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Indonesian phone number

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Indonesian phone number rantje 4/13/13 11:13 PM
What's the issue you're experiencing? Google does not provide enough spaces for an Indonesian phone number. Its format says: (061) 2345678. However, this is not enough numbers for an Indonesian land line, which should be (062) 234567890. Without a correction from Google, I cannot proceed with any listing.
Re: Indonesian phone number `Keenan 4/13/13 11:39 PM
Please confirm you are creating a listing in Google Places, a screenshot might be helpful too
Re: Indonesian phone number rantje 4/15/13 2:37 AM
Yes, I am trying to create a listing on Google Places. I do not know how to do a screen shot. The web site is and the land line is (062) 435824621. Thanks so much.
Re: Indonesian phone number `Keenan 4/15/13 9:36 PM
Let's see if we can get a Googler to look into this for ya.
Re: Indonesian phone number Jade W. 4/17/13 1:48 PM
Thanks, Keenan. We're looking into it.
Re: Indonesian phone number Jade W. 4/18/13 10:10 AM
@rantje, try putting in your phone # in the format +62 234567890 -- I think that should work. 
Re: Indonesian phone number rantje 4/22/13 2:34 AM
No, that does not work. I used a dummy number to access their form and played around with it. It seems if you DROP the country code (062), everything works fine. Very poor format instructions, Google Places.
Re: Indonesian phone number `Keenan 4/22/13 9:00 AM
But good to know.  Glad you figured it out and posted the solution here.