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Add by URL: Can't be HTTPS?

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Add by URL: Can't be HTTPS? Keyton Weissinger 7/13/09 7:26 PM
I have a web service that can publish event information for schools. From my test server (not secure), I might have something like:

This generates an iCal file which, when tested works like a champ. I am getting events showing up in a new calendar on Google. This has been tested and verified. The lag time on reading the iCal seems to be very slow but it DOES work.

HOWEVER, if I serve the exact same item from my secure server with something like (note httpS):

The new calendar is listed in google calendar on the left but no events come through. I've confirmed that the iCal file, content-type, etc are exactly the same.

There is no requirement for login on either site to get to this iCal (obviously).

Is there a limitation that the iCal file cannot be served via a secure site?

Please help! I may have to remove this feature if I cannot get this figured out.

Thank you very much.

Re: Add by URL: Can't be HTTPS? trondkla 9/1/11 5:45 AM
I have the same problem.
Import through google calendar site has no problem, but when I try to use URL nothing happens
Re: Add by URL: Can't be HTTPS? RSmeds 11/5/12 2:40 AM

We have the same problem as well, and Google has actually confirmed to us that Google Calendar has issues with HTTPS.