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Address Visibility G Brown 4/5/13 8:46 AM
Our Google+ business listing has our address marked as private as well as "Do No Show My Address".  Despite all of that it is shown load and proud at the top of our page.  We absolutely do no want it there.  Those settings have been set for months and months, so it isn't an effect of any sort of updating delay.  This needs to be resolved ASAP.  We were previously having the same problem where it was showing it on the tiles in Google Maps.  That seems to be fixed now.  This is much much worse.  This needs to be addressed immediately.
Re: Address Visibility jim.jaggers 4/5/13 8:51 AM
This is a bug that has been going on for a couple of weeks now.  Google is aware of it and working to correct it.
Re: Address Visibility Linda Buquet ~ 4/9/13 9:18 AM
@Anne asked "Should we delete them? Put in a fake address until this bug is fixed?"

Doing either could cause you problems that could last for weeks/months possibly and be hard to fix. But the problem could be corrected in days.

So if you value your listing and do get some clicks and calls and don't want that traffic to disappear, I recommend sitting tight.

Depending on the type of business you have, if it's a service business and not a retail store, people are seldom just going to drive over. They are going to call usually. I have a home office, I'm an extremely visible person and had my address everywhere including my Place page (until the new rule and I had to hide it). I've never ever had anyone walk up to my door or even call to ask if they could come to my office. 

Re: Address Visibility Jade W. 4/9/13 9:41 AM
Just here to confirm that we're aware of the issue and working on a fix.
Re: Address Visibility Jade W. 4/12/13 6:41 PM
We believe this issue has been resolved -- let us know if that's not the case.