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Change Google+ Page type/category

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Change Google+ Page type/category Kyle Eggleston 3/29/13 1:29 PM
Link to your local Google+ page (previously known as a Place page):
Business name (as it is in your account): Atlanta Real Estate Forum
Business location: 5555 Glenridge Connector #200, Atlanta, GA, 30342, USA 
Business telephone (as it is in your account): 770-383-3360
Business category (e.g. hospital, etc.): Real Estate Agency

What's the issue you're experiencing?

I was an early adopter to Google+ Pages. When I setup my Pages for my clients, there was no option to select "Local" page like you can now. So none of my Google+ Pages have the address/map on their pages.

My question is very simple and direct, yet I cannot find a clear answer on the Web. How can I change the TYPE of Google+ Page for my clients? I need ONE Google+ Page with both Local and Social features. See this page as an example:

I have called Google and even their support teams don't know how to handle this problem.

THANK YOU for ANY help. :)

Re: Change Google+ Page type/category treebles 3/29/13 1:39 PM
you cannot.
At this point you need to start from scratch creating a new Google+ Page in the Page category Local Business or Place.
Re: Change Google+ Page type/category Kyle Eggleston 3/29/13 1:49 PM
Appreciate the quick response, treebles.

Here's the kicker though... I was able to manually request that Google merge ONE of my client's Google+ Local pages with their Google+ Social page (successfully). I contacted Google to do the same with the rest of my clients, but no dice. Does anyone else have experience doing this? How did you succeed in merging the two types? I don't expect a response, but I'd love to hear it if you do.

Google: please fix this issue... my God.

Thanks again

Re: Change Google+ Page type/category treebles 3/29/13 2:11 PM
There are 5 categories for Google+ Pages.
Only Pages under the category Local Business or Place can be merged with the corresponding Places listings.
Pages in the other 4 categories cannot be merged with the Places listing.
If Places support merged a Places listing with any of the other categories is news to me.

Could you please provide examples of Google+ Pages that you could not merge.
Re: Change Google+ Page type/category Kyle Eggleston 3/29/13 2:22 PM
Here is one client that Google Local support (said) they couldn't merge: (Local)

Google+ Social page is here: (Social)

The person I spoke with was very kind, but I don't think he understood was I actually asking.

Here is another example: (Local) (Social)

Both have the same verified address and website.

Re: Change Google+ Page type/category Flash (RER) 3/29/13 2:35 PM
For you first example, the social page was not set up under the local category, so it cannot be merged.

For the second one, it was set up under the local category.  The thing is, you can only merge one Local page into it, so if one has already been merged then an duplicates can only be marked as a duplicate.  Both listings show as fairly new (weeks old), so my though is that perhaps you did have a Local listing for some time that is already merged into the Social page, and thus you can't merge in this new duplicate.

How many listings for that address are in the Places dashboard?
Re: Change Google+ Page type/category SQLPerformance 3/29/13 2:44 PM
You can use google takeaway to backup data from non-local business pages and then load it back into a new +Local Business page.

If the name is kept the same, within guidelines, some data like +1s will be re-associated.
Re: Change Google+ Page type/category treebles 3/29/13 3:06 PM
This Google+ Page was most likely created under the Page category: Company, Institution or Organization.
This Google+ Page cannot be merged with a Places listing.

This is a Local listing created under Places
This is a Local listing created under Google+ Page (Local Business or Place) and has already been verified.
How did you create and verify this last page?
Typically, when verifying the Google+ Page, if a verified Local listing under Places exists, Google would offer to merge both automatically as explained in this blog.
Didn't you go through this procedure?
Did you create the Google+ Page before the Google Places listing?
In any case, now you ended up with duplicate Local listings, you need to report this Local listing, by pressing the Report a problem link,
as a duplicate of this verified Google+ Local Page.

Re: Change Google+ Page type/category Linda Buquet ~ 3/29/13 4:04 PM
Kyle most experts recommend NOT merging yet. I've posted lots of articles about it and explained many of the problems. So has Mike Blumenthal.

Even Google says not to merge yet. So if I were you I would wait. It's wayyy too buggy.
Re: Change Google+ Page type/category Jason T. Wiser 6/21/13 7:36 PM
I followed the link you had above for Cipolla Law Group and I see that it is now social and Local. How did you do it?

Specifically, did you do it manually? How did you change the category?