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Same address - same phone - different businesses - avoid merge

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Same address - same phone - different businesses - avoid merge Christalnow 7/1/12 7:05 AM
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M client has 2 businesses operating from the same address. One is a fairly new company he started to be distinctly separate from a previous company as well as the other still existing company. In setting up Google+ local it was my intention to use separate phone #'s starting with the new company;
Of course the proper categories are still not showing as I indicated them but that is a story for another post. Now it seems that the Google+ local page for the other still existing company displays the same phone. How can this be as I'm almost positive it did not when I started this process a few weeks ago and Google would not have let me create a second page for this # - would they?
I'm baffled as usual and I'd like to be perfectly clear on policy regarding address and phone # issues. I know we must use separate #'s for each business in order to effectively gather citations but what about Google, is the policy clear - only 1 # per address? Obviously if so this is not enforced. Anyway I certainly appreciate the tireless work of folks on this forum and would like once and for all to understand about dupes, merges, etc. I know dupes are bad for you but why exactly?
As I went about creating a footprint for this fairly new company I discovered places pages at other addresses which would actually work in our favor if we could somehow claim and optimize them. Since I wish to play by the rules though I'm considering options for deleting these no longer valid entries but Google has proven to be so untrustworthy time and again that I must proceed with extreme caution. Any suggestions?
Chris A
Link to your local Google+ page (previously known as a Place page):
Business name (as it is in your account):
Business location: Street address, City, State/Province, Country 
Business telephone (as it is in your account): 
Business category (e.g. hospital, etc.):

What's the issue you're experiencing? 
Re: Same address - same phone - different businesses - avoid merge Flash (RL) 7/1/12 8:29 AM
You may have set up a new phone number for Carolina Kitchen & Floors to try and make it distinct; but every reference I checked on the web shows it shares a phone number with Custom Homes of Asheville.  Claiming your listing does give you some trusted edit status; but when every other resource disagrees with your information, Google puts more trust in the other resources.  You have some major cleanup of his online presence to do.

Duplicates are bad as they are false information, editors of the map are constantly working to eliminate them.  Claiming a duplicate to try and increase your exposure is dishonest and spammy, and Google would have every right to penalize you for it.  I marked the Carolina Kitchen & Floors duplicate with no street address in Asheville for you.  If you know of others, I'll get them marked correctly.
Re: Same address - same phone - different businesses - avoid merge Linda Buquet ~ 7/1/12 9:21 PM
You asked so many Qs Chris and there are so many underlying gotchas and stuff that it's hard to explain. Sounds like you maybe aren't clear on some of the  concepts and how Places works. I cover everything verbally in my Advanced training but to try to type it all out to attempt to explain would require writing a book. My carpal is killing tonight so I can't. So I'll just answer one Q, since Gregg answered a couple others.

"I know dupes are bad for you but why exactly?"

They can disconnect the main listing you are trying to rank from the site so the client no longer ranks, due to duplicate confusion. OR they can outrank your main listing and push it down in the rankings OR can steal reviews away from the main listing. 

That other thread you, Gregg and I posted in today about phone#s and merging also addresses some of the issues you brought up here.