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Case Study: Mom Needs Help

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Case Study: Mom Needs Help Scott L Smith 4/25/12 6:58 AM
Situation: Business (Mom's Diner) has several locations - same Name, different Addresses and Phone #s ALL listed on each page of the site:

Mom's Diner
123 Main St
New York, NY 12345

Mom's Diner
5423 Dodger Lane
Brooklyn, NY 12346

Mom's Diner
2323 Shore Blvd
Atlantic City, NJ

Part 1: Is it better to: (A) Create a separate page for two of the locations and use new location page URLs for those Places Pages (remove NAP from all other pages and only have 1 NAP for any 1 page on site except for Contact Page) or

                    (B) Use Home Page URL for all 3 Places Pages as this is often the most informative and weighted page of site, but there could possibly be merge issues or

                    (C) Other than A or B

Part 2: Mom's Diner is already listed in hundreds of Directories. Do you:
                    (A) Start changing them manually (is there any advantage besides time/money to setting up manually over option B?)
                    (B) Have a company change all directories
                    (C) Don't worry about merge issues. Just create new directories under the system to chose in Part 1
Re: Case Study: Mom Needs Help SQLPerformance 4/25/12 3:12 PM
google will scrape a default maps cluster of data for each location based on the phone no, business name and possibly Categories and text content.

If your Places entry for a location matches the maps cluster merged data then it will 'take over' the cluster.
For this to work then all the web data needs to be consistent.
Start from the top at Localeze, Axciom(Use the Add option to Search!) and Expressupdate.
Yext seems cost effective for the other 30 main listings if they need tidying up or you change address, phone no or name.

You should set up a web page for each location with added unique information about the location.

Link each Places page to its local web page.  Google may still show the home page but not a worry.