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Category Errors Sumo-101 2/24/14 7:11 PM
Hi everyone - I'm having an issue with my listings. it says there is a problem with my categories, but when I update them, the error is still there.

I edited a week ago hoping it was just taking a while to go through, but it's still there today, and I have again updated.

Note: I am using categories in Google's list, NOT my own, and was from the beginning, so there shouldn't have been an issue in the first place.


Re: Category Errors ehg 2/25/14 11:27 AM
there are two points bit strange for me:
at first your Places listing fot Highgate shows "car park" as category 
secondly  if clicking the link "Edit details" it shows not anymore the  category "car park"  
It shows your categories completely different as 
- Parking Lot (and this come twice) 
- Parking
- Transportation Infrastructure

However if trying to enter in any new place listing for Australia as I just tried it entering the same categories as you get them "warned" as bad in your screenshot I can only select "Parking" , or "Car park" or "Transport Infrastructure" - "Parking Lot" obviously will not anymore offered or accepted.
What happens if you avoid entering  (resubmitting) "Parking Lot"" but either of the above mentioned actual defaul categoroes?
Thank you.
Re: Category Errors Sumo-101 2/26/14 10:56 PM
Yes, I tried entering in a completely new one from the new interface, and it still let me use 'Parking Lot' as one of it's categories, but as I was just seeing whether it was being offered, I don't know if it too would show the error (As it wasn't real, I was just seeing what the form would do)

I have resubmitted 'Parking Lot' etc, because it is a default category, and yet it's returning an error - there are no other options for category for me. 'Car Park' wasn't an option when I tried.

I saw on another thread that this was a known bug, that was corrected on the 21st of Feb (or thereabouts) but it has obviously not been resolved for me!
Re: Category Errors ehg 2/27/14 3:07 AM
Will escalates your category issue to Google - can't advice more at teh moment.
Re: Category Errors Jade W 3/3/14 8:43 PM
This is a known issue (strange behavior with categories in some bulk upload listings). We're working on it; thanks for letting us know! 
Re: Category Errors Sumo-101 3/4/14 1:08 AM
Thanks Jade! Just don't want the listings to all disappear like they did with the last Places upgrade/update!

Re: Category Errors Jade W 3/6/14 10:13 AM
@Rebecca, can you check to see if this is still occurring? 
Re: Category Errors Sumo-101 3/9/14 7:02 PM
HI Jade, 

No, this error has been rectified, thanks!
Re: Category Errors Jade W 3/10/14 11:42 AM
@Rebecca, thanks for reporting back. The team was happy to hear that they were able to fix this issue.