and just work.  It is 2012, not 1950.  People want things to sync up with other things.  Look at Spotify.  You can sync your music that you add to your playlists with  Progress :-)

Re: Gcalendar doesn't import facebook events url Jazzy CF 7/24/12 10:53 AM
The only way I can find an existing work around, without having to resort to building a FB App, is to create a fake Personal Profile on Facebook that is used by the charity, but is a fake person. This profile can be Jack/Jackie Slim and they attend all the events the charity puts on. You then sync the "person's" profile to the Google Events and everything they attend will show up in Google calendar. It is an extra step that I would prefer to avoid myself, but FB still does not allow a Page to be recognized as a "person" to then allow that page's events to sync with another iCal.

Hope this helps.
Re: Gcalendar doesn't import facebook events url Jazzy CF 7/24/12 10:54 AM
Re: Gcalendar doesn't import facebook events url ack! 7/27/12 5:38 PM
Nope. That won't solve the problem anymore!!
Now there IS NO URL to be able to add (which I too, had used as a workaround, but not all events would list then either)
They have a new "App" called WebCal. Why the heck would I want that?!?!?
Do they not understand that more people use FB via mobile than by computer anymore?

I was again looking around on my computer today and my calendar listings to try and fix, and the events that had synced via URL
(not all that were supposed to, tho) just DISAPPEARED from my google calendar right before my eyes!!
I swear, FB is just getting crappier by the minute!  AND THEY DID NOT UPDATE their HELP section -
it still gives the same old directions for the way the Events listing used to be!!
So this is the Facebook paradigm?  Phhhhttttthhh!  :-p
Re: Gcalendar - new URL for syncing facebook events ack! 7/27/12 7:11 PM
I was able to find the fix given the new FB Events "page(s)":

When I went to a particular Event page, and clicked on the Settings Icon, then Export Event,
 I got a pop-up window that said:

Export Event

    • Save to calendar
    • Send to email 
  • Subscribe to all upcoming events on your calendar:
      **here it listed the URL that I needed to put in Google to replace the old URL**


Can't believe FB didn't see this coming.
No. I think they just don't care and figure we'll eventually figure it out ourselves on the forums!  ;-p