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Google Places for business Marty Eigner 2/2/14 4:14 PM
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Business name (as it is in your account):
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Business telephone (as it is in your account): 
Business category (e.g. hospital, etc.):

What's the issue you're experiencing? I have received an email stating: Due to changes in Google Maps, we’d like to inform you that unless you review and confirm the information in your Google Places account, we will no longer be able to keep and show it to Google users after February 21, 2014.

It goes on to say:
If you wish to keep your listing active, follow these three easy steps:

1.        Log in to your Google Places account
2.        Review and update your information
3.        Click the “Submit” button

I have logged in but there is nothing there indicating anything that needs updating.

What does all this mean?
Re: Google Places for business Linda Buquet ~ 2/2/14 4:28 PM
Hi Marty, 

I'm trying to find out what's up and have gotten a few other reports. I'm escalating the issue to Google to try to get more info.

Please read my comments here and watch for a reply from Google there too.
Re: Google Places for business treebles 2/2/14 8:56 PM
Are you located in Australia by any chance?
Google is in the process of upgrading finally the Places Dashboard for businesses in Australia and that procedure is part of the process.
Google has not commented why the procedure is necessary for Australian businesses.
Re: Google Places for business Linda Buquet ~ 2/2/14 9:29 PM
Except the folks I've talked to already had the new dashboard, so not sure what's up.
Re: Google Places for business Marty Eigner 2/3/14 5:02 PM
I am located in Australia. I have included a screenshot of my Dashboard. Is this the new one?
Re: Google Places for business treebles 2/3/14 8:35 PM
That is the old dashboard, your account has not been migrated to the new one yet.
Just follow the instructions, I suspect that it is a way for Google to verify you are still actively managing the business listing.
You do not need to change anything, just scroll to the bottom of the Edit page and press the Submit button.
Let me know if your Places Dashboard is migrated to the new one after completing the process.

Re: Google Places for business Marty Eigner 2/4/14 4:28 PM

I went into the Edit page and pressed the Submit button but the dashboard is still the same?

Re: Google Places for business treebles 2/4/14 6:40 PM
Thank you, so the upgrade is not automatic.
Just sit tight, it is part of the upgrade of Australian Places Dashboards to the new one but Google will not say anything else.
Re: Google Places for business Marty Eigner 2/6/14 5:20 PM
I think something is wrong. I have spoken to other people and they simply followed the directions and their dashboard upgraded straight away?
Re: Google Places for business treebles 2/6/14 6:32 PM
It could mean only that your listing is not yet ready for the upgrade.
The upgrade of the Places Dashboard was done in stages in the USA and is probably still going.
I will ask just in case to Google employees.
Re: Google Places for business Linda Buquet ~ 2/9/14 8:26 AM
Hi Marty, 

Don't feel like the lone ranger. My Place page is still stuck in the old dash too and I'm also in the Internet marketing business (obviously). So maybe since Google does not show our type of business in the local results they put us toward the end of the line for updates so they can prioritize the other businesses that do show in local. (Na... that's probably not it.) 
Re: Google Places for business Marty Eigner 2/9/14 4:31 PM
Darling, that doesn't help me much.
Re: Google Places for business treebles 2/9/14 7:28 PM
The Places Dashboard does not necessarily upgrades immediately after following the instructions according to Google employees.
Just sit tight and wait for the upgrade that will be done by Google.