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Google+ and Google Places

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Google+ and Google Places Alison Walker 2/12/13 12:31 AM
Hello there... @Jade W

I'm sure that this question has been asked and answered and I apologise if I'm wasting time, but I can't seem to get my head around the two pages.  Here is my story and I'm hoping somebody (perhaps you Jade W) can help...

When Google+ launched, I created my profile as my business as I use my property on a social media basis rather than personal, so my Google+ page read Schoone Oordt rather than Alison Walker and I posted a few things and linked a few things as Schoone Oordt. Then when Google+ launched their business pages, I created a separate Google+ business page for Schoone Oordt and renamed my personal page with my personal name.

Then, I couldn't find a way of 'linking' my Google+ business page so that it became searchable and when clicking through it looked like my Google Places page came up looking like a Google+ business page.  Now this would be fine except I'm not crazy about the pictures and would like to use my Google+ business page the way that I use my Facebook Business page with likes, photos, posts etc.

Here is a link to my Google Places page

Does this make sense?

With love.

Re: Google+ and Google Places Alison Walker 2/14/13 12:49 AM
Please can somebody (anybody) help me?
Re: Google+ and Google Places SQLPerformance 2/14/13 4:22 AM
The Places entry drives search and the Google+ search result uses Places data.

You should have a +Profile in your name and a +Local Business page to go with the Places entry.
I see these in a search at the top of my +Profile page.

After checking you have no duplicates in gogole maps you can verify/merge the +Local Business page and then some of its data will merge over the search time Google+ page.

This is a halfway house bodge.
Re: Google+ and Google Places Alison Walker 2/14/13 4:46 AM
Ah, thank you for responding.
Please could you explain to me in a little more detail?  In other words, step by step, what should I do?
When you say I should have a +Profile in my name - is this my personal name or my business name?
I also just tried to upload new pictures to my +Local page, which show up on my Dashboard, but haven't pulled through to my +Local.
Thank you very much for your patience with me... :)
Re: Google+ and Google Places SQLPerformance 2/14/13 5:16 AM
All +Profiles have to be in a persons name.  You can have several, personal, business, club OWHY.
I see yours +Profile as your name.

At the moment updates from the Places entry are slow or do not work.
Treebles said you need 5 in Places to get an update or you can load them in as public from a separate account.
Re: Google+ and Google Places Alison Walker 2/14/13 6:00 AM
So, when somebody does a search for accommodation in our area, then it looks to me like the properties that have Google+ pages rank higher than the properties that don't.
I would obviously like to get my property close to the top and I imagine having an active Google+ page will enable this.  Is this true?
If so, then how do I load/create a Google+ page that is searchable, has reviews on it and one that we may use the same as we use our FaceBook page?
I'm sorry, but I don't know what this means 'Treebles said you need 5 in Places to get an update or you can load them in as public from a separate account.'  If I load them in from a seperate account, what guarantee is there that Google will use them?
Thank you.
Re: Google+ and Google Places Jade W. 2/14/13 8:35 AM
This is your Google+ Local listing (that comes up in Maps search):
- Manage this via Google Places at or by clicking on Manage this page.

This is your social Google+ business page (that you can use to post updates, etc):
- Manage this via Google+ as you have been doing.
- You can merge these pages by verifying this page. Just click on Verify now.

Please note that your Google+ profile should be under your name, not the name of your business. This is grounds for suspension. 

Re: Google+ and Google Places Alison Walker 2/14/13 9:47 AM
Thank you so much Jade.  Thought you might be able to help... :)
I did try to upload new pictures on the Google+ Local listing and they show up on my Dashboard, but not on the page...  Might this just take a bit of time?
There is no Verify Now button on my Google+ page.  When I logon, it says you are the manager of this page and I can switch to the page.  What now?  I would prefer to +1 and post as my property as I use social media predominantly for business.  As mentioned, I'd like to keep my Google+ page active.
When searching for accommodation in our area, there are properties that come up with Google+ page in blue under their Places name, mine just says 2 Google Reviews, so it's not recognising my Google+ profile for some reason?
Thank you for your patience with me...  I am new to all of this.
Re: Google+ and Google Places SQLPerformance 2/14/13 10:01 AM
Ah.  When I did a google search I saw your name and did not click through, is this a +Local Business page in your own name, not the business?  I wish google would label all these pages at the top.

Do you have another page in the business name as a +Profile?

Re: Google+ and Google Places Alison Walker 2/14/13 10:17 AM
No, SQL - I only have a +Local Business page in my business name and only one.
It seems as though my Google+ Business Page is actually active as Jade found it and that is also in my business name.
Re: Google+ and Google Places Jade W. 2/14/13 1:30 PM
Photo uploads take about a month from the dashboard. You can take a shortcut by clicking on the Photos tab of the Google+ Local listing (first link in my previous post) and then uploading a photo from there. Should show up almost immediately.

It looks like you started the verification process. You should switch to the page and see if it looks like there is an option to request another PIN or somewhere to input a PIN.
Re: Google+ and Google Places Alison Walker 2/14/13 11:32 PM
Hello again Jade
That's where it gets interesting...  I did go through the verification process previously and a pin was sent to our address and then when I tried to load it, it said the business did not need to be verified.
Now, I've done what you've asked, switched to the page and there's a big blue stripe saying 'Your edits won't show up on Google unless you verify that you are the business owner', but there is no 'verify now' or unverified button.  I can see an 'edit business information button' and a 'link your website' button, but that's it.  Would you like me to send you a screen shot?
Regarding the photos.  I'd like them to show up within the banner at the top, so adding via Google+ Local won't really help at this time.  That's ok, I suppose, we can wait a month...
Re: Google+ and Google Places Alison Walker 2/14/13 11:54 PM
Hello again!
I clicked on the 'Edit Business' button and it put me through to my details and a 'verify now' button, which I clicked on and it's sending a new pin to our address!
Yay!  Hopefully this works now.
Will keep ya posted.  Thank you SO much for making it clear and easy to understand.
Re: Google+ and Google Places gregorysmith 2/16/13 7:13 AM
@quicksoftservices that would solely depend how you use it, answer your question, yes there are many SEO benefits.

gregory smith

Re: Google+ and Google Places SQLPerformance 2/16/13 8:01 AM
At the moment the Places entry drives search for showing the Google+ results page.

Verifying/merging a +Local Business page with the Places entry only shares some data at search time in the Google+ results page.
Re: Google+ and Google Places Alison Walker 2/18/13 3:00 AM
Hello SQL
I'm sorry, I'm really unclever when it comes to this.  I don't understand what you mean by above.
Could you spell it out for me please?
Re: Google+ and Google Places SQLPerformance 2/18/13 9:14 AM
When you do a search and get a blended result with the map and the rep pin:
 When you than navigate to your Google+ search result page
The reason you showed in the search was because you had a Maps index cluster with your data in it.
Without a Places entry google makes that result from your other web directory entries it scrapes.
If you have an Active Places entry then the data shown in the Google+ page will come from there, if most of the scraped web directory data agrees with it.

When you verify/merge a +Local Business page with the Places entry than some of that pages data will be over-laid onto the original Google+ page.

So in order what shows on a Google+ search result page is:
  Scraped data from the web for you:
  Overlaid by an Active Places entry data, some may be on the web already.
  And for a verified +Local Business page some of that data can overlay the Places and web directory data.