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embed my Google Calendar on my website and on facebook page

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embed my Google Calendar on my website and on facebook page Tim Fleischer 2/13/12 9:43 AM
How can I embed my Google Calendars on my business website?
What can I do to embed my Google Calendars on my business webpage?
What I have seen so far is based on older versions of Facebook, not the new open graph.


Re: embed my Google Calendar on my website and on facebook page zinja 2/13/12 11:40 AM
Google Calendar and Facebook--especially Facebook Events--need to be deeply integrated!  I needed that last year!  Please hurry and make this happen!
Re: embed my Google Calendar on my website and on facebook page zinja 2/13/12 11:51 AM
Yes, and I would like to see Google and Facebook work together to make Facebook Events post directly to Google Calendar (and perhaps vice versa!?).
Re: embed my Google Calendar on my website and on facebook page bickerdyke 2/14/12 12:19 AM
Google Calendar has an open API. Facebook is free to use that API to post events to Google calendars.

For Posting events from your homepage to other users calendars, there is the event button/template feature than can be embedded on any homepage.
Re: embed my Google Calendar on my website and on facebook page Chatterbox Tiff 4/3/12 9:03 AM
Hello... when I started this search inquiry, I was happy to see this post and the directions!....THEN... 

I read that on  website that if you did not install  the Static FBML application before March 1st.. well, you were just out of luck! 

The website above listed the following message:

NOTE: At the f8 Developer Conference in Sept 2011, Facebook announced that on June 1, 2012 FBML will be completely disabled:
“1. FBML Deprecation: FBML apps will no longer work on Platform. All FBML endpoints are removed as of June 1, 2012.”
And they have it listed on their Developer Roadmap.
We recommend TabPress to add a custom tab to your Page.
In March, Facebook made it clear that page admins should begin transitioning their Static FBML tabs to iFrame tabs. 
THEN... I was happy to read about another service that would help be able to add a Google calendar to my FB page!

I clicked on the ' We recommend TabPress to add a custom tab to your Page.' seen in the above link....

HOWEVER..when you go to that  link, you get the following:

TabPress iFrame Facebook Page Tab CreatorTabPress allows you to easily create an iFrame page tab for your Facebook Fan Page.

NOTE: We are temporarily suspending the ability to add the free TabPress app to your page. We'll post here when it's ready to start up again.
Existing installs of TabPress should work fine.
We will continue to offer TabPress White Label

SOOOOO... as I read further down the page on the website listed in the 1st paragraph above, I saw the following:

TabPress: a Free Facebook iFrame Tab Application
Here at HyperArts, we developed TabPress, a free iFrame tab application that takes care of the secure hosting of the iFrame page itself.
And using a free secure-hosting service such as Amazon Web Services S3, admins can upload their images and other page assets to a secure server and avoid browsers displaying“mixed content” warnings when both HTTP and HTTPS are used in the iFrame page code.

And instead of having to deal with the eccentricities of using fb:visible-to-connection FBML to create the Reveal / fan-gating feature, TabPress automates the Reveal feature for you, allowing you to enter content for fans in one box and for non-fans in another.
AGAIN... I was excited to find something that would help me! BUT... YEST AGAIN.... I was disappointed. 
Here is the message you get when you click on "TabPress, a free iFrame tab application

TabPress: Discontinued!
March 18, 2011 By Tim Ware 150 Comments
TabPress - Free iFrame Page Tab Creator
We are discontinuing the free TabPress Facebook Tab App as of April 1, 2012.
If you are currently using our app, you’ll need to transition to another Facebook custom-tab creator. I recommend Static HTML — if you’re looking for an app similar to TabPress where you can simply paste code into boxes.



Now that I have gone in a complete circle of "discontinued" or "will be discontinued" messages.... I am exactly where I was when I started this search! 

Anyone know what to do?


Bewildered in Florida...... (but really, my name is Tiffany)
Re: embed my Google Calendar on my website and on facebook page bickerdyke 4/4/12 6:24 AM
I know I'm a luddite when it comes to facebook, but if you get yourself an ordinary webpage you can decide for yourself what you want on there and not have to rely on third party applications and widgets for a third party company.

I'm sorry that I can't post something more helpfull here, but it's up to facebook to decide which content and what external stuff they allow users to include into facebook, and if multiple gadgets ate discontinued at the same time, thats usually due to changes out of their control. (Here facebook stopping whatever fbml is)

Perhaps a more general starting point for your queries is searching for a method to put an iframe on your fb page. (because that's what the GCal-embedding html code does)