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Turning off appointment reminders by default

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Turning off appointment reminders by default casmythe 5/26/12 11:54 AM

Is there a way to turn appointment reminders off by default?  I check my calendar several times a day from my phone and have no need for reminders, and every time I create a new event in my calendar I have to turn off the default reminders each time.  It would be a nice settings feature to be able to turn reminders off entirely by default.  Thank you!

Re: Turning off appointment reminders by default PatrickW 5/27/12 1:22 AM

Yes - please have a look at this Help Centre article which shows how to turn on reminders.  In your case, go in to each calendar and click on the Remove link beside any existing reminders.

Note that this will stop any NEW reminders being added; however, if you have existing reminders on events, it will not stop those - instead, I'm afraid you'll need to open each event and remove the reminder.