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I want a blog that is not in use

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I want a blog that is not in use Iwantit 7/5/12 8:05 PM
I found a blog name that I want but it is taken, I searched it and found it is not in use. Is there anyway I can contact the owner of that blog and see if I can take that blog from him?
Re: I want a blog that is not in use Chuck Croll 7/5/12 8:32 PM
Blogger respects our need for anonymity.

They won't get involved in contacting the owner - and they advise us, using very plain language

Blogger accounts, and BlogSpot addresses, do not expire.​​2006/12/your-blog-is-forever.​​html

A blog updated once daily, for 10 years, is no more valid than one updated once then never again, for 10 years.​​2009/12/blogger-doesnt-care-​​about-frequency-or.html

So, what happens when you try to setup a blog, to that URL?