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Business status is pending

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Business status is pending Boris Gefter 12/10/12 2:47 PM
I have a business, A American Electrical Services in Tucson, AZ. I put in the pin about three weeks ago that I received from Google. The listing is still showing as pending, what is holding the listing up? I really need to show up on the google maps section. Thank you with any help.
Re: Business status is pending Linda Buquet ~ 12/10/12 3:24 PM
It looks live to me. Is this your listing?

Don't worry about the pending in dashboard, sometimes that message just lags and does not always mean there is a problem. 

However there COULD be a problem. This looks like a service business. Is all your work done AT the client location? Do you have a full-time office and see customers there. Someone can walk in any time and get help? Or are you usually out working at client sites?

Because there is a rule that if you don't see clients at your location you need to hide your address or Google may delete the listing. It's happened to many service area businesses. This COULD be the reason you are pending review. 

PLUS businesses who had properly hid address on their Place page were not supposed to merge/verify in Google+ and looks like you already did that. Let me know if you have a full time office open to walk in traffic and see customers at your location. If the answer is no then, I need to ask Google what to do.