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Another variation of sync problems Outlook -> Google -> Android

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Another variation of sync problems Outlook -> Google -> Android asoebye 5/3/12 2:33 AM
Hi everyone, I've been reading posts and looking for answers to my specific problem without finding any, so I'll post it just for good measures.

I use Google Calendar Sync to sync my Outlook calendar at work to my Google calendar. Everything works fine, I don't miss anything and I don't get to much ...

I have a Samsung Galaxy S phone with Gingerbread version of Android. When I sync the phone against google, three recurring (and only three) events shows up on my phones calendar two weeks early. I work offshore and almost all of my events are recurring (each 6 weeks).

My Outlook calendar is correct, my Google calendar is correct (on the pc), but my phones calendar is NOT correct.

The problem is not on the "phone-side" since I get the same errors on my iPod when I sync it with google calendar.

Anyone have an idea on how to solve this?

Re: Another variation of sync problems Outlook -> Google -> Android clrhs 5/4/12 1:27 PM

I'm not completely sure why that's happening.  One suggestion is to turn off Google Calendar Sync, and try another sync Outlook to Google sync tool.  Do you continue to have the same problem after that experiment?  It might be related to how the recurring data is stored by Google's backend.

Some options for other free Outlook to Google sync tools can be found here: