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Google + Page 'In Progress'

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Google + Page 'In Progress' Sean Blair 10/30/12 3:42 PM
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Link to your local Google+ page (previously known as a Place page):
Business name (as it is in your account): Bodyline Collision Centre
Business location: Street address, City, State/Province, Country: 6 Wharf Street, Dunedin 9044
Business telephone (as it is in your account): 03 477 3667
Business category (e.g. hospital, etc.): Panel Beater

What's the issue you're experiencing? 

My Google + page is not appearing but it has been verified. The status up the top says 'In progress'. This has been like that for over a month now. Can you please get back to me urgently.
Re: Google + Page 'In Progress' treebles 10/30/12 6:55 PM
The "in progress" message appears while waiting for the verification PIN.
Did you request the verification PIN for your Google+ Page, got it and after entering the Google+ Page never got the Verified icon? Instead it remained displaying the "in progress" message?

I can find the Google+ Local listing (from Places)

Could you please provide the URL for the Google+ Page that your tried to merge with your Places listing.
Thank you
Re: Google + Page 'In Progress' Sean Blair 11/26/12 3:00 PM
HI There

I have still heard no response in regards to my issue above.

I have copied the URL links you have requested. The first link may only work when I am signed in. The second one is the link via Google Search engine. This is only showing 'About' and 'Posts'. Whereas within my setup there are meant to be four tabs showing About, Posts, Photos, Videos. It still remains to say 'Your PIN has been accepted and verification is pending'.

Can you please get back to me asap. This is getting rather frustrating :0

Re: Google + Page 'In Progress' treebles 11/27/12 7:12 AM
thank you for the links, the merger of the two pages is full of bugs and it seems that your merger was caught in one of them.
I will escalate to Google employees to see if they can provide any insights about your merger problems and provide assistance.
Re: Google + Page 'In Progress' Jade W. 11/27/12 4:53 PM
Thanks, treebles.

@Sean Blair, it seems like these pages are affected by an issue where the pages get stuck in the verification process. The team's aware and working on a solution.
Re: Google + Page 'In Progress' John Dorr 1/18/13 4:09 PM
I've been waiting for a resoloution on a simillar issue that I posted to you in another group post.
I have a page that hasn't mereged with my places listing.
Got the post card and verified it but for several months it's been showing in progress.
The places page is:
It should be merged into our google+ page: