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Blogger in English Wanderer28 4/28/12 11:10 PM
A bit of a rant:
I hadn't realized that Google was now in charge of Blogger.  That is disappointing.  As much as I would like to keep the Blogger blog (to be honest, I haven't been using it much in the last year anyway), I'm not so happy with the fact that Google uses my IP addresses to automatically choose the language of display without providing the option of setting a default language of all Google products on specific computers.  I get tired of working so hard to switch to English every time I log into Blogger OR Google.  I am an English speaker, living in the United Arab Emirates.  Google fires up everything first in Arabic.  There's not even a link in Blogger to allow me to quickly switch to English.  I don't want to translate every page.  I think I'm going to stop using Google Chrome and switch back to an old favorite: Firefox.  Any other Google related items, such as Blogger, are also going to be used rarely - if at all.  I guess it's too late to say to Blogger, "Run away - far, far away."
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