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Blank/Empty Reviews Showing by 'A Google User'

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Blank/Empty Reviews Showing by 'A Google User' WebFlywheel 11/12/12 1:38 PM
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We're working with a client on local optimization, etc.  We've experienced the same problems as many other with getting legitimate customer reviews to show up, but that's not my question.  Today I noticed the number of reviews for the business went from 8 to 12 on the Google+ page and there are 4 blank reviews by 'A Google User' at the bottom of the list.  Any idea what causes this and if there's anything we can do to either help get the real review to show up or get the blank reviews to not show up?
Re: Blank/Empty Reviews Showing by 'A Google User' Jade W. 11/12/12 5:07 PM
Looking into this, thanks for bringing it to our attention.
Re: Blank/Empty Reviews Showing by 'A Google User' Jade W. 11/13/12 9:28 AM
Just wanted to note that this is specifically looking into the several blank reviews at the end of this page. We're looking into it.

If other folks' business' page have reviews (with text) from A Google User, it just means that those are old reviews from before the switch from Google Places to Google+ Local. The author of those reviews can switch the style of those from "A Google User" to his/her name and profile by logging into his or her Google account and attempting to write a new review in Google+ Local. That'll prompt the user to decide which reviews to attribute to his/her name and which to mark as private.
Re: Blank/Empty Reviews Showing by 'A Google User' WebFlywheel 11/13/12 9:42 AM
Thanks Jade.  Sorry if I wasn't clear.  My concern was that the reviews are blank.  I'm familiar with migrated reviews showing 'A Google User' until the user makes them public.  Any update on the blank reviews?  The best solution would be that they're legitimate reviews that end up getting posted, but either way there's something going on that wasn't there a week ago.
Re: Blank/Empty Reviews Showing by 'A Google User' Jade W. 11/13/12 3:23 PM
@VolantisSolutions -- ok, good, we're on the same page. I'm looking into the blank reviews.
Re: Blank/Empty Reviews Showing by 'A Google User' Shakeel Chaudhry 6/5/13 7:04 AM
my company has two bad reviews from " a google user" 5 years ago , how do i contact "a google user" .  This is not fair that we cannnot contact "a google user" to correct the problem.  my business been suffering because of this review.

how long a review stay ? 10 years 15 years ?

if we cannot contact "a google user" then google should remove the review.

please help me with this .