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Add travel time to calendar items

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Add travel time to calendar items rmdegennaro 4/6/09 6:44 AM
I travel a lot around a particular city.  It would be nice to be able to add my expected travel time to a meeting so I know when to leave in addition to the time that the meeting starts.  So there would one or reminders, when to leave and/or when the meeting starts. 

Currently, I set the time for when I have to leave and add in notes when it starts.  And coordinating with people I have to either look at notes.  So in that sense, not just reminders, but visually on the calendar would be nice too. 

What would be even cooler (though I'm not this lazy) would be to put in addresses and have google maps calculate travel time (from location of last meeting to location of next meeting).  It can also vary, especially with slow days workings from home or extended "lunches" where I can get wifi. 
Re: Add travel time to calendar items Gohanto 4/10/09 11:39 AM
I agree. That would be an excellent feature.
Re: Add travel time to calendar items David12345678900cdbgg 4/23/09 11:03 PM
please do - it would make google cal even more of an external brain and be a godsend for so many people
Re: Add travel time to calendar items happyharris 6/18/09 8:44 AM
Me too.

Travel time is time that is not available for scheduling another event, so it needs to be on the calendar. Workarounds are either
1) create a "pre-event" event and a "post-event" event
2) put in incorrect times for the event itself

Any time you have to trick the software like this, it screams for a solution in the system itself. People have been wanting this feature in every calendar application I have ever seen (including MS Outlook) and nobody has been able to provide it. I think it is a feature that all on its own would make people adopt Google calendar.

Re: Add travel time to calendar items pattern86 6/18/09 11:31 AM
@ rmdegennaro
Maybe I'm not understanding your post, but since it's all within the same city (and you probably have a good grasp on the time required to get from place to place within that city), why not just add that travel time as an extra notification for the event? You can have unlimited notifications on every event! Also, this way your time for the meeting stays correct and you don't have to compare notes.

The "auto-calculate necessary travel time" feature based on distance (to/from addresses) and traffic amount (calculated from traffic history) would be an amazing feature! Great idea!!
Re: Add travel time to calendar items rmdegennaro 6/18/09 5:32 PM
like happyharris says, that travel time is not schedule-able.  so its nice to see the indication on the calendar.  also, I might not always know/remember the travel time to a client, especially if they are new or I haven't been to before.  now if you add shared calendars to the mix, and people who do scheduling for another, there are even more nicities with sharing information. 

though you do bring up a nice point indirectly.  a way around the issue is to schedule travel times as a separate event, but that is hard to manage when moving the "real" event from one day to another.  also, if you have a routine event, say every Monday at 1:30PM, but where you are before hand changes, then the travel time might change.  so to "embed" one event inside another or "wrap" one around another is perhaps bad.  to "link" two (or three) events might work.  then if you need to change travel time for just one instance, google calendar already handles that situation.  though this is just off the top of my head.

and this brings about another thought.  the event color is changed based on calendar.  it'd be nice to change the color of an event based on choice. then I and others can see when I'm busy with a client and when I am traveling quite easily.  but then this starts getting into real "scheduling software"....
Re: Add travel time to calendar items pattern86 6/19/09 10:34 AM
You actually can pull that last part off by setting your events to "available" or "busy" accordingly, then making your calendar public and sharing only the free/busy information.
Re: Add travel time to calendar items Drewschen 7/7/09 5:32 AM
I just thought of this and looked to see if there had been any posts on it. Sure enough, I am not the first to have this idea.
The solution I had in mind to start with was just to extend the blocks (say in the week view for now) to add a default travel time on to each meeting. So you would have the block plus a bit more at the bottom and top in a slightly lighter shade to denote the travel time.
Then to extend on this functionality, if you enter an address in the event, the calendar could interface to maps in order to get the time required from going to and from the event.
This solution would of course require not just an address of the event but also a starting point, for example your home address.
Of course you are left with the scenario that you don't always go home between meetings. Sometimes you might have bigger gaps between meetings in which case you might go back to your default location in between and other times you might not have much gap in which case you would go to the next meeting straight after the previous one. This could be done by setting a minimum time spent at default location but I think this is over complicating a potentially simple feature and may not really be necessary. It also turns a calendar into a planner.
Re: Add travel time to calendar items TristanB1989 7/9/09 7:07 AM
I had this idea yesterday, had a look around and found this.
A basic way to do it would be to have a travel time section in the event creation screen (by default the same amount of time both ways). And then have it appear as a slightly lighter or darker shade on either side of the event....or potentially as events on a travel calendar. These events could be the equivalent of events shared with you so you can't edit them directly but can see them. This would also make them a solid colour which would make them seem darker than any event you have which are that colour.
Re: Add travel time to calendar items KTransue 7/13/09 4:47 PM
It's a simple addition, really.  The basic capabilities are already in the software.  As several have noted, just provide the capability in the event creation dialog, with a user definable default set in "settings".  In the event-creation dialog, it would appear something like:

Show travel time?  [yes/no]    Before:  [duration selector default]     After:  [duration selector default]

Reflect the result in the calendar -- both online and in print -- as an open-framed appointment with a dashed-line border in the same color as the appointment, and make it sizable with a drag/drop bar for ease-of-use.

Finally, add the feature to Quick Add with a simple keyword -- Say "travel" -- and maybe a optional parameter like "(30)" to designate travel minutes other than the default or, if the travel duration is different before and after, then something like "(30,15)".

Re: Add travel time to calendar items Knob 9/18/09 2:10 PM
I love this idea!!!!
Re: Add travel time to calendar items BenBrandenburg 10/30/09 4:00 AM
We could use this not only for travel, but more general as a "warming up" and "cooling down" period around appointments, which can be used for travel, but also for relaxing, reading stuff before a meeting, consultation, bathroom visits, you name it. Just not for more appointments.

I support the functional description by KTransue.
Re: Add travel time to calendar items Luegge 2/2/10 7:17 AM
I just had this idea as well and would be happy to see it comming to Google Calendar. The version within the creation dialog would be the most useful in my oppinion, and why not, as said just before me, being able to name it :)
Re: Add travel time to calendar items degainer 2/28/10 10:12 PM
I also wrote a request for this feature, although I deleted it after I found this topic already made. I think this would be a great feature, and hope that it will come into fruition soon.
Re: Add travel time to calendar items m.luxion 3/2/10 1:22 PM
I've been hoping for this feature for a long time, too.
Just adding my voice here to hope this thread gets noticed and the idea gets implemented.
Re: Add travel time to calendar items ruggi 3/11/10 8:20 AM
I'm later then most of the above posts but came to the same idea today.

Instead of waiting for Google to make it... i'll give it a go and try to make it myself (at least a "prove of concept"). Shouldn't be too complicated with Google Data API and Google App Marketplace these days...

If I succees I will update this thread.
Re: Add travel time to calendar items KTransue 3/11/10 8:29 AM
Thanks, Ruggi.  I look forward to seeing your update.
Re: Add travel time to calendar items rmdegennaro 3/11/10 8:44 AM
Thanks from me too Ruggi.  I'm not exactly a programmer, but hack together one-off tools sometimes.  I.e.  if you need some help or a bug tester, I might have time/skills to help.
Re: Add travel time to calendar items LouAnnne 5/8/10 8:44 AM
Yes, please calculate travel time either as a increase time for travel manual or use the distance calculated from maps.
Start location defaul of home or another location or prior event.

Then you can offer the local search fuction to find coffee shops, librarys what ever from the google local search.

When integrated with mobile maps you can push your cpc revenue.
Re: Add travel time to calendar items KTransue 5/8/10 8:53 AM
I once helped our city develop our 20-year future plan.  That was 1996.  It's been 14 years, and there is still no detectable progress.  This is beginning to feel the same way.  Hopefully someone actually looks at these suggestions, but who would ever know???
Re: Add travel time to calendar items Pretz 7/17/10 2:42 AM
A good enough example of this functionality can be found in Entourage 2008.

Optional Travel Time with ability to enter time (units, mins, hrs) and whether the travel time should be before the meeting only, both before and after, or just after.  Displays on calendar as a translucent extension to event itself.  Simple and effective.

Google, please take note.
Re: Add travel time to calendar items Hemm 7/21/10 8:02 AM
This would be nice. For me, most important is just that my free/busy time gets blocked for a period surrounding a meeting I am travelling to so that others cannot book meetings during those times.  Right now, I create additional calendar entries for travel times, but sometimes forget.
Re: Add travel time to calendar items matthurley 9/13/10 6:41 PM
Integration with Google Maps is definitely a great idea - i.e. calculate estimated travel time from default location (e.g. home, office). Could also calculate travel time from the location of the appointment / event before it (if there is one)
Re: Add travel time to calendar items LMShin 9/16/10 9:46 AM
I would appreciate this not so much from the standpoint of my needing to remember to add travel time (or any kind of buffer time) but also so my assistants (who schedule my appointments) can see when I need buffer time and when they can set me back to back. For example, if I have in-office appointments, they can be scheduled back-to-back. If I have out of office appointments, I need to know the exact time I am supposed to be somewhere but my assistant needs to know not to schedule something back to back with the out of office appointment. Right now, I have to schedule the buffer time into the appointment and make a note in the details section--it's cumbersome.
Re: Add travel time to calendar items DevilHimself 10/26/10 3:08 PM
Very useful for me viewing my boss' calendar so that I know when he actually has to leave the office as opposed to when his next meeting starts.
Re: Add travel time to calendar items sir KitKat 11/8/10 2:03 AM
from the where field from the previous event and the next event, in combination with google maps and you can calculate the time needed to get from event A to event B
Re: Add travel time to calendar items sir KitKat 12/30/10 5:20 AM
I have made a work around to add travel time to a calendar.
It uses the scripting enviroment of google docs (spreadsheet) and the google calendar API and Maps API.

I made this script public, but I'm waiting for the approval of Google. If its OK, I'll update this post.

If some people think: "I will give it a try" let me know. If there are a lot of people wanting this, I'll will continue to put time in the script to finish it off (Its now sort of beta version without any options)
Re: Add travel time to calendar items rmdegennaro 1/3/11 10:08 AM
I am no longer in the position that requires a lot of travel.  But I would certainly love to test out your script.  So count me in on QA'ing it.  Maybe even tweaking it a bit if necessary...
Re: Add travel time to calendar items eDave60 1/8/11 1:43 PM
Good job. I'd give it a try.
Re: Add travel time to calendar items KTransue 1/8/11 2:12 PM
Thanks sir KitKat.  I'm very interested in your solution, especially given that we've been asking for this feature for a couple of years and Google appears to be completely apathetic.  Please let us know how and when we can make use of it.
Re: Add travel time to calendar items morgdaddy 2/12/11 7:10 AM
I'm quite surprised that Google hasn't supported this feature yet. As it is now, I have to schedule separate "Travel" items before and after my appts.
Re: Add travel time to calendar items Rizzo 3/20/11 5:37 PM
Can't wait to help test it!
Re: Add travel time to calendar items KTransue 3/20/11 7:55 PM
Dear Google,

April, '09.  April.  2009.  2009!  In case you're counting, that's 2 years.  Two years!  Two ... years ... ago.  And still, not even an acknowledgment.  I'd throw in a sarcastic "thanks", but I'm afraid you'd take me seriously and close the question as "answered".  I'm just sayin'...

Re: Add travel time to calendar items mindfulstep 6/7/11 5:46 AM
I would love to test this feature if it ever comes to fruition.

It would make scheduling so much more effective. None of the work arounds are really strong options for effectively including travel times.
Re: Add travel time to calendar items John Seiffer 6/20/11 5:16 AM
I need this one too. The reason is that I want to put the real time in the event title (Meet with MIKE 10AM) so that I can see that real easily on my phone. But have the calendar block out time starting at 9:30 for travel.
Re: Add travel time to calendar items squash 7/2/11 12:22 PM
Sir KitKat -

Would you mind emailing me the solution? I would love to use it. 
Re: Add travel time to calendar items KTransue 7/2/11 1:47 PM
Sir KitKat, or anyone else having built a solution, I'd like to get my hands on it too.  If you could post a link to it, you'd have several fans right off.
Re: Add travel time to calendar items dprp 8/10/11 9:23 AM
any solution?
maybe solution is in Labs
as far as I know there are no calenad on the market that has this feature...
Google be first to offer
Re: Add travel time to calendar items MarsGirl 9/16/11 3:59 PM
I would love to be able to have this. It's the one thing that keeps me from completely liking Google Calendar.

Google: You really need to get on this. It wouldn't be that hard.
Re: Add travel time to calendar items sir KitKat 9/30/11 4:42 PM
Update on my script:

sinds I'm a dad i did not had much time on my hands to finish the script off.
What i have now is a script that has to run around the clock (trigger every 5 minutes).
because google did not implement the function getEventById() the script makes a lot of requests to the calander to find the events by running trough all the events.
Resulting in errors because the max number of request on 1 day is reached in about 2 hours (depending on the numbers of events in the calander). I've been looking for a work around but none work well.

the getEventById() is already logged here:

Re: Add travel time to calendar items John Seiffer 11/9/11 11:57 AM
One thing that would help is to be able to turn off the part where google interprets the time from the title of the event.

I want to have an event called  "Lunch with Joe at 12:30"  and have the event start at 11:30 because it's an hour away. That way the travel time is blocked off and the real time shows in the title of the event.

But google always interprets that to have the event start at 12:30 so I have to make the event then go and edit it. If you could turn off the interpreting part I'd be happy.
Re: Add travel time to calendar items Dimension128 1/2/12 12:46 AM
When creating an event using the quick add feature, Simply put all of the required information in, including travel time, event start time, and location.

For example: If you type,
Event Name-3PM from 2pm to 4pm at Mars
It will create an event named "Event Name-3PM at Mars", with the start and end times set to 1pm, and 4pm respectively, and the location set to Mars.

Suggestion for this feature request.
Perhaps to simplify this feature request, Google could just add an option to add 'Fuzzy time' to an event. (I think this is an appropriate name as the feature would mostly be used to represent estimated time periods)
As has already been suggested; The user would set a padding amount for before and/or after the event.
This time would show up on the calender as an alpha gradient of the same color as the event, and register as free/busy per the users selection. (free/busy independent of the event's free/busy status)
This addition alone would be very useful.

Users could use this feature to represent all sorts of things; travel time, prep time, etc.
A user could set the event to free while the fuzzy time is busy, to represent semi-rare situations; Such as an event encapsulating visitation time with the padding around the event representing travel time. This way, people can easily schedule events within the time frame marked as free by this event. 

To increase this features usefulness, add a button that says "Calculate travel time"; which will prompt the user for point A and B, with the destination auto-filled from the events location field, and the start position auto-filled with the users usual home/starting position (or current location via geoip).

I think reminders should ignore the fuzzy time, because it would be confusing otherwise. If an event starts at 1pm and I set a reminder for 2 hours prior, thats exactly what it should do.
Re: Add travel time to calendar items ac1964 1/15/12 4:33 PM
Add me to the list, it would be very convenient.
Re: Add travel time to calendar items topcatchambers 2/3/12 7:20 AM
Hi I'd like to give your script a go please
Re: Add travel time to calendar items calgg 3/1/12 7:50 AM
I'd also be interested in trying the script, if it is still functional

Re: Add travel time to calendar items Rizzo 7/23/12 4:24 PM
Is this script available anywhere?
Re: Add travel time to calendar items mike548141 7/24/12 10:59 AM
I really hope this one makes it to Labs or live Google Apps.  I'm worried that this post started back in 2009 without result so far...

I absolutely agree about showing travel time visually and auto-calculating travel via Google Maps, but for me its even more important that this show up on free/busy searches.

People will often look at my calendar to book my time, but they don't know that the 30 mins after my 2pm will be spent returning to the office but my 3.30pm is right next door etc...  Dimension128 has mentioned fuzzy time in the comments.  I think they have hit the nail on the head.

Re: Add travel time to calendar items BucF16 10/3/12 12:40 PM
This is something that is functional in other online calendars but I don't think they add the functionality that google maps could add.  Franklin Covey has had this for eons.

Each appointment should have the option of adding travel time and having it show up either/both in front of and behind the actual appointment as a lighter or translucent shade of the same color as the appointment.

This would be EXTREMELY useful and long overdue.
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