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Location Moved option a11c 4/18/12 10:34 AM
I work with small and medium sized law firms and the way the industry goes, firms tend to move offices quite a bit.

I generally use "this office is closed" option, however, I receive complaints that the yellow highlighting and wording "closed" can confuse potential clients, thus leading them to another firm or listing. As everyone knows a new potential client could always be a big sale and no one wants to lose on a big sell.

Would Vanessa or another Google employee be able to raise a feature request for "this office has moved" option or something similar?

Re: Location Moved option vanessagene 4/18/12 1:26 PM
Yep, we're working on better messaging for these kinds of cases. Stay tuned!
Re: Location Moved option Barry Schwartz 5/20/12 6:29 PM
Any ETA on this? I am moving in about a month after being at a location for 10 years and it might look bad if we listed us as being closed. :)  Plus, what happens to the reviews under that original business listing?
Re: Location Moved option vanessagene 5/20/12 7:12 PM
We don't discuss timings.

If you mark the old listing closed, and create a new one, I can't say your reviews will definitely move to the new listing (I can't make guarantees with Places). You could try just editing the address on the old listing, if you're concerned about the reviews, but you might run in to address issues. 
Re: Location Moved option SQLPerformance 5/20/12 11:36 PM
Are you keeping the same business name and phone no?

Also remember to change all the other web directory data.  You need to change the address on third party review sites for them to be associated with the new Places entry.

The old Closed entry will not show up in a normal browser bar/google search by category and location.

The problem is google did something to these searches about September last year and without 'in' or 'near' they do not work like they used to and even then the hierarchy of location is not working.
To get the 'old' search results where you specify suburb, city, county(UK) you have to search in google maps where the Closed office will show.

Mobile is another matter.
Re: Location Moved option Barry Schwartz 5/21/12 4:49 AM

I am keeping same business name, phone, web address, etc.  Just moving to a larger office space 5 minutes down the road. :)

Still close the business?
Re: Location Moved option SQLPerformance 5/21/12 11:25 AM
Well Mike says to make a new Places entry at the new location first.

Maybe change the web directory data whilst waiting to PIN verify.

Then Close the old search listing using Report a Problem.
When its marked as Closed and gone from a category and location search Delete the old Places entry.

Doing it this way ought to mean old web data you cannot change will merge with the Closed listing, if a duplicate is scraped for an old entry mark it as a duplicate of the old closed entry.
Re: Location Moved option Linda Buquet ~ 5/23/12 11:22 AM
I gave my advice and opinion over at Barry's blog because I don't think Google would like me to post my opinion here.
I think marking old locations closed is a band aid. A VERY BAD band aid for a variety of reasons, including potential merge problems.

Re: Location Moved option Barry Schwartz 5/21/12 11:36 AM
I do like your advice & opinion Linda. :)
Re: Location Moved option SQLPerformance 5/21/12 2:26 PM
The places entry search listing for an entity at the old location is Closed.  I have proposed adding a visible start and end date on a Places entry search listing.

We should not confuse that Close of trading at a location with the Close of trading of a business.

It may be required for legal reasons for google to mark the old Places entry search listing as Closed and to retain a listing.
I would think tax men and creditors would need to know where and when a business was trading.

Also I have been asking for some time clarification on whether old scraped data still merges correctly with the Closed Places entry.
I think it ought to but from old scraped data does not seem to.  And for these technical reasons there needs to be a retained Closed listing.