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Outlook synchronization

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Outlook synchronization Kekec13 5/27/12 2:26 PM

I was using Plaxo to keep contacts and calendar in sync between my 3 PCs with Outlook on each of them and with one google account and Samsung Galaxy smartphone. In the last month Plaxo synchronization stopped working and it seems the company has a major problem that they are trying to fix. In the meantime I was trying to synchronize my calendars with Google calendar Sync. I have installed it on my notebook and it works well on the line Notebook Outlook - Google calendar - Samsung . Then I have tried to synchronize Outlook and Google calender on my office PC. I can not sign in in the Google Calendar Sync. Is there a problem of signing in two PCs to be synchronized or is there something else? When I have tried to sign in, my notebook was shut down just in case - but no luck either. 

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Re: Outlook synchronization Kekec13 5/29/12 12:31 AM
I have reset everything. I am just trying to get Google sync to work on my PC with XP and Outlook 2010. When I get the screen to sign in and when I enter my log in data the screen just refreshes and nothing happens