Can you shade weekend days?

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Can you shade weekend days? Giacomo.359 1/22/09 9:16 AM
Would like to be able to display calendar with weekend days shaded slightly to visually differentiate quickly from weekdays as you might see on a printed calendar.  I like to start my weeks on Monday, showing SAT and Sunday at the end of the week, but often get confused at quick glance when I have monday first, as to what day I am looking at.  If Sat and Sun were shaded, there would be no confusion
Re: Can you shade weekend days? TBPrata 4/2/09 6:52 AM

I subscribe to this request. It would be quite helpful, visually speaking, if we could have an option of shading or applying a different color to the weekend days, such as in many other calendar applications. The option of customizing the first day of the week is fine, but it is not enough for us users to, at a quick glance, know where the weekend is as to help weekly planning.

Thanks, and BR,
Re: Can you shade weekend days? jhf884 4/2/09 4:43 PM
I would also find this *extremely* helpful. When adding an event quickly, or just glancing at the calender, this would help me avoid careless errors. 
Re: Can you shade weekend days? Matthew Osborne 5/11/09 2:37 PM
This feature is /huge/ for me as well.
Re: Can you shade weekend days? Mobby 5/18/09 2:28 AM
I totally agree this would be a useful update.
Re: Can you shade weekend days? andyinjapan 5/28/09 12:34 PM
I'd love to see this as a standard feature as well.
Re: Can you shade weekend days? mpinchster 6/10/09 9:11 AM
Yes, yes, yes.  The ability to shade weekend days would be my TOP request.  I like to have Sat/Sun on the right so I can have weekend activities appear together, but then I forget it is not using more traditional S-S calendar display and put things on the wrong day.  Shading would be the bomb.
Re: Can you shade weekend days? Barbarian1 6/12/09 9:51 AM
Yep me too, would love to see this much in the same way that Outlook does.
Re: Can you shade weekend days? stepcoen 6/17/09 7:01 PM
I agree with all the others that shading the background of week-end days would be awesome.

Additionally, I think that this feature should be extended to other official holidays, like those defined by the public holiday calendars. If 4th of July (US holiday) falls on a Wednesday, that Wednesday should be shaded like the other week-end days.

Extending the idea of fun calendars where icons appear on the top bar, the name of the holiday could as well appear in that area, rather than as a normal full day event. After all, a holiday is a non-event. It doesn't make you busy. You still schedule events on that day, but the fact that the day is such or such holiday is not an event per se.

Re: Can you shade weekend days? amazingbill 7/22/09 10:41 AM
I agree. Shading options would be very useful. I like stepcoen's idea.
Re: Can you shade weekend days? Gslice 7/22/09 8:18 PM
This is a great idea.  +1 for this feature request.

I'd also like the ability to customize the calendar even more along this vein.  For example, it would be nice to shade (and or mark with an "x") past days on the calendar, and so on...
Re: Can you shade weekend days? catcat 7/25/09 11:45 AM
I agree. There should be shading or coloring to indicate holidays and sunday. Instead building holiday as a normal calander event !
Re: Can you shade weekend days? maplex 7/26/09 10:45 PM
Yes, yes, yes!  I want to be able to do this and/or know how if it's already possible!  ...let's go google, this is an important bit of functionality that can't be that hard to create...please, please, please let us shade our weekends!  It makes the work week look so much less daunting! ;o)
Re: Can you shade weekend days? Hannibal 8/3/09 3:59 AM
I'd also love to see this feature
Re: Can you shade weekend days? adriennehome 8/3/09 9:15 AM
I think this woud be a nice feature.
Re: Can you shade weekend days? AJ W. 8/31/09 10:46 AM
please please please?
Re: Can you shade weekend days? onuora.wright 9/9/09 9:26 AM
I totally agree
Re: Can you shade weekend days? blundeln 9/16/09 2:33 AM
I'd like this too.  Such a simple feature would make me less likely to make errors, such as how many working days until the next event, etc.

A workaround is to add the following to your browser's local css override file, so the styles are applied to all web pages that match the CSS selector:

/* Grey weekends on GCal. */                                                                                        {                                                                                                             

In Firefox, this is the userContent.css file, under the 'chrome' folder of your profile folder.

Here is an example of the workaround:
Re: Can you shade weekend days? AJ W. 9/16/09 9:53 PM
Nick, outstanding suggestion! It works great, thanks for the info! Its not likely that I'll come across another website that has a tag... :P

I would still love to see this implemented outright, otherwise I would have to edit the global css files for all my computers!
Re: Can you shade weekend days? Hawkshead 9/18/09 1:32 AM
I tried your fix blundeln and i thought i'd done something wrong to start with as it didnt appear to work. Then i noticed the example was in 'week' mode so switched to that and it worked! BUT i like to have my calendar in 'month' mode and unfortunately the fix doesnt work then :-( Any ideas how to fix it for this too?
Re: Can you shade weekend days? AJ W. 9/18/09 6:41 AM
For some reason, month view doesnt have weekends denoted any differently from regular days, though the week view does; they are all called "st-bg". That means that every single bg square in month view will be exactly the same. you CAN change the color of non-month days (like the first of the next month, if it shows up), but only around the day number area, and not the bg of the actual cell:

.st-dtitle-nonmonth {

not really helpful, but its something i found.
Re: Can you shade weekend days? Hawkshead 9/20/09 8:38 AM
OK I have a workaround for the month view problem :-) You can have pictures in the background of your calendar so I created a picture which was white in the area that is weekdays and grey for the area that is weekends. Not very subtle but it works! :-)
Re: Can you shade weekend days? k8lin 9/20/09 9:38 AM
Clever idea, Hawkshead.
Any place I can find this background of yours? :)
Re: Can you shade weekend days? Hawkshead 9/20/09 12:48 PM
I uploaded it to here for you k8lin :-)

Re: Can you shade weekend days? k8lin 9/24/09 9:37 AM
Thanks Hawkshead!
It works wonderfully!
Thanks again! :D
Re: Can you shade weekend days? CkCrunch 10/4/09 9:27 PM
Great solution!!  Thanks hawkshead
Re: Can you shade weekend days? droj 10/28/09 5:01 PM
FYI, Hawkshead's neat fix for this works on BOTH month and week views!  Go Hawkshead!
Re: Can you shade weekend days? bras0782 11/21/09 8:08 AM
Would be nice to have this feature.  I use a 7 day view which means it's like the week view but instead the first day is the current day.  Obviously a background image will not work here.

Any chance of having the weekend in a darker shade?
Re: Can you shade weekend days? blsub6 12/7/09 10:27 AM
I just thought of this suggestion now, I had no idea that people have been requesting it for almost a year!  I add my request to the petition
Re: Can you shade weekend days? martuck 12/13/09 7:25 AM
I solved it for myself by making a new calendar in another color and creating repeating all day events: Saturday and Sunday.  It at least adds a visual clue to the weekends until Google decides to put in background shading.  Hawkshead's picture idea is great, I just don't like having background pictures on my calendar.
Re: Can you shade weekend days? Nin 1/15/10 6:51 AM
Thanks, martuck!  I use only month view and start my week on Monday, so Hawkshead's shading won't work for me.  I used your tip and created an all-day event that starts on Saturday, ends on Sunday, and repeats weekly.  This makes sure that the Saturday and Sunday events marked WEEKEND stay connected and on a single line in the calendar.  Great idea! Thanks.
Re: Can you shade weekend days? lschmidt.mre 2/18/10 9:54 AM
I would prefer, instead of shading Sat and Sun, to be able to shade *working hours within working days*, the way it is possible in Outlook currently.
Re: Can you shade weekend days? KateDash 4/14/10 7:40 AM
Perhaps it should be an option to choose which days you want highlighted. For example, lschmidt.mre wants to shade the working days. I would prefer to shade weekends. Someone else might have a working shift that means their weekend is Thursday/Friday instead of Saturday/Sunday. Yet another person might have a 10-day work stretch with 4 days off. And I agree with stepcoen, that people should be able to choose to highlight their holidays. Afterall, just because it is a holiday doesn't mean you should have to constipate your calendar with a Big ol' Block o' Busy time!

Please, Google Calendar Lab gods, let us choose how to change the backgrounds of our days!
Please and thank you! ...with sugar on top.  :)
Re: Can you shade weekend days? Graeme of Arabia 4/21/10 4:26 AM
Deeply appreciate the effort that you've gone too to create the JPG file, I'm currently using it myself, but it's a bit of a gash way to solve the issue, especially when the coding looks so simple. Come on, Google, get off your corporate bum and get this feature working, so many of us want it !! Also, make the weekend days customisable...!! I live and work in Saudi Arabia and our weekend is Thursday/Friday. Bahrain, which is a twenty minute drive away, has Friday/Saturday as their weekend...!! Not everyone has a "standard" weekend !!
Re: Can you shade weekend days? Gregnx 4/21/10 1:32 PM
It looks like the best solution is for Google to add this as a normal feature in the calendar itself.  I would vote for that and hope that this is in the works. 

For Chrome users, 

Next best is to have Chrome support CSS overriding so we can implement some of the solutions that CSS offers.

Next best would be to make a JPG that fits the way you normally view the calendar and try not to change your view very often.

Least desirable is to figure out a bookmarklet to cover all the various cases and access the calendar using it, or apply it once the calendar is loaded. 
Re: Can you shade weekend days? Gregnx 4/30/10 2:10 PM
For Chrome Users

Putting two ideas together, I found this to be a good solution for me:

1. Install "Personalized Web" extension - this enables CSS to be applied to pages you view
2. Create a Rule in the extension's Options page with the following:
    a. Name - Google Calendar Weekend Shading
    b. Match URL -  (I don't know if this is 100% applicable, but it works for me)
    c. Add CSS should contain the following text
    /* Grey weekends on GCal. */                                                                                        {                                                                                                              
.st-dtitle-nonmonth {

    d. Remove any JPG that you were using for shading
3. Refresh your Calendar page. It should have some grey shading now.  

Note that this works for the Week and 5 Day view, it would be nice for the Month view as well, but I didn't investigate how to get that working.

Hope it helps.

Re: Can you shade weekend days? Josh123 5/14/10 11:15 AM
i would vote for this feature to be added too...
Re: Can you shade weekend days? ShotByHerb 5/19/10 11:24 AM
If everyone on the planet had Saturday and Sunday off, civilization as we know it would collapse. Because of this, I find Google's weekend settings worthless - I should be able to choose which days get shaded for MY weekends, not some narrow minded Google coder who doesn't seem to notice all the working folk that make his/her weekends possible.
If they ever find a coder smart enough to do this, it will open up the calendar to all sorts of improvements - like being able to shade my holidays, my friends' birthdays, and other days with any color I want.

Looking forward to a much more usable calendar,
Re: Can you shade weekend days? Gregnx 6/10/10 2:24 PM
Month view capability decoded!   Add the below text to the CSS field described earlier.  Change the numbers in parenthesis below depending on the style of month view that you use.

tg-weekend, /* for Sat & Sun in Week and "several-days" views */ 
div.month-row > tr > td:nth-child(6), /* for Sat in 
Mon-Sun system in Month view */ 
div.month-row > tr > td:nth-child(7) /* for Sun in 
Mon-Sun system in Month view */ 

Thanks to TWiStEr over at the Personalized Web forum (
Re: Can you shade weekend days? Tenfold 6/25/10 8:53 AM
Excellent workaround with the image.  Maybe it's an antiquated way of dealing with it, but it's simple and it works.

I took the image and made a version in the same default blue color that borders google calendar if anyone prefers that:

It looks a little less dreary.
Re: Can you shade weekend days? klingonprincess 9/17/10 3:12 PM
Here's my "hammer" solution... I created a calendar called "Weekends" and chose same color as my subscribed holiday calendar. Created  a repeating non-timed event for Sat/Sun. This gives me a color clue at the top of any view to distinguish the days I want. Could also create a timed event for whole day which would take more screen space but perhaps be more distinctive. Not very elegant, but a little more accessible to we who avoid code. 
Re: Can you shade weekend days? Three-Star Dave 9/23/10 8:22 PM
+1 for the original suggestion/concept. Workarounds and hacks are nice, but this should be standard functionality.
Re: Can you shade weekend days? daveinpublic 1/10/11 7:32 AM
I would also love to see this.  It is currently an available option in Outlook that I enjoy using!
Re: Can you shade weekend days? Framos1290 3/4/11 7:48 AM
I subscribe. This is an important and easy-to-implement option that would make a lot of users keep their google calendar instead of looking for other options. Simple things ARE the most important. Please implement this feature ! Thank you.
Re: Can you shade weekend days? PawełB 4/12/11 3:30 PM
+1 For shading weekends, I would appreciate it most in the week view with the whole background in a different color
Re: Can you shade weekend days? Dori S 5/16/11 9:36 AM
I'm simply amazed that after 2 years Google hasn't implemented such an obvious CORE calendar solution. I saw the ability to add extensions with javascript code, but if you aren't a techie, this solution is simply out of the question. Google labs has such esoteric functionality as compared to highlighting weekends, it beyond belief they haven't enabled this feature sooner. Even my alarm clock recognizes the need to distinguish my week days from my weekend.
Re: Can you shade weekend days? Dr. BoBo 5/29/11 6:12 PM
This is a must have... Subscribed... +1
Re: Can you shade weekend days? akandrews 5/31/11 9:56 AM
Yes!  Do it!
Re: Can you shade weekend days? kduffus 6/2/11 7:35 PM
I agree, users should be able to shade the background of any part of the day/week they like.  Although I particularly want it to distinguish weekends, it makes sense to make it a flexible option which can highlight any day(s) or hour(s) of the week as the user prefers.
Re: Can you shade weekend days? cvp1 7/20/11 6:46 AM
The solution that Gregnx posted is by far the most robust and easily customizable. Here's what the whole code looks like...

tg-weekend, div.month-row > tr > td:nth-child(6), div.month-row > tr > td:nth-child(7) { background: #EFEFEF; }

Change 6 and 7 in that code to reflect what slots your weekend days occupy in the layout of the week, so to speak. For example: if you have a calendar starting on Sunday, you would use 1 and 7. If you have a calendar starting on Saturday, use 1 and 2.

Enter this code as a new Stylish setting and you're all set!

It's also worth noting that the option to dim weekends is available in the Chrome extension Minimalist for Google Calendar, but doesn't give you the option to set the color. In the code sample above, I chose a very light gray, but some might prefer a light blue, or darker gray, or a color that fits with their theme of choice.
Re: Can you shade weekend days? Tapper 323 7/20/11 7:30 AM
cvp1, where do I insert the code you referenced?
Re: Can you shade weekend days? DaKiLund 7/20/11 12:39 PM
This really needs to happen.
Re: Can you shade weekend days? cvp1 7/21/11 6:24 AM
Tapper 323: Add a new Style in Stylish, then paste the code in that box. Set it to apply to URLs starting with "" (no quotes).

Alternately, if you're using the "Minimalist for Google Calendar" extension in Chrome, go to your options and check "Enable Custom CSS" and paste the code in that box. Then hit "Refresh to Apply" and you'll be golden!
Re: Can you shade weekend days? Tapper 323 7/21/11 6:55 AM
cvp1, yes, it works well for Month View.  Thanks for the help.  Unfortunately, I use Week View :(
Re: Can you shade weekend days? DaKiLund 7/21/11 6:58 AM
cvp1, very nice, could you perhaps write a code that makes sunday light red (saturday can stay gray)?
Re: Can you shade weekend days? jaspet_dk 8/19/11 12:49 AM
Also wanting this as a standard setting i gcal.

Re: Can you shade weekend days? Three-Star Dave 9/10/11 3:01 PM
+1 - I'd find standard Saturday/Sunday weekend highlighting the easiest, but it sounds like the flexibility to background color particular days of the week would be the most valuable.  Regardless, it would be nice to have some sort of non-workaround functionality for this.
Re: Can you shade weekend days? jaspet_dk 9/28/11 5:20 AM
and nothing happens ?
Re: Can you shade weekend days? jasonsa 10/28/11 9:46 AM
There's a Chrome extension which can highlight the weekends for you, called Checker Plus for Google Calendar
Re: Can you shade weekend days? Chriszuma 11/8/11 2:57 PM
There is a chrome extension called G-Calize that does this for you.

Until Google gets on the ball and adds this basic feature, try this: 
Re: Can you shade weekend days? Giacomo.359 11/9/11 3:07 AM
Thanks Chriszuma and jasona.  I submitted original request nearly 3 years ago.  Finally an answer that works for me!
Re: Can you shade weekend days? Johnny Alpha 11/10/11 6:22 PM
This is a must for me too and it must be a Google calendar option not a chrome extension as I use different browsers for the several work and home gmail accounts that I have to avoid cookie clash and the need to keep logging in and out of accounts. 

Google must be one of the only software calendar producers in the world who don't provide this option!
Re: Can you shade weekend days? 2theorchard 9/1/12 9:47 AM
I agree with everyone. Would find this very useful, especially when embedding in blog.

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Re: Can you shade weekend days? Quits 9/10/12 12:12 AM
Is this ever going to happen, have you seen how old this is ?
or is this the wrong place to request thing like this ?
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